About Gastronomy Gal

About G.G.:

G.G. is an Aussie girl in her mid 20's blogging about food. She is not an expert, just a lover of food and travel who turned her obsession into the ever evolving entity that is www.gastronomygal.com

G.G. knows where she's come from (a quiet corner of the world- the sticks in North West NSW) but not where she's going to. She is open to possibility. 

G.G. is a curious mix.  A writer, a reader, an explorer, a glutton. Spirited and dedicated to the cause. She treads lightly with her rather heavy suitcase.

Inherently inquisitive, there is always room in her heart for the favourite and familiar but she is filled with wanderlust, constantly seeking. In awe of the world and all it's culinary offerings. 

She doesn't discriminate- don’t ask her to choose between scallops or sashimi, chocolate or cocktails or good fried chicken- it’s an impossible task.

She loves discovering the new, the old and the fabulous. She won't be finished until she's tasted the world.
Specific interests: delicious, delightful, intoxicating, local, green, boutique, artisan, interesting, weird, wonderful, sustainable, authentic, truthful.
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