Friday, September 5, 2014

The Meatball Stand : Pop-up Meatball stand making an appearance at Gunnedah's Annual Porchetta Day

Hello dear poppets! This is my latest project. 

From the depths of a food filled imagination, The Meatball Stand sprung to life. It's very purpose is to tease taste-buds all over town and to give YOU the chance to experience Meatball induced nirvana.

SO ...what is this very great thing, The Meatball Stand? 

It's a pop up stall coming to Gunnedah's ultra famous Annual Porchetta Day.

At this magical stand you can buy Panini con Polpette: the loveliest meatball sub you'll ever taste. There's a crusty bread roll w peppery rocket, melted provolone cheese and pork and veal parmesan, herbed meatballs in rich tomato passata.

If you are a discerning eater, meatballs will be your thing. 
Go to for more info !

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