Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The patch is out.of.control.

It's fair to say that the vegie patch could be classified as a 'right royal mess' and is perhaps about to be declared as a natural disaster zone. The garlic plants are in and growing reasonably well, but... the weeds have started to slowly extend their sly tendrils and have populated, spreading, unchallenged by my usually keen hands, that would pluck them out and place them far away from the burgeoning shoots. Such is life sometimes.

I don't know how things got so out of control. Well I do. Life gets in the way, which is such a shame. Big decisions to be made and things to be dealt with, in my life as well as in the garden, have kept me preoccupied, for too long, and not long enough, diverting my attention away from the precious patch I call my own.  It's not the only thing that has suffered.

As with any mess, cleaning up the situation is going to take time, and considerable effort, and as the dirt builds up under my nails, I know my berating mind will constantly whisper 'how did you let it get to this point?!' 

I have to admit, I haven't been very proactive about things, choosing to instead ignore a worsening situation, rather then take control and tackle it hands on. Ignorance is bliss, at least for the small time you manage to unremember the situation. I can't say forget, because it's impossible to forget something important when the mess remains and stares at me in the face everyday as I walk past the back gate. Unremember works, because it  basically means you choose not to think about it, or do anything about it but it's not like it's forgotten. Those who forget will eventually remember. And then when you do, it hits you. The poor patch. I've neglected you, I realise I owe you a big apology patch. I will attempt to do better, and try to rectify this whole weeds vs garlic situation.

The results haven't been all terrible this season, even if I deserve for them to be. I did have some beautiful most peppery rocket, lovely lettuces, spinach and celery that kept us in good supply, but my general 'failing at life' at the moment seems to have transferred to the patch and yields were catastrophically lower than last years bounty. 

So the plan is not yet in motion, but over the coming days I am going to formulate something to get the patch under control. And perhaps even make the garlic flourish. We'll see.

Charlie dog is now two surgeries in, and on the road to recovery, so thanks for all the instagram love. He is pretty gorge, even with his stitches and bandages and most hilariously, cone head. Charlie is tucked up safely and warmly in bed and getting back to his mischievous self, so all seems to be going well.

Signing off from the Sticks xx  

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Sioux said...

Perhaps you need to apply some GTD to gardening? In fact I'm seeing a book deal right there!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Aww wishing Charlie a speedy recovery!

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