Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eating the USA

As promised, I have been unrelenting in the pursuit of finding the best places to eat and stay along the way in the USA. Let me tell you, I've taken one slash many for the team and have indulged in burgers (w foie gras and truffled fries anyone?) , hotdogs, BBQ and a bit more haute cuisine to source nothing but the best, and in time I intend on telling you all about it! Just know that it's not all fair in love and food and suffice to say, I am definitely suffering from 'big booty' syndrome as a result of my quest.

Just a little update to wish you all well for the Holidays. Merry Christmas Y'all. Stay tuned for G.G. Eats the USA.

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Eyes Bigger Than Belly said...

A man vs food tour perhaps??
this is definitely on our list! We have just moved to Canada and they have a show called "you have to eat here" - so we might do that tour first and THEN start on the USA version!

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