Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cold days and clouds and other frozen things

It's very cold at the moment. I don't really mind when I can stay wrapped up in bed or reading in the sun, but most of the time I have to attend to this strange thing called life and the chill is interfering with my super powers.

Speaking of reading, I think this book may have been written especially for me. Of course, Alexander McCall Smith (the author) may not have worked that out just yet. I really love clouds and when I'm thinking about something more than I should (which is far too often), I'm usually cloud gazing, which brings about a million questions on it's own.

The sky is really beautiful, but deceptively so. It fades very quickly into the bitter chill of the winter nights.

My friend DiRusso bought me this beautiful pressie. It stems from an inside joke and stands tall on my dresser. I promised I'd send her a pic so here it is.

My Mum isn't a cook with the most extensive repertoir. In fact, since we've been small we've given her a hard time about it as Dad is the gourmand. So, whenever we whinged and asked what there was to eat- she would jokingly say: "There's ham and there's bread. What more do you want?" Now, locally grown and smoked ham and homemade green tomato pickles really taste like home. I would just like to note that Mum does have her specialties- I challenge you to find a better rissole maker in the world, and she does a damn fine roasts with all the trimmings however the menu is somewhat limited.

Since the greatest America party of all time (more details later), I've really taken to toasting marshmallows. So that is what I will do tonight, after suitably suiting up in an eskimo suit to keep out the chill.

So I have decided that I am a terrible farmer/ primary producer and have seriously considered giving up the garden. Of course I'm not sure I actually will, but the thought is there. Maybe one has to be blessed with those skills when they are born, or it might come into the bones or something?! I certainly have no such knack when it comes to the patch. Maybe my luck has come to an end? Maybe the patch will never again look so green and beautiful. What a horribly sad thought. But at this rate, If things keep freezing, like my fingers and my spirit, I'm not sure what I can do about it.

On second thoughts, seeing it is a very cold and especially sad day, I will  leave the marshmallows for another night. I might have some toast with marmalade and tea for dinner. Seems fitting. 

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Mrs BC said...

Don't give up your garden! Everyone's garden looks like crap in winter. Read some garden magazines and plan what to plant in spring, it's not far away.

Button said...

Yeah I agree with Mrs BC, winter ruins everything, start getting excited about Spring!

hanna said...

Yeah, my garden looks like crap too but I will never give up on my precious herbs. In cold weather like this one, I stayed home and just went to my tanning bed and relax a bit, after that, I'm planning to harvest some later.

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