Saturday, July 28, 2012

S.O.S. from the patch

I'm sending out an S.O.S. from the patch. Since I left a couple of months ago, things have gotten out of control. Namely, the caretaker did a terrible job of keeping the enemies at bay.

Slugs have obliterated the wombok cabbages, the most peppery rocket in the world has gone to seed and weeds have taken over! The garlic can barely breathe. HELP.

I'm too embarrassed to even post a photo- let me just say, things are looking rather grim. Oh... alright, here is a glimpse, only so you to can empathise with the despair I'm feeling.

I spent the whole day in the patch trying to rectify the situation in antarctic conditions. My face was freezing off and the gloves I have are barely adequate. Mum did buy me some good Laura Ashley gloves as a gift, but I had to return them and am still waiting to see if they can order me an extra small pair for extra small paws.

Here's the garbage filled with things I removed whilst battling the wicked winds of the west. Don't blame me for the finger in the shot- I didn't know it was there because my digits were numb by that point. 

Why yes ... that is some chillis in the bin. I got completely sick of them taking up way to much space in the patch so gave them a severe pruning, only to get a severe ear bashing from the keeper of the chillis. There's only about 37 years supply left.

I'm worried about planting anything more, because if I happen to go away for a long time at the end of spring, as is the plan, what will happen? Wrack and ruin all over again? Enemies invading the territory? Is there a point?! Am I a failure of a farmer?

The trials and tribulations of being a primary producer are many. There is so much work for one person. Right now I'm not feeling the love for the patch. Sigh.

I did manage to get enough good carrots, parsnips and baby leeks to bake for tonight's dinner. They do look a bit odd, but let's not judge until consumed please. It will be served with a slow cooked beef dish but gee whillakers- they'd want to be damn tasty to entice me out in the minuses to keep working tomorrow.

Patch, please come back to life. I really need some rocket to grow ASAP for my stall at a food festival in a couple of months. I'm attempting to grow everything I need vegetable wise but I need but I think I'm getting myself into more than I can handle. Any volunteers to help out? I'll repay you with kindness and plenty of wine.

In other news, poor poor Prince Charlie has had his beautiful fur shaved off. His being naughty and running into the sticky beaks on our daily walks, has finally caught up with him. I took him into the vet for his vaccinations only to have a rather bald and stunned looking Charles returned. 

He used to be so proud in all his former glory! I'm not even going to post an after shot because Charles may be a bit mad at me for parading him in his hideousness

Poor Charlie. I'm sorry my little loyal friend, for now I'll keep popping your coat on to keep you warm, or if we have visitor just so you don't become embarrassed!

Have you been watching the olympics? I watched the opening ceremony and a couple of friends have been putting votes in as to what olympic sport they would compete in if they had to. I've been assinged shooting which is rather worrying as I'm a terrible shot. I suppose that's the best I could do. Ever the athlete.

Well I'd best get back to the patch, or worrying about the patch, or consider giving the patch up, or do whatever it is that the most serious, yet not very good/adequate primary producers do.

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Sioux said...

Who needs Laura Ashley - try these

Ashlee Christopher said...

WOW what a great blog so happy I found you!! SUPER CUTE

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