Saturday, June 9, 2012

Earthquake in The Sticks

Last night there was an earthquake here. Not even kidding.

My friend Pete popped this onto FB soon after the event. Say what you will, we do have a GSOH.

The dogs and I were here by ourselves, so we were a bit shocked when it happened. I originally thought that perhaps an explosion had occurred, or (when a plane flew over directly afterwards) that maybe we were being bombed. Obviously Tomorrow When The War Began had an impact on me. Turns out it was just a regular old earthquake measuring 4.2 on the richter scale.

I didn't know if I was going crazy, because when you are the only human at home, it's hard to know if you had imagined the whole house shaking like crazy or if you've just started shaking uncontrollably which is one of my 'features' that sometimes turns itself on. 

This one was also doing the rounds on FB. Some people may find this offensive. Because we didn't suffer any real damage or deaths, I think it's just illustrating our GSOH.
 I'm now going to take to wearing this eskimoesque jacket of my sister's around the place for 2 reasons: 1) to combat some serious chill and 2) hopefully the puff will make any falling objects just bounce off me. I don't want to die because a random bottle of vinegar falls onto my head or something.We have a shelf of vinegars displayed in the kitchen, which was where I was at the time of the incident.

There has been some damage to the patch in terms of construction, the beams have moved slightly. I think that was basically the only damage in the whole district. Mother N must really be out to get me.

In other un-earthquake related news, the first carrot was pulled from the patch yesterday; pre-quake. It is quite small and imperfect, nothing like a carrot you'd see in the supermarket - rather like me I suppose. When I bit into it, joyous ratatouille fireworks happened in my brain. There really is nothing like something pulled from the ground you grew it in with your own little hands. Although it looks a little quirky, the flavour was uniquely delightful.

What was that? An Earthquake? What a strange life this is. 

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Mrs BC said...

What a shocker there was an earthquake! All the seismic (or whatever) scientists are all deadpan about it, but the global consipracy/aliens are coming community are calling shenanigans.
Find somewhere else for that vinegar and put your jacket on!

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