Monday, May 21, 2012

G.G. Garden update: a grey day

Today has been a grey day, in many senses. The clouds were acting very peculiarly and decided to be overcast but not rain. It was one of those days where the sky managed to colour me grey aswell.

Coincidentally, about half way through the day I realised I had dressed accordingly and was rocking an almost zoot suit style arrangement with a grey top and grey striped pants. Obviously as a primary producer, I'm in touch with the weather.
The garden has been steadily growing away, as have the weeds, taking any opportunity to pop up where they are not wanted. Since the last update, the garden has been dosed up with a heavy blanket of chook shit that the crazy good gardener John dropped off.

I'm trying to alternate between cow and chook manure, for the different benefits they both offer. Personally, I'd prefer cow poop as it really seems to give a quicker nitrogen hit and stinks less, but I'm not complaining about the chook dung either.

I dug out a new garden patch mini area and planted in heaps of broad beans and peas. Hopefully it's not too late in the season.

Some of the snow pea and pea plants  in the patches seem to be having a few issues- I'll have to sort them out, because they look like they may just cark it.

Radishes are totally cool. There are heaps growing and they are crunchy and delightful and I've been eating them straight out of the ground (washed) with a little bit of butter and salt. Simple pleasures.

I don't actually know what variety of lettuce this is. One of dad's mystery plants that he insists I put in, no doubt. Except it has become a bit of a quest to find out what it actually is, because the leaves are a little fury and I just can't figure it out.

The newly planted rainbow chard is hopefully going to grow quickly, because my silverbeet plants are way up the back and aren't the most productive things alive. I decided to go rainbow for a bit of colour but even they seemed to have a monochrome tinge today.

The garlic is going great guns. Hopefully, I'll have about 80 plants that will mature into delicious, organic bulbs of garlicky goodness. It's a while before that happens though- won't be harvesting and drying the crop until about November, pending on weather and traffic conditions.

I'm also trying to do a bit of companion planting, so I ripped out some garlics and planted them around the place, a few near the brassicas and other plants to ward off the evil spirits/bugs.

Speaking of brassicas, I've popped in a few new purple cabbages, and the existing mini white caulis, mini cabbage and brussell sprouts seem to be doing quite well. The broccoli and cauliflower are planted in patch 1 and seem to be suffering a bit? The leaves are yellowing a little. Who would have known that broccoli grows so high. I imagined it would be lower to the ground but these guys seem to be shooting for the stars.

Speaking of stars, the sky has been beautiful here at night. At a totally chilly -2 ish I've been rugged up when outdoors, but it's worth a look. My favourite time of day is when the day is just fading and the stars are starting to appear. I feel like I should go to Botswana and the sky would be like this there. At least that's how the No 1 Ladie's Detective Agency books describe it.

I also love the mornings, but it was -3 when I took this driving along at 5:30 in the morning for a recent trip west, so was pumping the heater.

Gardening gloves added a bit of colour into the day.

 These pinkies have almost had it so mumzy bought me some more than gorgeous Laura Ashley leather gloves that extend to the elbows in a distinguished Hyacinth Bucket style. Unfortunately, because I have such mini mitts, I had to exchange them and am still waiting for the extra small/ kids sizes to come into stock.

They were wrapped so beautifully, getting a present without a present inside would almost have been exciting enough.

On the weekend we had a party to celebrate a very momentous occasion. One sibby and the rest of the extended family were home. How I miss the sibbys.

We ate stuffed roast turkey breast wrapped with pancetta, baked ginger ham, garlic & thyme layered potatoes, roasted pear, walnut & rocket salad, lemony green bean salad, ginger tiramisu and honey & pinenut tart with cream. If I cook you some food will you come back sibbys?

I miss watching kids shows. Babar was one of my favourites. I actually had myself convinced at one point (during my adult life) that it was reasonable for me to have an elephant or four.

Can I have some ________ yet? Insert any cool animal into that space and I'll be happy. These freaking cow/pig/goat/chickens/ducks are taking a long time coming. Hurry up please livestock. I'm currently a primary producer in waiting.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some colour as I don't I have another zoot suit available for use. Any colour except for blue ... or red come to think of it. Green may be best. Mother N- that one is up to you. Rain please. Thanks in advance.

Tell me readers: does the sky sometimes colour your day?

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Kay-Lynn said...

Loving your garden. I have just ordered 4 blueberry trees. (buy 3 get 1 free at Daley's) and they should arrive before the weekend. Have to go get some things from Bunnings to move a bunch of herbs from my parents front area to the back yard and going to try and get some kind of garden going. The fruit trees are for my parents place too. My sister wants to do gardening with me and they have a massive yard. :) Will prob be bugging you soon for heaps of tips! :D

Lozz Hunt said...

Constantly-although it shouldn't seeing as every second bloody day is grey and miserable in Toowoomba!!

Anonymous said...

Hyacinth Bucket eat your heart out. Love that show.
Our sky is similar colours tonight - but much warmer than -2!

Adrian (Food Rehab) said...

baked ginger ham sounds amazing! What a an amazing spread of food

Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh I'd love to plant organic garlic. We go through so much and it can be hard to find!

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