Thursday, April 12, 2012

G.G. Glammed up: My very own hat and plants that change colour!

 I don't think the potion I suggested in the last blog post is a very good idea. Hold off using until further notice please. I sprayed liberally onto the brassicas only to go out and find that they have changed colour. Basically magic that went wrong. Not even kidding. They are now a dark waxy green - they used to be lightish - more similar to the spring onions, and now they are rating more closely to spinach on the colour scale. Oh dear.

Among various other things, I've often thought of inventing a spray that makes things stay small and cute but I don't think it's the best idea for me to be inventing things given the latest unfortunate results. That being said, the caterpillar count was only one today, so maybe it is working, but I'll have to see if there are any other side effects. 

Maybe I will add to my business card under 'writer extraodinaire' (yes I'm not kidding- that is on there..) Gardening girl and Primary producer but not a great inventor. Yes, I think that should be suitable.

I'm totally lucky because my friend Soph's boyfriend Nick bought me a hat from Italia on his last visit- and not just any hat. It's a chefs hat with my name embroidered! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE how cool that is? How lovely. Thanks Nicholas. You guys know how much I love personalised presents. I will be wearing whenI need to get my game on, like when I will be preparing my next Orange cake for the show! Here's the promised photo. Don't worry, it's adjustable so it can fit on my pea head, just thought it was better pulled down for the anonymous effect.
Good news on the eggplant front. After months of fighting those buggies, I think tomorrow I will be able to harvest my first pest free specimen!

The hunt for manure is still on. It's like some kind of closely guarded secret and people are VERY reluctant to share. Luckily I managed to get onto John today, who is a gardening great, as well as the crazy cool uncle of two of my besties - the magical P you often hear about, and Bourbon Lil who does not like bourbon. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day that I strike it gold in the shit department, because I am losing interest fast and turning my attention to eating - which may be okay, until things get a little out of control, as they did today.

I know it's potentially strange to eat damper/bread dip at 9:30 in the morning. Probably less so if you are suffering the effects of the night before, spot some leftover in the fridge and share it around with other equally pained friends. Probably more so if you rise from a restful, not alcohol induced sleep with the thought to make and consume damper dip for breakfast and sit eating it by yourself because your family don't want any. I'm going to have to admit to being more strange... As well as being more strange, I'm also more of a guts, because I popped the leftovers in the fridge and snacked on it all day. No wonder my belly is starting to swell this evening. Self inflicted. Idiot. NB: I know that damper dip is totally not gourMET but I love it just the same- who could go past that creamy, corny, bacony stodgey goodness?

Something that has been bugging me is the lack of yum-cha available in The Sticks. What is a girl supposed to do when she has cravings? I'd been noting the lack of dim sumage to my friend who pointed out that there were some dim sims, steamed pork buns and shui my available at one of the corporate giant duopolist supermarket chains. I decided that even though they were frozen, they may be worth a go.

Honestly- not that fabulous, BUT with no other option, if I was desperate for a fix, I probably will pull the remaining buns and sums out of the freezer. Wonder if I can get any of those Lotus and Ming dumplings here? They are SO good for frozen and 1000% better than the ones I trialled yesterday. Failing that- I might even try to make my own. In the latest Donna Hay there are some recipes as well as a recipe for the most delicious looking hotdog I have ever seen! They are called haute dogs  - ha ha ha and this one has smoked bacon- bourbon bbq sauce and onion rings. Please someone make this for me now. I almost died looking at it. I don't like an average dog, but this one looks super deliciously bad. Maybe I can go on a tour to the States eating ribs and dogs and other assorted goods like southern fried chicken. Perhaps I should also continue to go walking, because my butt is growing just thinking about it.

It is REALLY getting chilly here ( (it was literally about 6 with a wind chill factor or something here last night!) so I'm going to have to get the plants in soon. The garlic planting period will wait for no slow G.G. I will have more garden news tomorrow when I actually get around to doing that planned planting after hopefully sourcing the manure. Is this manure shortage/ secret stash not absolutely ridic?! If I fail, I may just go and steal some from somewhere or hold up the garden shop to get some of that super expensive but brilliant mushroom compost that is worth more than my diamonds. Maybe I will have to sell my diamonds to buy some manure or maybe I should just get some normal animal shit. Did I mention I need a cow? and a pig, and some chickens?

I shouldn't only complain about things we don't have here (you would think manure is something we would have!!) because there are some things that are just perfect and worth more than a yum cha visit. As it's been getting colder the sky is fabuloso and makes you feel like all is right in the world- even when it's not. My favourite time of day is when it just begins to turn to night. It's like all the troubles of the day start to fade, and all the hope for tomorrow can be seen in the stars. I don't like it when it's dark and windy because I do get a little bit scared, but I do like it when it's dark with cool crisp air, and I'm rugged up in some (preferably knitted) garment. There really is nothing quite like country air to make you feel like you're home. Autumn, you're my fave.

Tell me readers: do you ever eat anything ridic in the mornings?

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Becj said...

exciting that that the aubergine can be eaten now!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That hat is very cute on you! And the Lotus and Ming dumplings are great aren't they? Do you get the Chen dumplings at your Woolworths? They're amazing too (and hand made too apparently!).

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