Tuesday, February 28, 2012

G.G. Garden Update- Bye bye Big Z

In the last few weeks, the garden has been a little bit unruly. With all the rain, and a milder season, it's already time to pop in my autumn and winter plants. I have been dreading re-arranging things but today, I finally managed to spend the entire day getting things into shape. Being a primary producer/vegetable merchant isn't all tea and scones and tennis matches you know!!

As much as I've loved touting out the Zucchini Carpaccio and any other zucchini dishes I can create, it was time for that overbearing, mouldy, bossy boots to go. I feel a little bit bad labelling it as such, as it is rather prolific, but the leaves were starting to take over, and to be honest, I'm not sure how much more garden space I could spare for the big Z. I originally started out trying to cut back the manky undergrowth, but in my vigour, accidentally ended up slicing off the healthiest part- so once that happened, I reasoned that the only sensible course of action was to hack out the whole lot. Thankyou for the good times Z.

Next, the leftover lettuce that had mainly gone to seed and was fairly bitter also had to go. Once that was dumped into a pile, I replaced with two lovely little rows of neatly planted broccoli and cauliflower. I laughed at the tags that both say  'good for casseroles'. Perhaps I could get a job as the vegetable tag writer, because I'm damn sure I can come up with something a little bit more creative than the suggestion of 'casserole' which would hardly do justice to the gems I'm going to grow.

Kale is also something I've been looking forward to having on hand, especially when I saw these gorgeous kale chips on my friend Gemma's blog- Itty Bitty Kitty. I'm hoping the kale matures quickly so I can start making these delicious little babies.

I was growing some carrots in pots in my old house  but I had to move before they were ready. I know it's super cheap to buy carrots, but they are so adorable and I'm easily intrigued- so I put some more into this garden along with some cousin parsnips.

I've also got some new snowpeas and beans planted too- just for some extra crunch. I replanted some of the heirloom capsicum and chilli varities and am making some home made fruit fly traps which will hopefully save them. I'm still not sure what is eating my eggplant but I wish it would stop. If it doesn't - I'm afraid the eggplant bush is going the same way as the Big Z.

Today- I did find a couple of snails that had obviously missed the snail express and I must tell you that the ants were totally loco. Please notice the use of my amazing spanish vocabulary. I'm brushing up because one of my  Mexican besties is coming back to Australia to be with her chonchito (another good use of Spanish) so I can't wait to welcome her and show off with my skills! I'm SO excited- I can't wait to have that crazy girl back. And I'm so happy for her and Chonchis- yay yay yay. Some things do work out for the best! You may remember Pachecy from other blog posts such as Aussie Thanksgiving, The Manor, Sirocco Noosa and the rainy cocktail series.  Anyway- back to the loco ants....I had to leave the garden multiple times when they got into a biting frenzy - I'm going to look up some organic solutions for those little pests too- because I left the garden with mini welts from all their stupid little mini bites.

Lastly, I'm going to give the ginger plants a little bit more time to sprout in water before I plant. I want to make sure they are ready, and I'm too lazy to do anymore today.

I've watered the plants in, and doused liberally with seasol. The only problem now is that I'm leaving tomorrow for a little while and my lazy co-gardener may not bestow the same love on the garden that I do! He had better not neglect or there will be consequences, like no vegetables and a sooky me when I return!!!

So, tell me readers- what are you getting ready to plant?

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Barbara said...

Wow that's alot of work E. No space for gardening on a first floor apartment. I do have a big pot I plan to plant herbs in.

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

I keep saying that I'll start planting soon...but my weekends since the start of this year have pretty much all been taken up by various tasks associate with getting Mum's new place ready for her to move in.

Perhaps I'll make it in time for the winter/spring planting season instead?

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