Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sydney Visit

So, I've been in Sydney for a little while - almost a week, and will be here for a little while longer. I've been eating my way around and had a fab time. The weather has been pretty mixed but there have been some lovely beach days, if a little windy. We still braved it - and lay and read for a couple of hours.

I have to say, being on holidays is pretty nice. It's really great not to worry about the mundane things in life that unfortunately have to be done like groceries, cooking, washing and cleaning- just living takes a lot of energy. When you're working full time and blogging frequently, life gets pretty hectic. It's nice that my sister and friends are taking care of booking restaurants, thinking about what is for dinner etc because that's one less thing to think about. One of the burdens of being a food blogger is that other people never take the initiative to book a restaurant or cook dinner for you because they think you are judgemental about it - when really- it's just nice for someone to bother to think about doing those things for you, regardless of what or where you eat.

Soundtrack for this trip is Florence and the Machine - especially Shake it out. I'm in awe. The lyrics of that song almost haunt me.

A few of the places I've eaten in the last week
Indigo - Double Bayk
Kam Fook -Bondi Junction
Bambini Trust - city
Sea Bay - City
Din tai Fung - City
Wet paint- Bronte
Granny's Bar - City
Bavarian Bier Cafe - City
Golden Sheaf - Double Bay
Shortgrain - Surry Hills
Tropicana - Coogee (This one was a hungover visit and when I paid out on my friend who was shovelling food, she threatened to cause a scene unless I stopped. This is usually a trick I would use- Just a tip little P: threatening to cause a scene  (really always was an idle threat) is usually super effective, unless you are trying to pull the same stunt on someone who pulls it better.

Not to mention the countless other bars I've been to!! Please give me any recommendations you feel are necessary. 

It's not food, but I spotted this capitalist pig piggy bank. It's also a blackboard so you can write whatever you are saving for on the outside to remind/motivate you. Super cute and may come in handy to save for my O.S. trip next year. Surely several capitalist pigs hidden around the house/wherever I need to place them are both handier and safer than a regular bank account with the way things are going?? I'll be asking for recommendations about where to eat and where to go pretty soon - want to get the planning happening. It's good to have something to look forward to.

I'm here in Sydney for a while longer and need to eat some more so please let me know anywhere you think is fab. Posts coming to you about our super busy days including a Bondi Farmer's Market visit which will be the next blog post.

There's also the Eminem concert tonight that my sister has secured tickets for! Hilarious .... Don't judge. He is an icon of the 90/s 00's... I'll have to see if I could find a hoody and some do rags and a stocking cap to wear. Not sure I have any outfits that are appropriate! Kind of like the time I went to the Iron Maiden concert and was the only one not wearing tattoos, black ripped jeans and death metal shirts...

The only song I know from the new album is 'Love the way you lie' but am quite fluent in earlier albums. Perhaps I should spend the day trying to brush up on lyrics?

So tell me readers.... Where is your favourite place to eat in Sydney?

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Anonymous said...

I cannot recall the name- I think it starts with a K- but it is an incredible Thai restaurant in crows nest opposite New Orleans cafe near the fire station. Get the duck - seriously amazing food experience. Plus they have a cool wall water feature.

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