Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snake in the garden of G.G.

Today was a pretty busy little day in the garden. With the help of M.D formerly known as Brodie , I spent the middle of the day clearing a complete new garden bed next to my other precious garden. I didn't really have any motivation after the Christmas week but M.D has landscaping aspirations so he was keen to get stuck into it.

The bed has been used as a dumping ground for grass clippings for over a year now so it was in a pretty horrendous state. Haven't decided what to plant just yet but I'm thinking some spices, maybe even some plants so I can blend my own versions of tea- that would be amazing, wouldn't it?!

It wasn't particularly steamy today, but still hot enough to cause M.D and I some sunstroke and sunburn whilst we carted hundreds of wheel barrow loads of clippings/weeds to the ute. Ok, so maybe it wasn't 100's but it sure felt like it in the midday sun. More like 20! Would have been smarter to start earlier than 11:30 - wouldn't it.... Oh well.
When we had almost finished I caught sight of what I thought was a rather large worm and ran to grab M.D's phone to take some snaps. I realised it was a baby brown snake and started snapping away whilst M.D attempted to chop it in half with a spade. The damn thing just wouldn't die and it kept wriggling towards me. I'm a little bit scared that it's mummy will be lurking in the garden somewhere too! Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to get some gumboots - preferably Laura Ashley red version to complete my gardening activities in- I know my toenails will be all the better off if I stop barefooting it.
By the look of the flowers, the passionfruit vine is threatening to shower us in 1000's of passionfruit, which is of course, very exciting. I have some big plans for the pulp. I'm going to make some passionfruit sauce and some passionfruit syrup to add to things like champagne or desserts. It will be the first of the new things to come out of my larder.
It looks like a few tomatoes are on the way too which is great. I can never have too many tomatoes and tomato sauce is on my list of things to make too. Gee, the late summer larder is turning out to be quite productive.
I'm wondering if the baby brown caused the death of my old friend frogbert? I'm not sure, but I have had another frog friend visiting the garden whose safety I fear for as I haven't seen it in a few days. I promise there is a whole new garden for you to hop around in and when I'm finished there will be a little froggy bathing area. Come back little froggy friend - I really miss you! Or maybe you can write to tell me you are okay?

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Francesca said...

We used to have snakes too in our farm in Sicily when I was small. I found you through Digella and I'm following you from Rome. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

wow the tomatoes look great GG. I hope your froggy friend turns up again!!

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Believe it or not, I've never seen passionfruit flowers!

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