Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gastronomy Gal Garden: Waging war on weeds is a dangerous business

It turns out that waging war on weeds is actually a really full on, time consuming, quite dangerous business. Perhaps I should have consulted Obama before opening my big mouth. The bloody pigweed is everywhere. It has got little shoots (the enemy) in every crevice of the garden. Getting rid of this stuff is really starting  to take a toll on this old amateur gardener, but I am becoming more wise and developing some tactics.

The old garden man and I have had a respectful parting of ways, and I've got a new garden guy now. This one is a little bit crazy but he tells me that persistence is the only thing that will get rid of the weed so I'm hardening up. War wounds for today and yesterday include a nasty case of sunburn on my back and an ant bit on my lip. Do you have any idea how much an ant bite on your face hurts?! A lot. I'm imagining that I could have developed dolly partonesque lips had I not aggressively iced that damn ant bite. 

Talk about skin cells in trauma. This was a taken about an hour after getting out of the sun when my back was merely a light shade of pink, it later developed into capsicum red after a few hours! Damn my palest skin!

I've got more plants in now too, having filled some of the gaps. Extra beetroot and spring onions, some new rocket which I'm hoping will be peppery and fresh, some different types of lettuce, and a mini yellow capsicum.

Seasol has been used and I'm learning not to dry reach everytime I use it. I've also added some dynamic lifter into the equation which will hopefully have some good effects.

Seeing the beans died (oh really- never would have guessed gardening man 1!) I still have a bit of space for some other things to go in. There are also a couple of other rows that could do with having something planted in there. I'm looking for some more vegies, maybe I'll have a look online and see if I can get some heirloom varieties or some more unusual plants that will be interesting to grow and cook. 

I've also popped in some pumpkin seeds and have got some sweet potato to grow too. Exciting. There's something super cool about digging vegies up out of the ground- isn't there. Back to nature. 

Something that is so far from nature but that I still have an incredible soft spot for - are TOOBS. Can you even believe that they are on special for $1? Can you even believe the hideous moreishness that is a Toob? I can't. I bought two packets- I basically think they are the chip that epitomises the 80's - so I grabbed a packet (the other packet got eaten on the way home from woolies... chip monster- I know!) and watched Degrassi Junior High on You Tube - the show that epitomises the 80's. 

It's nice to just do some simple things, isn't it. The other day, my sister made me breakfast in bed. Some pancakes with lemon and sugar and an accompanying cranberry juice. Simple but delish. Thanks little sib.

I'm still not feeling very festive, so I'm not ready for Christmas, but on the other hand, I can't wait for this hideous year to end. So sadly, there have been a few deaths, and so I have a few funerals to attend next week which is horrible at any time, let alone Christmas. Makes you realise you should cherish your loved ones.

Still haven't planned the Christmas menu, but D did buy me a cook book filled with Christmas specials so perhaps I'll get some inspiration from that? It's a shame that my garden won't be producing yet - however I may be able to get some produce out of a friend's garden that I am babysitting whilst he is on holidays. 

I did manage to get some amazing spinach today that I am planning to put into a spinach pie and there look to be some juicy fat red tomatoes that will be ready soon.

I am planning on buying myself a dairy cow in the next few days. Mum and Dad have said no, but I figure they can't really make me return a cow once I buy it. I have a space to keep her and I think I'm going to name her Doris Day. Plus, I'm sure Mum and Dad will appreciate all the fresh milk and cream and cheese that I'm going to make. Plus I'm probably moving soon, so I will take my precious cow with me- no reason for them to complain at all.

Next things on the list are that worm farm and a bee hive. Just call me farmer G.G.

What are you having for Christmas lunch?

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SOL's view said...

Well done Farmer GG. I totally suck at maintaining a garden. Totally.

Christmas lunch will be shop bought produce for the garden salad. Which will be served with roast pork and cold roast duck. The pork is for hubby. I might throw in some ham there too. And possibly some cheerios.

Toobs! I was always into cheezels. Got some of them for Christmas day too.

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

I don't have the farm girl gene in me, but am incredibly excited at the prospect of a dairy cow!

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