Friday, December 16, 2011

Gastronomy Gal Garden: My old enemy pigweed

Dear Pigweed,

I returned home from a little mini break away to find that you have decided to become my new enemy. With all the rain when I was absent, you thought it would be a great little opportunity to try to dominate my garden.

Well guess what PW - I will not take attacks on my garden lightly, which is why, you will know, I spent the whole day yesterday removing your presence. 

Today I will spend the whole day finishing off pigweed proofing my garden and organically fertilising and mulching the real plants. 

Please do not return, because I will just have to re-remove you and once you've been kicked out of somewhere once, everyone knows it just becomes embarrassing when you try to return. You will not win, nor will your grubby little roots be allowed to spread any further in the Garden of G.G. 

Maniacally yours,

P.S I am deadly serious. My family aren't even here to stop or interrupt my killing spree, so watch out!

P.P.S The lady bugs are on my side.

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Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Love all the leaves and fruit coming through!

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