Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day

Boxing Day: 
Spent eating leftovers with the fam, tending to the bloody pigweed, catching up with a few good friends and finally relaxing in the garden on a chair reading the new Luke Nguyen cook book Indochine whilst sipping some Rose and eating Pate. Bliss. 

I stayed on my chair in the garden for hours, until it was far too dark to read and had to employ the use of a few citronella candles -but still managed to get some mozzie bites in odd places like the folds of my fingers. The stars really are beautiful in the country. I tried to take a photo but couldn't capture the gorgeousness. In fact, all I got was black with one star. I'm pretty sucky at taking photos... perhaps time to call on the generosity of a family friend to teach me some of the tricks of the trade...

If you are a cook book geek, please get Indochine- it is beautiful and I love the stories in Luke's books. They are so amazing. The history of Vietnam is so fascinating. I am salivating at the thought of the pan-fried stuffed squid and some of the Banh mi mentioned. I think I need to go to Vietnam and France just so I can test it all out!

It's also amazing that my garden has grown so much in a little over a month. I'm excited that I've harvested the first beans and the vegies look in pretty good shape. It is just mind blowing to see nature at work. Oh, the simple things.

My sisters bought me the most beautiful Christmas tree decoration that I just love. I'm going to keep marcia mousey in my room all year long. 

What did you do on boxing day?

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