Monday, December 5, 2011

Bondi Farmer's Market

There are some really good things about visiting my parents at their home town over the summer this year like my veggie garden, however, one of the worst is going to be not having access to the beach frequently. Im not a big wave girl, but I love just floating around. There's something about the water that makes me feel a bit free- the pull of the tide perhaps. I was almost accidentally born in a pool, so im sure it's no coincidence that I feel rather at home floating about. I'd like to think if past lives exist, that I was possibly a mermaid.
Luckily I will have some beach time.My sister lives right near the beach in Sydney, and when I go for walks around the headland, you almost forget where you are.

The beach is still lovely, but not quite as lovely as the more seculded beaches up north, plus the water temperature up there is a little more- float for hours -friendly.

I'm sad im not going to be going to Noosa much anymore, because aside from the beach being a major drawcard, its possibly my favourite place. Sigh. The Noosa Farmer's market are the best ever and I'm going to long for them and their beautiful fresh produce. Anyone want to send me a bottle of Noosa Limes Cordial, a bag of Noosa reds or some scallops?

Because I'm missing the Noosa Farmer's Market, when my cousins told they were going to be at the Bondi Farmer's Market selling their macarons, I knew I should definitely visit!

Bondi Farmers Market take place at Bondi Beach Public School on Saturday Mornings 9a.m. - 1p.m. It's the same spot they hold the Sunday Markets where coincidentally, I picked up some beautiful prints of Noosa last time I was there.

The market is pretty small, it only started this year, so has no where near the number of stall holders the more established markets do, but still worth a visit. I only had the trusty iPhone to snap photos so they aren't great but still will give you an idea of a couple of stalls I visited.

Of course, stop no 1 was to get some macarons from the cousins. They started gooseberry catering in the middle of this year, specialising in organic macarons. Obviously I can't give you an unbiased review, but they are pretty delish. At $2.5 each, there are plenty of flavours to try- I got a box of 6 and had vanilla, choc, passion fruit, choc mint, mango and lime and coconut.

Pure Pops caught my eye because there was a line of about 50 kids swarming around the outside. There has also been a bit of media buzz surrounding pure pops- Gourmet Traveller Food Editor Alice Storey and friend Georgina Larby's venture into the world of popsicles.

Handcrafted and at $3.5 a pop (couldn't resist) they also have some interesting flavours to try. I went with the dairy free pine lime which was a tropical treat that went down well on the warm Saturday. I'm a fan of the good old frosty fruit, but these were better. Fresher and more flavour bud popping, I'm happy to pay the extra for something handmade with love.

Did someone say pulled pork? It's like I have an inbuilt radar for pulled pork- how could I walk past? $9.5 for a roll filled with Pork and some slaw.

Whilst it wasn't the most flavoursome pulled pork I've ever had (a bit of extra seasoning may go a long way) it was pretty moist and definitely worth a try. Probably the perfect breakky if you hit Campbell Parade with a vengeance the night before. I've read in a couple of places, although this is not 100% verified,that the ingredients are sourced locally,so that is something worth supporting. I'm happy to say this ethos is becoming the norm rather than the exceptional few.

Although I didn't try or buy any honey,I was impressed with their little cross section beehive they had on display. Fabulous idea to get people interested! I think I want my own beehive. I wonder how m and d would feel about that one? Veggie Garden, worm farm and beehive.. Hmm out of control?

There were a few stalls with fresh produce, and interesting looking bread stall, some scrumptious sounding apple pies among other things that caught my eye.

So if you are in Sydney and are longing to visit a farmers market, be sure to pay a visit to Bondi on a Saturday morning- some good stalls offering some interesting products.

Bondi Farmer's Market
9am - 1pm every Saturday
Bondi Beach Public School on Campbell Parade

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