Tuesday, November 22, 2011

R.I.P Frogbert: Gastronomy Gal Garden

The garden is coming along quite nicely, but there were a few mishaps over the last couple of days.

As predicted the plant most likely to die on the planet, did in fact pass away after failing to recover from a tantrum in the dirt. I was expecting such things, but still a little bit unpleasant to discover. Sadly, that wasn't the only death to occur in the garden.

Two of Dad's ailing chilli bushes were murdered and disposed of in the compost...... by me..... Dad was not at all impressed to come out and see me digging up two of his chilli plants, but to be honest, I was not at all impressed that they were taking up valuable space, and really didn't fit into my grand plan, darrrlinnng. One chilli bush in the middle of things is enough!

In my defence, the other two plants had seen better days and I personally think the remaining plant will thrive now that the other two aren't being greedy trying to steal all the water and nutrients from the little square they were planted in. I am having a little bit of plant murderer's guilt- but I'm not sure what else I can expect to feel. Obviously I was raised Catholic.

Devastatingly, the chillis and bean plant aren't the only casualties, and this one I report with real sadness. Over the last couple of weeks, I've had a friendly frog called frogbert (don't ask) that has been hanging out with me in the garden. We bonded and became mates, so understandably I was a little bit saddened to come and find his lifeless body slumped next to the garden. Why frogbert? What happened? Why couldn't you go on??

Despite trying to conduct a full post mortem (with limited forensic materials at my disposal I might add) I can't say for sure say what happened to Frogbert. Perhaps his little froggy heart was broken because Frogeena had abandoned him a few days ago, but I have buried him, held a short service and will miss him. R.I.P Frogbert.

If you read my last post, which you should have, I asked about starting a worm farm- something I have wanted to do for the longest time. I did a bit of research, as one does, and found an awesome Worm Farm project on ABC North West New England. So far there are 4 parts and is a video tutorial, so now, I'm pretty hyped up to get on the worm wagon. I can't say I will be making my own like those handy little TAFE peeps do in the video though.. Perhaps building will be my next project. Actually, I don't even need second thoughts to tell me to stick to baking. Whatever- if you want to know about worm farms, check it out. I'm still deciding whether the Can'O'Worms option or the Worm Cafe is still suitable though.. Any thoughts? Also, don't think you can go sticking regular old garden worms into the farm, you need to get the correct types. Who knew?

I still have some more planting to do though. Dad and my Uncle have already paid me out about the space between the beetroots, so I'm going to get some more to fill them in.

It goes without saying that my garden is going to be totally organic, but damn I wish I could invent some kind of spray that makes vegetables grow super quickly. I also wish I had invented a spray to make certain things stay small, but that, is really another story. I'm already getting impatient, going out to the garden at least three times a day to chart the plants development. Not much to report so far......

Luckily, I won't have to wait too long for the passionfruit vine to give me some passiona goodness. There's already heaps of fruit on the vine and plenty of flowers still coming. Time for a passionfruit cocktail anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Frogbert. Perhaps you will find a new froggy friend! From what I understand about worm farms they are a bit tricky to set up but once they are running the maintenance is a lot easier. Meanwhile, a passionfruit cocktail would go down a treat!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh no! That's very sad about Frogbert (very cute name by the way) :(

Fiona Bris-Vegas! said...

I bought the plain old Worm Factory last weeked and have set it up. I wished I'd bought Worm Cafe as it's only a few $$ more and you get extra working trays which you'll need if you don't want to muck around with moving the worms aside to collect their castings. (They move up to the next working tray when the one below is full). I didn't know this at the time. Still, I have the Worm Factory now so I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for them to eat through the supplied bedding so I can start feeding them my veggie scraps. Probably still another week's wait. Who'd have thought worms could be so exciting?!

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