Sunday, November 20, 2011

The end is the beginning is the end or is it the beginning is the end is the beginning?

You may have noticed a couple of changes on G.G. - just a few cosmetic things, but also, in time the blog will have new segments - much more than just the usual reviews and recipes. I've had lots of emails from readers checking up on me as I haven't been posting regularly so really appreciate that- you're lovely. I have had an incredibly tough couple of months and so have decided to go and take a holiday for a couple of months and among other things, spend some time with my family in North West NSW.
This means I finally get some real time to work on my blog (yay!), it will be a big weight off, not having to juggle blogging and full time working etc which leaves you really burnt out, really tired with not a whole lot of time to just chill out. You always feel like you should be blogging! I actually get to have a real veggie patch (not just pots on the balcony) and started planting things this week. I've got big plans to grow my own produce, and eventually produce all my own sauces, jams, etc from stuff I've grown myself. 

I'm proud to say, I dug up the whole garden patch by myself - in the bloody hot sun. It was filled with these weird little weeds and had lots of leftover roots from the last time the garden was functioning. 

I did have an old floppy white hat and some red spotted gardening gloves (from country style magazine) to try to keep my hands free of callouses and albino skin safe from the searing sun. 

I've planted lettuces, capsicum, beetroot, rhubarb, spring onions, beans. Sounds just fab- doesn't it??! Hmm... well it would be, but the only problem is, they look dismal- absolutely dismal! I have never seen more pathetic plants in my life. I even mixed the suggested seasol up (it stinks to the high heavens), followed all directions the die hard gardening man from the nursery gave to me, and still- the beans are possibly the least likely plant to survive on the planet at this point in time. In my defence, they were looking a little shabby when I put them in, but seriously bean, why must you taunt me and have a tantrum, lying down to die in the dirt? 

What am I going to do? I think I'm cursed with a black thumb..... Anyway, I have to get back to planting more things- some corn, strawberries, black russian heirloom tomatoes and Lebanese cucumbers among other things. Hopefully I've got a better report in a couple of days and the plants perk up a bit.

P.s. I'm going to go back and visit the gardening man and get his advice- he assured me it would be easy and foolproof - I should have asked if this extended to black thumb proof?

P.P.S - I'm also going to get a worm farm. Do you think it's presumptuous of me to buy it before my plants actually start to grow? Any ideas on the best kind to buy?

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SOL's view said...

Good luck with the holiday. And the gardening! I too have a black thumb so much prefer to purchase my veggies.


Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

I've been saying this for close to 2 years now - I have grand visions of putting in a planter box on our apartment balcony to grow a few herbs and things. People say cherry tomatoes grow quite easily, as do strawberries, but you need to keep check on nitrogen levels in the soil? Then a few herbs and, being Chinese, spring onions are kind of obligatory =p

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