Tuesday, October 25, 2011

G.G. Giveaway - Good Food and Wine Show

So, as you all know, G.G. is undergoing some changes! But whilst you patiently wait, a little giveaway is in order.

I have a double pass to the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show to giveaway. Included in the prize is also a double pass to attend a cocktail making class where ' Expert mixologists take you through a simple, step by step guide to making and serving some of the world's most iconic cocktails, demystifying the art of cocktail making and turning you into the ultimate cocktail party host.  Interactive sessions will focus on classic cocktails including the legendary Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Breakfast Martini and the Daiquiri...'

You all know how much I loveeeeee cocktails and through your comments and tweets, I know many of my readers are partial to a mixed tipple or two, so I'm thrilled that a lucky reader and their +1 can learn to mix up a storm.

To go in the chance to win the double pass to the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show and entry into a cocktail class of your choice, all you have to do is leave a comment below (please include some way that I can contact you be it via twitter, your own blog, email etc).

The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified this Friday 28th October. Happy mixing!

** Competition is now closed. Congratulations to Lisa Chappelow who was selected by the random number generator- enjoy the day Lisa.**

15 fabulous comments:

Nicole said...


Gina Lofaro aka the wordmistress said...

It's so difficult to find a good cocktail at a reasonable price. Even when you do fork out for one at a price upwards of $15, it arrives glass-half-empty (and without ice, as happened to me last NYE) or ungarnished. What's the deal with ungarnished cocktails? Would it break the bank to add a curl of lemon rind? :) I'm not looking for paper umbrellas!

Bring on the GFWS!! And with it, the anticipation of countless taste tests and the ubiquitous glass hung around the neck with a lanyard cord!

Sheri Bomb said...

Well if there ain't nothin I like more than good food, good wine and a cocktail or two! Would love to win this and surprise the man...we love indulging in good food and wine together :)

cakeadventures said...

Oooh I love cocktails!! And I would love to know how to make them properly, a class like this is a brilliant idea. If I knew what I was doing then I could actually host a decent cocktail party, which would be a perfect thing for a summer weekend evening...

Mattheworbit said...

This sounds like a fantastic giveaway!! I confess that I love to indulge in a cocktail most weekend mornings ;), @mattheworbit

and have you gone gluten free? You're asking a lot about it lately.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

have not been lucky recently with random draws but oh well, you never know! @lotsofcravings

Jasmine1485 said...

Ooh, me please! :) I went to the Good Food and Wine Show a few years ago with my best friend and loved it, it'd be great to go again (not to mention make/drink some cocktails together!)

kate1485 at hotmail.com

Lozza said...

oh i would so love to be involved in something like this! one of my friends has been particularly down recently, and i just know something like this would cheer her right up!

Kelly said...

I have my 21st coming up in December, would be good timing to learn the art of mixology! :P

@lisachappelow said...

Ohhh! I didn't realise there were cocktail making classes this year. I'd love to go along.

Looking forward to seeing the new changes on the GG blog.

Belinda said...

Sounds like a brilliant way to experience GFWS for the first timr!
Mojitos are my absolute favourite - although so is anything based on lime & mint :)

Anonymous said...

I am in despo Need of Cocktail re-education.

Love Kelly :)
Contact me -->

K is for Kelly said...

I am So IN!

I live for the Good Food & Wine Show!

My ray of sunshine within the hectic life I live :)

you can contact me via email :)

SOL's view said...

Mmmmmmm Manu Fiedel. Need I say more?

You've seen my blog, or you can mail me on leanne1702 at gmail.


Therese Piper said...

It is my Mission, my Purpose, to convince my savvy sucking girlfriends to enter the cocktail zone, they don't know what they are missing! I have recently finessed my Negroni technique, and my take on a GnT (involving basil, lemongrass & coriander) is perfect for that brunctime yum cha hair of the dog. So I'm primed for some professional guidance, pick me pick me.

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