Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Porchetta Day is here again!

So, by now you probably know the evolution of Porchetta Day - how my Dad and his best mate turned one of our gatherings into a food festival for the thousands, but if you don't - check it out. Porchetta Day is this weekend, so if you are up for a fabulous day or porchetta and all things Italian, take a weekend trip down to North West NSW and eat and eat and eat. If you haven't left enough time to plan and think next year may be the go - check out or visit the facebook page for updates. 

The order for the cheesecakes has gone in
and the pigs are being rounded up
Yes, Annual Porchetta Day is just around the corner – this Saturday, September 24 to be precise, and excitement is mounting.

This will be the third Annual Porchetta Day – the Italian festival that has captured the imagination of NSW and further afield – and already people from all over are making their plans for the trek to Gunnedah.

As a FOP (Friends of Porchetta), you will be in good company this year. Such is the popularity of the day that several families are planning reunions and, in one case, a couple planning a trip to Italy has slightly delayed their departure so as not to miss Annual Porchetta Day. 

The organisers are hoping for a bumper turnout. Last year more than 3,000 turned up in spectacular weather conditions to enjoy the food, discussion about produce, great music and a wonderful atmosphere.

We're looking forward to seeing you there. Ciao!
For more information on Annual Porchetta Day please visit

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The InTolerant Chef said...

I hope it all goes well, with no medical emergencies this time :-)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Exciting stuff! And I love how it's almost as much about those cheesecakes as it is the pig =D

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Sounds like a great day :) I'd def give the spaghetti eating a go if I could make it

rhubarbwhine said...

Yay - can't wait to read the follow up. How are you GG? Long time between seeing you x

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