Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Post: Mizuya Japanese Restaurant

Whilst I'm taking a little break, my friend who you may remember me talking about before- Possum, has kindly done a guest post. Thanks Possum!

Mizuya had me at ‘touch screen ordering system’. So much so that I starting writing this post two days before actually dining there. I realise this may not be behaviour befitting a good food writer or blogger but lucky for me I am neither. I am merely making this contribution as a guest and friend of GG. From the outset you should know I don’t really know the difference between sushi and sashimi and that alone should indicate I am not a professional food connoisseur. Having said that I am still happy to be sharing my thoughts on my experience at Mizuya.

It was a Wednesday night and luckily we did not have to wait for a table to become available. We were led to our table, a nice private booth, and were subsequently given a run down of how the touch screen ordering system worked. I actually wanted the waitress to leave so I could get down to business. It wasn’t rocket science. You have a browse of the menu and select what you would like to order. Prices are displayed and you can also view a summary of your selections.

We ordered two glasses of wine, salmon belly, chicken karrage, BBQ chicken teriyaki, pork gyoza, duck breast skewer (can’t remember the official name) and simmered pork belly.

Our wine arrived first, as it should, however I was alarmed to be served in a plastic wine glass. Did they think I was going to smash & stab the waitress if my pork belly didn’t arrive? This was almost certainly not going to happen. In terms of alcohol selection there was plentiful variety and prices were reasonable but not cheap.

 With the exception of the salmon belly the remaining dishes arrived soon thereafter. The pork gyoza was yummy although there was a little bit of excess oil. Both the chicken karrage and BBQ chicken teriyaki were nice without being the best of these dishes I have sampled. The karrage needed more seasoning and the chicken teriyaki just didn’t have the wow factor. The duck breast skewer was good but tough (I am used to tender duck) and to be honest we had to refer back to the menu to double check it actually was duck. The simmered pork belly was delicious and my personal favourite.

The salmon belly did not arrive and in the end we cancelled the order because we were so full. There is a help icon on the touch screen and when pressed a waiter magically appears to assist.

Mizuya is reasonably priced and has the novelty factor in the touch screen ordering system and optional karaoke in the private dining rooms. I would happily return because the food on the whole was enjoyable and the atmosphere is fun, especially for groups.


Mizuya Japenese Restaurant and Karaoke

614 George Street, Sydney
Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke on Urbanspoon

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Anonymous said...

Good job poss!

If you like touch screens you should try Wagaya. Amazeballs Jap, beautiful space.

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