Tuesday, June 14, 2011

G.G.'s Reader's Favourite Blogs

Just a quick post today. I find myself reading more and more blogs, and wonder if you do the same. There are so many out there, I often breathe a sigh of relief when I come across a really amazing blog, and I just want to share it with everyone else. I've already got a QLD Food Blog Directory, but want to compile a list of blogs from further and wider.

I'd love to know about your blogs so I can put them onto the list. These blogs don't have to be Australian - they can be from anywhere. 

Let me know your fave: 
Aussie Food Blog
Food Blog (not Australian)
Lifestyle blog
Home Blog
Mummy Blog
Fashion Blog
Health Blog
Travel Blog 
or any other blogs you just totally love.

I think it's really important to support great blogs because as you all know, most bloggers work really hard, a lot of the time, with little pay back. A little bit of recognition can go a long way! 

5 fabulous comments:

Barbara said...

Two of my faves are

65 Degrees said...

Here's a great Aussie Food Blog -

and for something different in the Lifestyle / Travel category -

The InTolerant Chef said...

I like to read a variety too. I love notquitenigella, she has so many amazing places to visit and food to review that it's always fun and interesting.

G said...

Hi just discovered your blog today and decided to nominate some favourite blogs. Aussie food blog: Not quite Nigella - I think she writes really well and always has something different to offer. Food blog not Australian I like chocolate and zucchini and Pioneer Woman although the latter is an everything blog. Fashion blog styling you (I do like that it is a Qld blog)and lifestyle blog Sarah Wilson although she probably falls into the health category. I also really enjoy Table Tonic which is home/fashion. Although I am a Mother of two teenage boys I am not really into Mummy blogs.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is http://www.flatpackbakers.com.au/

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