Thursday, June 16, 2011

G.G. Garden: In distress

Last week I told you proudly about my garden and how well my seedlings were doing. All the while, dreaming of my silverbeet being used mixed with feta and cased in flaky, buttery filo, or my cauli's being made into a creamy soup, topped with truffle oil croutons. I had high aspirations for you guys, and through no fault of your own, your lives have been sabotaged. 

I went to ridiculous lengths I went to so that nothing could get to my little green babies. However, it is with a sad soul that I bring you some distressing news. SOME CREEPY LITTLE CREATURE MANAGED TO GET THROUGH MY NETTING AND CHOMPED ON ALL MY BLOODY VEGETABLES. I am beyond angry. I'm going to go rambo (Rambo meaning yell and threaten but not physically hurt to confirm for all the animal activists out there) on the creep's arse, if I ever find that possum/rat/whatever the hell it is.  I already have enough problems with sunlight and small space but to have also set up a task force to deal with deliberate sabotage is another matter. Sigh. I'm beginning to think that whilst I'm living at this address (indefinitely) I'm not going to be able to have a garden. Actually scrap that. Game on creeps. It's going to take a lot of time and strategy, but at this point, I might just be mad (crazy and angry) enough to rig up an Azkaban style arrangement.

Before:  Coming along nicely.

After: All that is left

Any advice appreciated.

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SOL's view said...

Oh the wretched little creeps like my herbs too. Particularly parsley and oregano. This time round though, the oregano and parsley seem to be coming on well.

Now I think about it, that might have something to do with the fact that I now have a dog. Hmmmmm.

The InTolerant Chef said...

I used white pepper sprinkled on the leaves when birds were stealing my greens, maybe that would work? You have to put it on every day or so- and after rain! Good luck!

Ally said...

DUDE. Okay here is what you do: sprinkle cayenne pepper in the soil, and then top with water. The pepper gets under their claws and bothers them (doesn't hurt them though).

It worked for me and the damn squirrels!

cusinera said...

GG, love your attitude=) You made me laugh so hard...u make me feel "normal" as I tend to get so protective to my few potted citrus trees, bay trees, rosemary and cost me more to grow them then to just buy the end product but its the joy of growing your own what is I consider "priceless". Hope you get that culprit!!!

Iain said...

Rats or mice.. we had the same problem, spent week after week making the enclosure more secure but they were even chewing holes in the netting to get in and out. We poisoned them, evil I know, but they are pest rodents. If you are really worried about hurting them you could probably get a trap that just catches them, although then you have a rat in a trap and what are you going to do with it?

Good luck!

Ladybird said...

Noooo! That's terrible! :( I would go Rambo too - how dare that creature feast upon your budding veggie patch... Grrrrr...

my spatula said...

Oh nooooo! I hate when that happens and completely feel your pain! There always seems to be one critter or another eating up our fruits and veggies.

Amber said...

Oh, I feel so bad for laughing, but I've recently been there, too! I've been considering stringing up some kind of protection like yours, and to think they still got in is very upsetting.

I just assumed possums is what ate my herbs, but maybe it is this "rat invasion" that's hitting Brisbane that I am yet to see evidence of. My condolences :(

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