Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gastronomy Gal Goings On: Food events for June

 Goings On:

Five Chef's Dinner - Monday 6th of June at 6:30 pm (Yes peeps- this coming Monday)

The deets: Five courses prepared by five of Australia’s best chefs, matched with five fine wines. The ultimate gourmet food and wine dinner was created to raise much needed funds to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation. 

My rundown: Brisbane chefs Pablo Torsedillas (Ortiga), Javier Codina (Moda), Rhett Willis (Jellyfish), Tony Percouco (Tartufo) and Mathieu Astier (Prive 249) gave us a some tasters at an event that I was lucky enough to attend and the tasters simply weren't enough- I was left wanting more of their special dishes. The really great thing about this dinner is that all the proceeds go to The Starlight Foundation which is a very worthy cause. The Chefs don't only donate their time, but also much more so they really put their heart and soul into it. Almost every element of the dinner is donated so this is a big event for the Foundation. I believe tickets are still available so if you haven't got anything worthwhile to do on Monday night (which I know you don't!!) get some friends together and get to the five chef's dinner. You won't be disappointed.

Brisbane Cheese Awards - Sunday 5th June, 10 am to 4pm
Entry: Adults = $10, Kids = Free
The deets: Brisbane Cheese Awards have announced that Queensland’s premiere cheese festival will be back to tantalise our taste buds in June, hosted by new venue Portside Wharf (Hamilton). Fromage fanatics from across the South East will be heading to Portside on n Sunday 5 June 2011 to celebrate People’s Day, an event dedicated to all things cheese. 

My rundown: I'm hoping this is going to be a great event to attend. I have never been before, but am looking forward to having a cheesey day on Sunday. If you love your cheese, like I do, but want to get to know a bit more about cheese, meet Will Studd from Cheese Slices (yes that awesome show dedicated to cheese, or just want to do some tastings Portside is probably the place to be. 

Lurpak Baking Challenge
Butter company Lurpak got in contact with me and a couple of other bloggers to ask if we would be involved in their latest campaign (please note- this is not paid involvement). We are going to be judging the first round of their baking competition which aims to find the greatest recipes in Australia that use Lurpak butter. Adriano Zumbo is judging the final round and five winners will receive $1500 prize money and have their recipe featured on recipe cards that will be available in Woolworths as a Lurpak promotion. If you are a gun baker (which I know many of you are!) I reckon this competition is well worth a shot. Check it out - most of you bloggers will have amazing recipes that can be entered - feel free to send me a taste test of the recipe too! 

Hunter Valley Wine and Food Month: 3rd-27th June
If you are planning a domestic holiday in the next month, it might be worth getting down to the Hunter Valley, as it's Wine and Food Month and it looks like there are some pretty interesting things going on- from cocktail classes to loads of wine and cheese events to some tasty looking lunches.

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Ladybird said...

What a busy month! Thanks for letting us know about the Lurpak challenge - sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

All that food so little time! :) I'll keep an eye out for Hunter happenings as we're going there.

naturalhistoryillustrator said...

How creamy is Lurpak! I often cook with it, as for a taste test, where do I send it?!

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