Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gastronomy Gal Garden : June

I dream of a time when I am not confined to a small apartment and I can have a really large kitchen garden. Not that I have a particularly green thumb, it's more a shade of yellow. I am, however, trying to do my best with the little space I have. I know some people have awesome apartment gardens- Indira Naidoo in particular has a very inspiring green space, right in the heart of the city. I can't help but think it would be better to have extra space, but if I want to live in the city, I have to make some sacrifices- this is one of them.

Cauliflower (these guys are taking a bit longer than the carrots or snow peas)

Living in Brisbane does have it's advantages though- we rarely get a frost and so luckily we can grow lots more plants through the winter (that will survive) than most places south of here. 

Snow Peas

About a month ago, I planted some new silverbeet, snow peas, cauliflower, baby carrots and asparagus. I also cut back all my herbs completely as the basil was going to seed and my sage looked a little bit yellow.  Also, my dwarf lemon and lime trees are obviously very upset- they look awful. Will have to find out what I'm doing wrong with those too.  I can't wait until the vegies are ready- I'm such an impatient girl.

Baby Carrots

Speaking of which, the bloody possums are rather impatient too, and try to eat all my plants before they are ready for me to plant. Look at the ridiculous lengths I have to go to to stop the possums having a nibble.

Anyway- I'm also going to go back to the nursery this soon to get some more plants and advice about what else I can plant at this time of year- I want to keep adding to the garden so I am getting produce all year round. Nothing better than growing your own organic vegies.

Some cool links : 
City Chicks  - These guys have a cool range of sister websites. City Chicks, My City Garden and Eco City Living. My City Garden stocks mushroom kits as well as sells insects that are good for your garden.

City Food Growers - Some great posts about growing organic vegies in South East QLD. They also run workshops and seminars if you want to get serious. One of the coolest things on this site is the market which aims to match backyard city growers with buyers! I'm definitely going to try to find someone local to buy my produce off. I think they are in the process of updating this website so hopefully they will get some new additions to this section soon.

I'd love to know what you guys are growing at the moment? Feel free to send me in a photo of your garden. I would love some inspiration and to feature your garden on G.G.

8 fabulous comments:

Ally said...

Ohh I like your little fence! The squirrels wrecked my plants - I might have to do the same thing :(

Em Lomu said...

Now, I have been wanting to grow fresh produce for years, its never happened! lack fo time and no hose joined to my hand I forget and they die, so congratulations to you it looks fantastic

The InTolerant Chef said...

Hard frosts here make it hardly worth while to grow anything over winter, lucky you with your green garden!

angie said...

My parents have quite a green thumb, probably helps that they were involved with farming back in their home countries. We have all sorts of stuff in our garden, lettuce, mint, choko, shiso, betel leaves, bananas, mangoes, pawpaw.

Great job with the limited space you have GG, and damn those possums!

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Crying. Well, not really. Was growing loads of Mint and lemon melisse but have had to clear the garden.....and replace with flowers. On the husband's orders. Well done on your shoots and fence!

Ladybird said...

Wow good on you! It's so lovely watching your own foood grow, isn't it? Unfortunately I'm only growing some herbs at the moment, largely because our 5 month old puppy loves chewing everything in sight!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Love your garden :)
We're in an apartment to and are confined to our balcony but I have a few herbs, tomatoes and olives growing. Looking at getting some stacking pots to make more room for a veg patch :)
Cant wait to see how yours progresses!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Think I may have to come to you for some planter box tips! We have quite a bit of balcony space where we are but I'm completely hopeless at keeping plants alive but fancy the idea of having some of our own vegies and perhaps a few herbs. You know, when I get some time...

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