Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuckeria's new breakfast menu

I'm not a real brekky lover- well not for traditional breakfast foods like cereal or toast. I can, however,  sometimes be tempted by something cooked so I was excited to receive an email from my friend Jordan who owns Tuckeria in the valley asking me to come and trial their new brekky menu. As you would know, Mexican places are popping up all over Bris Vegas but Tuckeria was the first (correct me If I'm wrong?!) in a new breed of 'choose your own filling' styled establishments. Tuckeria came about as Jordan was inspired when he spent time living in San Francisco.

As a food lover, I think it's really exciting that we are seeing more ethnic options pop up around the place, especially for breakfast. I know a little about Mexican foods that are traditionally eaten at dinner time, but had no real ideas about breakfast. 80% of the new menu is Mexican, and was developed under the guidance of Mexican Head Chef Jesus, whilst Jordan has added a few cal-mex inspired classics.

A lot of thought went into this menu, trying to make sure it has authenticity, whilst still being suitable for the Brisbane market. A couple of weekends ago, Tuckeria opened early and Jordan invited some of his regulars and some other food interested parties to come and trial the menu gratis (free- ha, my Spanish is improving!) but then issued everyone with a survey asking them about their experience. What a great idea! 

Obviously I'm not going to review the options, as Jordan is a friend, but I can tell you that I think it's definitely something exciting for Brisbane, and worth checking out for yourself. The Tuckeria team are importing some ingredients, like all the chilli and paprika products directly from Mexico so that the food remains as authentic as possible, whilst embracing the goodness of Australia's top quality produce like our free range eggs, meat and fruit and veg. 

C decided on the breakfast burrito, a cal-mex classic, which was filled to the brim with scrambled eggs, fresh cut potato chips, Pico de Gallo Salsa and blackbeans for $11. The good thing about this option is that vegans can also enjoy if they go without eggs, and meat lovers can add chorizo for an extra $3.

I was a little less hungry and had the Sincronizada (breakfast quesadilla) a Mexican ham and cheese and some pinto beans. I also tried a little of both the salsa ranchez and the salsa tomatillo for $11.

There are plenty of other interesting options too, including the Mexican classic Huevos Rancheros for $9.5 which includes eggs, pico de gallo, and beans or if you're feeling sassy the divorced eggs- Huevos Divorciados also $9.5 which has fried eggs with corn tortillas, beans and salsa. 

You can also try the Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate for $3.3 or enjoy a Mexican styled coffee (a long black with a hint of cinnamon) for $3.

I was really delighted to trial the new menu and love that Brisbane is embracing many new options to our increasingly Multicultural city! Tuckeria's new breakfast menu is only available on weekends to start off and will run from 8a.m. - 12 noon. Get in and try it if you want something a little bit quirky for brekky.

Shop 13, Central Brunswick
421 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
0406 377 278

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SOL's view said...

Mexican for breakfast? Hmmmmmm .... sounds tempting. I'll take it.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Love a good huevos rancheros - bit of a spicy kick to the morning! Or more likely for me, over a relaxed brunch.

@mattheworbit said...

Tuckeria seem to be pretty good with vegans, thanks for the tip!

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