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Burger Bar, Thomas Street Noosaville

Over the last five years, there has been a serious resurgence of the burger joint. Places have popped up selling 'gourmet versions' of the old school cafe burger everywhere. Grill'd is now one of the most popular gourmet burger chains around. First opening in 2004 in Victoria, there are now around 40 locations around Aus. Obviously people like their burgers, and a little differently to how Maccy D's or Hungry Jack's do them.

I have also noticed more independent burger places starting to open, a few in Brisbane and towards the end of last year, The Burger Bar in Noosa. Noosa has always had a million places selling burgers (fish and chip shops etc) but I was excited to see one that had burgers as it's focus. From their website, it's clear they are pretty serious about the burgers and the ingredients they use. Apparently they won Favourite Burger in the QLD section of the awards. They also note that '..making the best burgers in the Universe takes time,' cute- but are they on the right track?

Looking at the menu is actually a pleasant experience. Aside from the couple of usual traditional options, there are plenty of inspired choices that aren't just another version of the same old burger you see everywhere. Jalapeno relish, sauerkraut, red wine onion relish, pickled ginger and kimchi are just some of the ingredients they use to change it up a little.

Ordering is pretty simple, they have a huge menu inside and have the extras listed if you want to add something to your burger. The menu notes that all the meat is hormone free an that there are a large range of house made sauces available.

As it was a hot day when Mumzy and I visited, I was tempted by the 'House of the rising sun' with tajima wagyu beef, teriyaki sauce, pickled ginger, japanese mayo and wasabi for $15,  but eventually decided to go with something a little tropical sounding- the 'top bun' lamb patty with brie, lime slaw, picalilli sauce and lettuce for $14.

Mumzy just loves herself a good old fashioned burger so went with the BB's classic at $10 - beef, lettuce, tomato, house mayo and tangy tomato sauce. Burger Bar are licensed but as we had already wined ourselves enough during our holiday, we abstained and went with a ginger beer instead.

The burgers arrived in all their glory- on a wooden board with a knife speared through- I kind of liked that it gave a bit of a rough edge to the meal and made you feel like you could get a bit messy, just what you need when eating a burger. Sorry in advance- these photos are even more horrendous than usual. 

The burger bun was more a foccacia styled arrangement. I didn't mind at all, as it gave a bit of a lighter touch rather than the two bricks of bread I'm accustomed to finding on some burgers. Whilst elements of this burger were a little underwhelming (patty- I'm looking at you) as a whole, this was one delicious mess. The brie added a slightly decadent touch and the lime slaw and pickles were packed with flavour. I'm not sure if the pickles were house made, they seemed store bought to me, but still a good addition. The lettuce and baby spinach were beautifully fresh and I gobbled the whole burger down with ease. Mumzy was lucky to score one bite.

Mumzy's BB Classic was exactly that. I would describe her burger as 'nice' but definitely not as great as mine- Mumzy agreed. She was a little jel jel of my selection. It was nice to see house made mayo being used and a slightly tangy tomato sauce for a bit of edge. Don't get me wrong, this burger was still a good version of a classic burger, the lighter bread worked well and the patty was moist, it's just that my burger kicked it's butt. It's worth noting that the burgers differed in price by $4 so it's right that you would expect my burger to be a little better.

Service was pretty lax, but no less than you would expect it to be in a coastal Burger bar. There are a few little touches that need smoothing out, but overall I was pretty damn impressed my visit to The Burger Bar. The top bun was easily one of the best burgers I have had in a VERY long time and I'm excited to go back and try some of other unique options they have available.

When to go: Whenever you feel like dominating an awesome burger. Cheap and Cheerful.

So tell me readers, have you seen a resurgence of the burger joint? Where is your favourite place to go?

The Burger Bar
Shop 4/187 Thomas Street
Noosaville QLD 4566
07 5474 4189

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Nic@diningwithastud said...

I like it when the person at the table with food envy isnt me :)
Love the knife through the middle for presentation!

The InTolerant Chef said...

The knife is great, edgy and fun. I wonder what my hubby would think if I served his next steak like that?

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love the idea of slaw on a burger-I love it on hot dogs too! I have to admit I'm a burger addict so the resurgence is definitely welcome for me! :)

Ellie (Almost Bourdain) said...

Love the knife! Cool & fun place.

Barbara said...

The lamb burger sounds delicious. I love a good hamburger.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Love burgers. Something magical about the taste and texture of a good patty combined with salad and sauce which does it for me - with or without a knife pierced through the centre!

Amy said...

ahhh this is really cool!! I'd never read your blog before but its sooo legit! making me so hungry for a burger over here in Paris!!...not too easy to find here, unlike crepes and baguettes! good luck with everything!
bisous! xx Amy (Mils ex housemate)

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

I've noticed plenty of burger joints popping up but have never actually gone out and tried them, I think it's just knowing how big a burger is and how small I am kind of puts me off a burger. Your burger sure does sound delicious though!

Richo said...

From the owner of the burger bar.

thank you for your refreshing and honest review. We welcome any honest feedback.


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