Thursday, March 17, 2011

Your Faves - and a couple of things you might like to go to

What's this? No recipe, No review and no whining from G.G.? Not even a new Global Gastronomy Gal?  Nope, not today (hmmm was that a sigh of relief I heard?!?) Instead I'd like to ask you guys a question or two. What are your favourite global food blogs- as in from O.S? I'm updating 'My Faves' section and I really want to incorporate some more global blogs in the list. I've been trawling for hours and also want to know what sites you guys like the best, because after all, I'd have to think you have pretty good taste (wink wink!). So, please, let me know!!

In other news, a couple events you might like to pop in your diary:

Sunshine Coast 29-31 July 2011
'The Real Food Festival is a fantastic celebration of the wonderful variety of food that Sunshine Coast producers, manufacturers and restaurants have to offer, and a brilliant way to  talk, taste and buy for them.'  

Over the course of the weekends, events will be held all over the Sunshine Coast Hinterland - I think the program is still being finalised, but it looks to be a pretty cool idea. There is a good list of participating restaurants from the region, including Reserve Cellars, where I had a great meal a year or so ago.

13th, 14th and 15th May
This festival needs absolutely no introduction but just a reminder to write the dates down. 

I'm tossing up between a couple of the lunches on the Friday, but need to get my butt into gear because they do sell out.
Let me know if you are going?! I'd love to know what events you are planning on going to.

Every Sunday 6 a.m. -(I'll have to check what time it finishes...)
Location: A pleasant spot on Baroona Road between Governor's Hill an Norman Buchan Park.
On offer: Stanthorpe fruits, Warwick Veg, Ascot fresh meats, Hills Bakery produce, Fresh eggs, Smoked Salmon, german Sausage, marinated cheese + heaps more. 

I saw signs around for a little while ago when they were trialling the markets, and yesterday I received this little card in my note explaining a bit more. It's going to be great to have a regular Sunday Market to go to!!

So, two things- are you attending any of the above and most importantly don't forget to let me know all about the fabulous global food blogs you are reading.

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Mrs BC said...

Thanks for the info on the events, I am planning to go to The Real Food Festival & maybe the Noosa one, we'll see :)

My fave food blogs at the moment are Green Bean Food, The Pioneer Woman's tasty Kitchen (dont be a hater!) & Simple Comfort Food, which is also US based, mainly mexican. Also Brisbane Food Adventures.

Ally said...!! Yeah!

I also read a lot of American blogs like:
Pioneer Woman - she is amazing

I have about 1000+ unread items in my trust me, I have plenty of others to share if you're keen!

Renee said...

A few staples in my RSS feed list from overseas include Sassy Radish, Smitten Kitchen, Chocolate & Zucchini and Marion Nestle's Food Politics.

It's always lovely to see these authors cooking food that is the seasonal opposite to ours- I then spend months waiting for the right time to make their recipes!

The InTolerant Chef said...

I like so many blogs, but most of mine are gluten free ones.
Wish I was at the Sunshine Coast festival this weekend too! Have fun!

SOL's view said...

My local faves are Gastronomy Girl, and I've just found Gourmet Traveller. Overseas I like to check out Chocolate and Zucchini occasionally for inspiration. :)

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