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Review: Canteen Cafe and Bar Noosa Junction

It's easy to walk past Canteen at Noosa Junction. I have many times in the last several years that I've been visiting regularly. It hasn't been intentional, it's just that the dining scene in Noosa is constantly changing, and as a result, there are always new beaut places to try. This sometimes means that some of the other places on the must visit list just keep getting put off. It shouldn't always be this way, but it is!

On a Saturday morning it was teeming with rain and C and I were about to start the hunt for a new doona cover. Doona covers for me, are the very essence of the room and when the time is right, I feel the need to change doona covers. Camb ensures it doesn't happen too often, but also agreed it had been a while. The changing of the doona often comes with the change of season and a large degree of groaning from Camb as he knows what the search can entail. Most of the time I go it alone, but sometimes, he tags along, quickly remembering why he hates shopping. Predictably, C's interest had started to wane before we even started and so he decided to grab a coffeeto give him strength for the long trip ahead. As I said, it was teeming with rain, and as we were already at Noosa Junction and didn't want to go to far, Canteen seemed the obvious place. 

Noosa Junction is very relaxed and beachy but stepping into Canteen feels almost like you've stepped out of QLD or at the very least, out of the Sunshine Coast. Muted tones and tables set along one wall, all parallel to the bar and kitchen, create a cosy and calm feeling. From the moment we were seated by one of the many waitstaff who were buzzing around, it was clear that this seemed to be a nice place to escape from the weather, be it hot, cold or raining. Current magazines and newspapers spread out encourage patrons to stay a little longer. 
Staff were relaxed but not lax, (despite their accents giving them away as some of Noosa's transient travelling hospitality population), taking our orders within the first few moments of being seated. 

C obviously went for a coffee, his usual flat white about $4 (from memory) whilst I had the option to choose from a couple of different fresh juices and felt that it was a watermelon and mint ($6.5) type day. They use segafredo coffee and C was pleased with the result. My juice could have used a little extra mint.

The breakfast menu offers some standard options, but most with a canteen twist that transforms the menu from cliched to cool. C only felt like something light, so the bacon and egg muffin with hollandaise sauce for $8.5 suited him down to the ground. 

I'm not usually one for sweet brekky but the hotcakes with maple syrup caught my eye, as I hoped the accompanying bacon ($14.5) would take off the sugary edge. 

The cafe has a nice little buzz and great acoustics meant it was still quiet enough to enjoy the ambience and one read one of the papers. As it was quite busy, we were prepared for a small wait and settled in to read The Weekend Australian. I only got halfway through the first article before our meals arrived looking tantalising.

Although a little messy and swamped in syrup - my hotcakes were fluffy and good. The bacon was well cooked and was quite delicious in it's own right. A tried and tested combination can sometimes fail if the individual elements are not up to scratch, but luckily this wasn't the case. Next time I would ask to be in control of the syruping- they did provide a little jug on the side, but already came with a more than adequate serving of syrup.

C's bacon and egg muffin was enjoyable too. The eggs were well cooked and the hollandaise had a nice lemony kick-without being too plasticy like can sometimes be the case. The accompanying rocket was really fresh.

If we weren't on the great doona cover hunt, we probably would have ordered another coffee, and maybe a pot of tea for me and finished reading the papers, but as we knew what was ahead of us, we had to get going! 

Canteen provided solace from the weather but also solace from the too-trendy establishments that have a habit of popping up around Noosa. They have prompt and polite service and a solid menu. Next time, instead of walking past, I'm going to be walking directly to Canteen so  I can sit down, read the paper and eat a nice little brekky.

When to go: When you're hanging out at Noosa Junction and want to sit down at a calm eating spot with a nice but not a way too trendy menu.

2/4 Sunshine Beach Road
Noosa Junction  QLD 4567
07 5447 5400

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gbf... said...

oh the idea of sitting and ordering another pot of tea & reading the newspapers makes me happy! i see couples doing it and i quietly envy them....i am usually on my hands & knees wiping up spilt milkshake from my 4yr old + at the same time saying stop touching the salt & pepper shakes! dayle

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

I was a bit alarmed when I first read bacon and pancakes with maple syrup on a menu years and years ago, but I now can appreciate the flavour combination but you're right, if all the elements arn't done properly you can ruin the whole thing.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

hehe is this the day that we bumped into you? That was so unexpected-I thought you were a friend of Kerry's so I walked away to give you some privacy. It was so funny when she said this is GG!

Ellie (Almost Bourdain) said...

Absolutely love bacon with maple syrup. What a cozy place this is.

The InTolerant Chef said...

I love that combo too.

Rhubarb Whine said...

Always loved bacon with maple syrup. It's also a great way to cook it - brush the slices with maple and bake in the oven. Makes amazing bacon.

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