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World Class Australia- Raising the Bar- Seasonal Cocktail Recipes

You may have been a little bit jealous hearing about my adventures in my last post, BUT I did manage to snare the winning recipes for the 3 winning cocktails in the round 2 of the World Class - Raising the Bar Competition: the Seasonal Cocktail. As you all know, I love a good cocktail, and these three had some really individual features- perfect to squeeze in during the dying days of Summer. 

Congratulations to the three winners. Chris Denman from Kerbside Bar placed first, Tara Steele from LaRuche came second and Marco Nunes from Canvas was third. Kerbside, LaRuche and Canvas are all newish bars in Brisbane, having popped up in the last 18 months or so. It's great to see a variety of places opening up and literally, raising the bar. I enjoy going to all three establishments but would suggest LaRuche on a Friday night, Kerbside on a Sunday Arvo and Canvas any time in between.   

Chris Denman, Kerbside
‘Aristocrats Punch’

Chris' Aristocrats Punch' is made to share, so don't forget to drink with friends in the spirit that was intended.
180ml Tanqueray No. TEN
60ml Amaro Montenegro
60ml Agave nectar
60ml lemon juice
180ml Pink Grapefruit Juice
240ml Sparkling Mineral Water
8 dashes cherry and Chamomile bitters
4 cherries
4 barspoons caster sugar
The peel of one orange

Muddle Cherries, Orange peel, caster sugar, lemon juice, bitters and agave nectar together in the bottom of a Punch Bowl. Add all other ingredients and mix until there is no residue on bottom of the bowl. Fill punch bowl with Ice until approximately 1 inch from the top of the bowl. Mix with bar spoon again. Serve with ladle, on a tray, alongside 4 tea cups with an orange twist and cherry in each cup. Find 3 friends and enjoy.

Tara Steele, Laruche Bar & Supperclub
Devonshire Gin Jam’

Tara's drink is all about escapism- making you feel like you are having a summer picnic in a beautiful field somewhere, not sitting in the stinking heat in Bris Vegas- so try serving in jam jars- with some checked cloth to make sure you getthe whole experience.  To accompany, whip up a couple of scones and serve with peach jam to add the finishing touch

2 bar spoons Homemade Peach Jam
Half a sprig of fresh bush rosemary
25ml lemon juice
50ml Tanqueray No. TEN

Place all ingredients in boston glass, Shake and double strain into iced jam jar, secure lid and attach label.
Glassware: Jam jar
Garnish: served on an antique sandwich plate with a scone, fresh cream and peach jam

Marco Nunes, Canvas
 ‘Mucha & Juniper’

Marco's creation involves using a white grapefruit and juniper ice sphere- if you haven't already got one of these in the freezer( I kid!) you can attempt to make your own- or for an perhaps for an easier alternative use a tart tasting sorbet or granita. Obviously the real drink is pretty spesh and takes some serious prep so if you want the real deal, perhaps heading into Canvas and asking if Marco can serve you up his version might be a better option! 
45ml Tanqueray No. TEN
10ml J. Cartron Apricot Brandy
10ml Apricot & Fennel Syrup
1 dash Celery Bitters
White grapefruit  & Juniper Ice Sphere

Break 1 flavoured Sphere and place in mixing glass.
Add ice cubes and pour ingredients. Stir through 4 times. Strain into large steam less Riedel aromoatic glass over flavoured sphere.
Garnish with spray of grapefruit & Juniper tincture

Tell me readers - do you have a signature cocktail that you like to make ?

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mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I wonder what cherry and chamomile bitters tastes like? Sounds wonderfully fruity and slightly exotic!

Cocktail Recipes said...

This is just brilliant. I would never have thought of creating these.

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