Thursday, February 24, 2011

World Class Australia- Raising the Bar- Seasonal Cocktail Recipes

You may have been a little bit jealous hearing about my adventures in my last post, BUT I did manage to snare the winning recipes for the 3 winning cocktails in the round 2 of the World Class - Raising the Bar Competition: the Seasonal Cocktail. As you all know, I love a good cocktail, and these three had some really individual features- perfect to squeeze in during the dying days of Summer. 

Congratulations to the three winners. Chris Denman from Kerbside Bar placed first, Tara Steele from LaRuche came second and Marco Nunes from Canvas was third. Kerbside, LaRuche and Canvas are all newish bars in Brisbane, having popped up in the last 18 months or so. It's great to see a variety of places opening up and literally, raising the bar. I enjoy going to all three establishments but would suggest LaRuche on a Friday night, Kerbside on a Sunday Arvo and Canvas any time in between.   

Chris Denman, Kerbside
‘Aristocrats Punch’

Chris' Aristocrats Punch' is made to share, so don't forget to drink with friends in the spirit that was intended.
180ml Tanqueray No. TEN
60ml Amaro Montenegro
60ml Agave nectar
60ml lemon juice
180ml Pink Grapefruit Juice
240ml Sparkling Mineral Water
8 dashes cherry and Chamomile bitters
4 cherries
4 barspoons caster sugar
The peel of one orange

Muddle Cherries, Orange peel, caster sugar, lemon juice, bitters and agave nectar together in the bottom of a Punch Bowl. Add all other ingredients and mix until there is no residue on bottom of the bowl. Fill punch bowl with Ice until approximately 1 inch from the top of the bowl. Mix with bar spoon again. Serve with ladle, on a tray, alongside 4 tea cups with an orange twist and cherry in each cup. Find 3 friends and enjoy.

Tara Steele, Laruche Bar & Supperclub
Devonshire Gin Jam’

Tara's drink is all about escapism- making you feel like you are having a summer picnic in a beautiful field somewhere, not sitting in the stinking heat in Bris Vegas- so try serving in jam jars- with some checked cloth to make sure you getthe whole experience.  To accompany, whip up a couple of scones and serve with peach jam to add the finishing touch

2 bar spoons Homemade Peach Jam
Half a sprig of fresh bush rosemary
25ml lemon juice
50ml Tanqueray No. TEN

Place all ingredients in boston glass, Shake and double strain into iced jam jar, secure lid and attach label.
Glassware: Jam jar
Garnish: served on an antique sandwich plate with a scone, fresh cream and peach jam

Marco Nunes, Canvas
 ‘Mucha & Juniper’

Marco's creation involves using a white grapefruit and juniper ice sphere- if you haven't already got one of these in the freezer( I kid!) you can attempt to make your own- or for an perhaps for an easier alternative use a tart tasting sorbet or granita. Obviously the real drink is pretty spesh and takes some serious prep so if you want the real deal, perhaps heading into Canvas and asking if Marco can serve you up his version might be a better option! 
45ml Tanqueray No. TEN
10ml J. Cartron Apricot Brandy
10ml Apricot & Fennel Syrup
1 dash Celery Bitters
White grapefruit  & Juniper Ice Sphere

Break 1 flavoured Sphere and place in mixing glass.
Add ice cubes and pour ingredients. Stir through 4 times. Strain into large steam less Riedel aromoatic glass over flavoured sphere.
Garnish with spray of grapefruit & Juniper tincture

Tell me readers - do you have a signature cocktail that you like to make ?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

World Class: Raising the Bar - Round two:Seasonal Cocktail

World Class Bar Competition - Raising the bar  is the search for the 'World's Best Bartender.' The competition is run by Diageo Reserve Brands who encompass heaps of the big alcohol brands i.e. Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Bailey's, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Don Julio and Jose Cuvero. This thing is actually worldwide, but in Aus, bartenders from each state compete in heats and are asked to create a World Class Concoction which is then assessed on concept, appearance, experience and taste.

The entries are then shortlisted, one winner from each state competes in the National Final. At the Finals, the Australian winner is chosen to represent Australia in the International competitions with some of the 'cream of the bartending elite from across the globe.

You may have read about the first round of the competition which was the 'Sangrita Ritual'. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to check out the winning entries from the three top placing bartenders in that round- and last week I was even luckier to be invited back to sample round two's winning creation - Seasonal cocktails! Is this basically G.G.'s dream come true, I hear you ask?! 

"Round two is devoted to finding the Best Seasonal Cocktail, with bartenders being tasked to use only the freshest produce and seasonal ingredients from around the country. Australia’s most influential mixologists have come up with some amazing creations that are sure to freshen the palate and stimulate the senses.

Assessed on appearance, experience, taste and how well seasonal produce was utilised in their creations, only three winners were chosen."

So, whilst I felt I was floundering when heading to the last evening i.e. not very well educated on the Sangrita Ritual when I arrived (I knew a lot more when I left, mind you!), I felt a lot more confident going to the cocktail evening. I'm pretty sure I knew a lot more about a great seasonal cocktail and could identify with why the winners were chosen. After all, I have had enough practice drinking cocktails!

Last Thursday evening, a couple of other bloggers and writers and I (along with our guests) met with Adam Brewer, who was the National winner of last year's competition and who you may remember as being one of the winners of the Sangrita Ritual Round. Adam is also doing some work for Diageo Reserve Brands now, and as Jay, the Brand Ambassador (who took us on the Sangrita Ritual tour) was out of Brisbane, Adam stepped into his place to take us on the tour this time.

First stop was at Canvas bar Woolloongabba to check out Marco Nunes 3rd place creation. Marco was also a place getter in the Sangrita Ritual Round so he obviously is knocking up some pretty cool creations and this one was no exception. For the summer cocktail, Marco was inspired by juniper berries - an ingredient that are starting to make a name for themselves here in Oz, but were a lot more popular in Marco's French homeland. 

For Marco, the cocktail, was about not only the flavour, but the scents and visual presentation too. Using Tanqueray 10 (which I might add, all three bartenders used and gushed about how awesome it is) Marco created the 'Mucha and Juniper'- a smooth, dry floral drink - with a sphere of white grapefruit and juniper flavoured ice in the middle. This was like nothing any of us had ever tasted. As one of the writers picked up, it was almost smoky, and I could have sipped on about 5 of these and not become sick of the complex flavours. The ice sphere screamed summer and whirling it around helped to dissolve into the delicious liquid, adding to the whole effect. Definitely an awesome drink, but not something you could recreate at home due to the amount of steps involved. I'm not sure whether Canvas have this one on the menu but if they do, go and get one- they are super lovely.

Second stop: We stepped into the darkened doorway of LaRuche to meet with second place winner Tara Steele. Having sneaked a little peek at the photos of the final before hand, I was pretty excited to taste Tara's tipple. I knew that it was served with scones- and in little jam jars. I was intrigued. 

Tara wanted something that was easy to recreate- because that's what makes a classic cocktail. She also wanted something that personified her - lemons because she loves them and they are summery and fresh, rosemary because she has a big rosemary bush out the front of her house, and peaches- because she makes beautiful jams and wanted some nice stone fruit to compliment the cocktail. That's right- she made the accompanying peach jam. What a fabulous idea. Talented girl. Nothing can go wrong when baked goods and cocktails combine. Basically Tara surmised that "everybody knows Brisbane sucks in the summer and all they want to do is get out" so the cocktail  named the 'Devonshire Gin Jam' was almost as escapism cocktail. Something to make you feel like you were out on a field somewhere having a beautiful summer picnic. 

The drink was just gorgeous, served in little jam jars with some red checked cloth on top- reminiscent a proper jar of jam from days gone by. The cocktail was very moresish, maybe dangerously so! A little bit tart and a lot of delish, the gin and lemon are an old school winning match, but the rosemary added some individual style. Tara put a lot of thought into her cocktail and I think the feel she wanted to create really worked, It managed to take us away to a summer field, even though we were really in the dim and dark alice in wonderland esque land that is LaRuche.

A short walk down the road, and we ended up at new Brisbane bar - Kerbside, to check out Bar tender Chris Denman's winning cocktail formula - the aptly named Aristocrat's Punch. This punch is rid of the traditional but terrible lemonade, tinned juice and ginger ale style mix- and replaced with something a little more worthy of an Aristocrat's attention. Chris took his inspiration from the sharing of gorgeous drinks when friends and family gather over the summer. In his words "It's all about getting the people together". 

Punch is apparently known to pre-date cocktails by a long time- and Chris was really passionate about making sure the punch wasn't too sweet like the more well known versions, but was the perfect punchy share drink (which is now avilable on Kerbside's menu). He did a fabulous job- the other girls and I tucked into the punch with glee, ridding ourselves of the kitsch memories that punch usually conjures up. Housemade cherry and chamomile bitters, agave nectar and Tanqueray 10 are some of the defining flavours that help to make the punch so spesh. Sitting back on the cool swing chair at kerbside was a lovely relaxing end to a very information packed evening. 

I'm seriously in love Brisbane's bar scene. We have some really cool people, making really cool concoctions, and it's nice that World Class are showcasing the talent. The new bars popping up all over the place (all three venues we visited have opened within the last 18 months or so) are really making a splash and giving Brisbanites a diverse array of cool places to go and try new things. I also like that the focus is not so much on the amount of alcohol, but the quality of the product like Tanqueray 10- which really is a freaking awesome drink. It's pretty much a secret that only a couple of years ago, I didn't really like Gin and Tonic. I'm sure this was beacuse I was drinking house gin, and it just didn't sit well with me. Fast forward two years and G and T's are my drink of choice. I consume them at an alarming rate and can't imagine a nicer summer drink. I love the fact that life as a food blogger has opened me up to so many new products and ways of doing things- improving the quality of my knowledge- and in turn drinking better alcoholic beverages (which is definitely a bonus!). I'm excited to see what Brisbane's finest mixologists come up with for the next round, which is the Gentleman's Cocktail round. Did someone say Whiskey?

World Class

G.G and her guest attended the evening courtesy of Splendid Communications and Diageo Reserve Brands. Photos are coutesy of World Class Raising the Bar competition.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food Poisoning

The life of a food blogger has many risks- there's always the risk of chefs and restaurateurs getting mad at you for photographing their food, the risk of putting on the dreaded bloggers bulge and of course, with eating out a lot, an increased risk of food poisoning.

Food poisoning is said to affect about 5 million Aussies every year and this year, unfortunately, I'm one of them.

On Valentines Day Night, C and I decided to get some take away rather than dine out. Basically both of us had left it too late to book somewhere we actually wanted to go and I could not be bothered to cook. We went, picked up our takeaway, had a nice bottle of tempranillo and then we retired to the balcony to catch a breeze. About 45 minutes after dinner, mid- sentence, I started to get the most intense, sudden cramping ever. Needless to say a trip to the bathroom was required where I spent the next couple of hours hugging a bucket and the toilet alternatively (or both at the same time). Too much information? Well sorry, but I want you to get the point. It really sucked.

I had to ask some advice on twitter (stay hydrated and go to the doctor if it lasts longer than 24 hours or is really serious) as I couldn't get onto my Mum and heard so many stories from people tweeting me back with their own food poisoning stories.

Luckily C didn't eat the same dish that I did, so he was spared, which was lucky for him, and really lucky for me because he had to look after me! So- apart from getting some maxalon off a nurse friend of mine, trying to drink fluids and placing a bucket beside the bed, I didn't really do much about it. I ummed and ahhed- should I or shouldn't I ring the establishment to let them know?

Before you ask- I'm pretty damn sure it was food poisoning and I'm pretty damn sure it was my dinner that caused it. I'm not going to tell you where I ate, but I will tell you that it did have a seafood element. 

I have had food poisoning previously which was confirmed by testing and this was a pretty similar experience. Last time, I did ring the restaurant and let them know- and they were extremely cagey. Unapologetic, unwilling to accept any responsibility, and unashamedly telling me that it couldn't have possibly been their meal that caused the poisoning as their produce is all 'fresh'. Perhaps I should forward some of the QLD Govt's cards on food safety so they can do a little bit of light reading and read up on the causes of food poisoning. Did you know that rice is responsible for a huge amount of poisoning cases every year? Even more so than more well known culprits like chicken!

After this more recent experience,  I didn't end up ringing to let them know because I think that they probably would have given a similar response to the last restaurant I got food poisoning from. 

So tell me readers.... have you had food poisoning? 
If so, what have you done about it?
What sort of food did you get the poisoning from?
If you are a restaurateur or a hospitality worker, what is your response to people who phone up with reports of food poisoning?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The lowdown on Rosalie - What's open after the floods

As most of you know, Rosalie was hit really hard by the floods. Only a few of the restaurants in the little village managed to escape the water, most being completely submerged. Rosalie is such a popular dining precinct, I thought I would bring you up to speed with what is going on in the area (and what is rumoured to be going on) so that you can head back to your favourite Rosalie haunts soon.

Rosalie Gourmet Market - Has been back trading normal hours for a couple of weeks
Bali Grill - back to normal trading
Blue Room Cinebar - normal trading
Blu Grotto - have not re-opened as yet
Cold Rock - have not re-opened as yet
Fish Lovers- have not re-opened as yet but look to be reopening quite soon

Flute - have not re-opened but are serving coffee out of temporary caravan out the front
Francy's Patisserie - have not re-opened as yet but look to be reopening quite soon
Gelateria Cremona- have not re-opened yet
Grill'd- back to normal trading
Mints Vietnamese - back to normal trading
Pasta Pantry - back to normal trading
Rosalie Fine Wines- have re-opened - back to normal trading
Rouj Lebanese- back to normal trading
Salt - back to normal trading
Sings Asian Restaurant - back to normal trading
Sushi Lovers- re-opened this week, look to be trading normal hours
Thai Terrace - re-opened this week
Tomatos Italian - back to normal trading
Wine Experience - have re-opened - back to normal trading

New: Just prior to the floods Asia Spice opened up in the old Noodle Box site (next to Grill'd)
New: Sashimi Bar/Sushi Train opening next to Gelateria Cremona
New: Ceylon Inn has closed and Rosa Mexicano is reopening at the site (same owner)
New: Rumoured to be a Greek restaurant going in at the old Victoria's (clothing shop) site
New: Rumoured to be a Mexican Burrito Bar opening at the old Castelli's Cafe site

Friday, February 11, 2011

Qld Food Blogger Directory

There are so many fabulous QLD Food Bloggers - every time I turn around, I find another popping up. Originally, Kerry from Eat drink and be Kerry composed a list of bloggers and since then, the scene has exploded. It's great to see. I've compiled an alphabetical list of all QLD Food Bloggers (that wished to be included) for easy reference, plus a little bit of info about each blog so that you can pick and choose who to visit when. Make sure you check the whole list out, because there are so many great blogs! I've had to edit the answers down a little because in true blogger style, some were ludicrously long. (except mine- I get to rabbit on a bit, because it's my blog!)  If you have any problems with the edits, please let me know- but I've tried to cut down and keep everybody's the same length and also include your coolest answers.

P.S Readers- this isn't so you can go moonlighting with other Qld Food Bloggers then drop me like a sack. It's so you can see how cool some the Qld Food Bloggers are whilst remaining totally faithful to me. Promise? *
*You can only read on if you agree with the above terms and conditions

So I'm glad we sorted that out- coulda been very awkward if I was to visit another QLD Food Blogger and find your gushing comments all over their page only to reload blogger seven times and find no comment love on my own page.

I hope I have incorporated everyone that wished to be listed! If you missed out and want to be included, check out this post and email me your deets- this list will be updated so should stay current!

SO here it is... Da Da Da DAAAAAA

Gastronomy Gal: (oh Hi! You've already found me!) Obviously your first stop QLD Food Blog -  Some honest and real reviews (some are even a little hardarsed), recipes - (planning on increasing this section in 2011), Global Gastronomy Gal and other informative segments (just because I like learning and I think you do too), food goss (what's going on in the Bris Food Scene), as well as lots of other stuff just because it's cool. You'll also find some crappy photos, because I'm not going to go into a restaurant with a DSLR and pretend to be incognito, and hopefully some nicer photos, of when I am invited somewhere or shooting at home. I just got a snazzy new cam and am still learning!

I blog every Tuesday and Thursday, well usually. Unless there is a flood or something and I have no power for three weeks. And I take a break at Christmas time too. And if I broke a leg or arm or something I may have a couple of days off, but other than that, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? Simpatico for casual, Sake for Japanese, Il Posto for Pizza, Kim Thanh for Vietnamese, Libertine for mod-Vietnamese, Manors for Yum-Cha - wanna know more? Just ask! or Read my other reviews. 
Most used cook book?  Stephanie Alexander's Cook's Companion for cooking, Luke Nguyen's Song's of Sapa and My French Table to look at and Food Safari for global food inspiration.
Strawberry, Mulberry of Raspberry? Mulberries! Technically, I should still have stained palms from all the Mulberry thieving I did in my misspent youth.
Ultimate dinner party guest? Probably my fams- all of them. And my friends from home, I never get to spend enough time with the people I love most. O and maybe Bocelli so he would provide some cool background notes and Maggie or Luke Nguyen to cook me up some magic.
Favourite or most read food blog: This is tough- I regularly read so many. In fact, I can't even answer this question, it's too hard. Who set this question? oh, right, it was me. Sorry about that one guys.
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? Longgggg lunches that end up becoming dinners..
Three ingredients you can’t live without: lemon, garlic, salt
Most interesting food fact you know: I'm constantly finding out so much interesting food stuff. Read Global Gastronomy Gal series and you can find out too. 
Signature dish? Chicken wings or lemongrass pork fillets with field mushrooms
Favourite bottle of wine, cocktail or beer? how could I possibly choose my favourite cocktail? Something summery or wintery. Gingery, with gin or vodka or a little bacardi or Grand marnier or limoncello. Lemongrass and passionfruit is always good, and lime is almost essential.

I love food. I love exploring it, learning about it, cooking it, sharing it and of course, eating it. In the words of Remy from Ratatouille, if you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff. It doesn't always work out that way, but I try.

Australian Brews News is Australia's best source for independent beer news, reviews, opinion and commentary. My blog started with just me, but am gradually adding writers in order to provide Australia's best emerging beer writers with a platform to write about beer.  I try to get 1-2 articles up every day. This blog started in January 2010, but it grew out of a personal blog ( that stated in early 2008.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? Ortiga and Scales & Ales
Favourite or most read food blog:
Most interesting food fact you know: The difference in kilojoules between a low carb beer and a "full" carb beer is equivalent to eating two rice crackers.

A wishful pantry was started while I was living in London in 2008 and working as a fine dining sales coordinator which is when I really found food. Before that I never ate seafood because I thought it was too 'smelly' or ever tried anything new. I was BORING. Since then
wishful pantry has been part recipe stash, part restaurant review but through my love of food I've also discovered my love of food photography which I hope will be the main focus of the blog in the future.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? It's not fine dining at all but Shangrila in Sunnybank does, in my opinion, the best yum cha dim sum service in Brisbane.
Most used cook book? The Cook's Illustrated Best 30 Minute Recipe cookbook is my go-to week night recipe book other all of Marcus Wareing's books.
Signature dish? Definitely my Chinese dumplings. My mother taught me how to make them and it's so much fun having a dumpling wrapping party.

Bellygood started in 2008. My good friend Piggyeatalot had been posting her eating adventures on facebook and I decided to start so we could both start food blogging properly. I'm in
Brisbane and Piggy is in Melb, but we blog about the food we love anywhere that we travel. We blog about cafes and restaurants mostly. I also started which is meant to be my general & non-restaurant food blog (cooking etc).
Most used cook book? Spirit House & for sweets - the hummingbird bakery cookbook.
Ultimate dinner party guest? MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) – or Anthony Bourdain
Three ingredients you can’t live without: Butter, lemongrass, basil

I started Black Ladle about a month ago, in early November, but had been thinking about doing it for a lot longer. At this stage, my focus for the blog is on local food. So that means profiling/promoting local producers (cheese, smallgoods, fruit/veg, beer, etc), events, and markets. Highlighting food issues and news that I feel are important and commenting on them is also something I'll continue to do, as well as posting recipes, DIY articles, and restaurant reviews. At this stage it's just me doing the writing, and I try to post new material every couple of days.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant?  Verve. Delicious food, cheap wine, and it's underground.
Signature dish?  Moroccan-style roast goat with a side of eggplant and home-made cheese couscous.
Favourite bottle of wine, cocktail or beer?  A $5 bottle of red, a mojito, and My Wife's Bitter (by Burleigh Brewing Company).

Brisbane Bites is a recently opened food blog that focuses on all things edible in Brisbane. Posts on dining experiences are posted by 'biters' the affectionate name for our blogging team. We currently have 4 Bitters and are always on the look out for more. Brisbane Bites has no limits to what Bloggers can post about other then has to someway relate to food and Brisbane. So far our main focus has been on affordable dining experiences and adventures around town. I started my blog 2010.

Brisbane Devoured was only started a couple of months ago. I am the main contributor to the blog, however my fiance L will assist occasionally as he loves food as much as I do! We are in our late 20s, and love to eat out regularly. Our blog consists of reviews of restaurants as well as some home cooking. L does all the cooking at home and I am just involved in the eating :) I try and add to our blog at least twice a week.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? Bishamon Japanese at Spring Hill
Most Used Cook Book? We have a subscription to Masterchef magazine and would have to say these are the most used out of our collection
Favourite or most read food blog: The Lone Baker (, this woman does AMAZING things with cupcakes
We eat out frequently that is, once everyday, mostly lunch or dinner. We embrace all sorts of different cuisines and we always make the special effort to travel just to eat and try new food and places. Between ourselves, we have dozens of pictures, capturing what we eat and we are really looking forward and enthusiastic about keeping our blog "very well" updated to keep readers in the know of these places too!
Favourite or most read food blog: Lastly, other bloggers i read faithfully are eat drink & be Kerry, Hungry Kittens, Cooking for my love, Rabbit eats Brisbane, Eating my way around Brisbane and Lots of cravings. 
Signature dish: My signature dish is the claypot chicken rice with shitake mushrooms and my partner's is really special Italian spaghheti meatballs with a twist!
 Favourite bottle of wine, cocktail or beer? My favorite wine is Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough New Zealand e.g. Lawsons Dry Hills, i love Taltarni Sparkling and crittenden's pinot noir. My partner's favourite beer is James Squire's Golden Ale.
What does Busog! Sarap! means,  it is compose of two Tagalog words….Busog ~ full from eating and Sarap ~ delicious.In the Philippines there’s an expression when you enjoyed your meal… “Haaaayyy, busog na naman ako sa sarap! (Oh my, am so full because it’s so delicious!)and I just shorten it up and it sounds lively when you say Busog! Sarap!A Fil-Australian Foodie Bloggerista based in Brisbane, Australia.Cusinera is more of an amateur cook and foodie photographer, cookbook reader addict and a crazy perfectionist (will cook a certain recipe over and over till it becomes a “keeper”).Three ingredients you can’t live without:  Garlic, Onions and Tomatoes (Holy Trinity of Filipino Cooking)Favourite or most read food blog:  Market ManilaMost interesting food fact you know:  Banana Leaf is Mother Nature's Non stick cooking sheets.
Degustation is, as the name suggests a little of everything; a smorgasbord of food news, opinion, restaurant reviews and recipes. I started it in June '08 because in my job, I have constant access to lots of food news and information, not all of which I can write up in the paper and it seemed a waste not to put it out there. While it's connected with my employer, The Courier Mail, appearing on it's website, it's a very personal labour of love.
I try to blog at least a couple of times a week, but tend to do so when the inspiration hits me; sometimes that's twice a day, sometimes only once a week.
Three ingredients you can’t live without: sambal oelek, fresh coriander, Lindt 70%
Most interesting food fact you know: The champagne region is smaller than a QLD cattle property yet produces more wine than the whole of Australia.
Signature dish? My chocolate Christimas cake is a family favourite.

Delicieux is written by Jennifer, an IT Manager by day and a vegetarian sweet toothed foodie at heart.  She loves nothing more than watching the Lifestyle Food channel or flicking through a cookbook of food magazine or pottering in the kitchen.  My aim is to show that vegetarian food can be delicious, interesting and not just the domain of tofu loving hippies.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? My favourite would definitely have to be Baguette.  My boyfriend and I live nearby and often walk there for dinner.....or long lunches that turn into dinner.
Most used cook book? I don't actually have a faithful cookbook per se that I turn to.  That's mainly because I am frustrated with most of the vegetarian cookbooks I've found to date as there only seems to be one or two recipes inside that inspire me to cook.  What I use most of all is The Flavour Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg.
Favourite or most read food blog: A difficult choice between The Island of Dr Gateau or Veggie Num Num.  Both are favourites of mine.

Digella Emporium
Closer to 30 than 40, my 'minors' and my puppies keep me busy. Working in Brisbane's CBD in a very high level, strategic, important role (well not really but that's what we all tell each other here). We lunch out at lovely eateries, although some days I do dine aldesko. I do my weekly groceries online, make cakes when I feel down and sometimes stay in my pjs all day. I am easily distracted by pretty things and find myself not being able to blink when i stumble across beautiful blogs. This is a blog of things which inspire, humour or shock me

I love stumbling across new tastes and people with a passion for good food. E,d+bK grew from my desire to share these fabulous food finds, encourage others to try something new and give support to fine foodies. I’ve been writing about food and travel for over 15 years as a freelance writer and editor. You'll see my stories in Jetstar's inflight magazine, The Sunday-Mail and Selector Magazine amongst others or catch my regular food column, Tasty Bits, in bmag every fortnight. In my blog I enjoy the rare freedom of writing in my own voice and following my whims. Bliss. E,d+bK covers dining out around Brisbane and beyond including a serious hunt for the ultimate cupcake with me as chief taster! I blog almost every day, sharing what I’ve been eating and drinking with friends and family.
Strawberry, Mulberry of Raspberry? - Raspberry – preferably in a sugar-crusted, crispy topped muffin 
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? – As long as dessert is an option I’m not fussy. I like food where the natural flavours of the ingredients shine through. Simple, intense tastes and combinations that excite the palate. 
Signature dish? - Cupcakes of course!

EatDrinkBrisbane is run by me, with occasional guest posts from other foodies. My favourite things to blog about are beer, cake, and making fun of my boyfriend, D. I weave personal stories and jokes in posts, so they're not your average reviews.
EDB was born in early 2009, and has grown from a slightly awkward teenager into a rather attractive, sassy young lady. I've also started, and coming soon:, for all you ex-pats living it up in Maple Country.
Most used cook book? The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook.
Favourite or most read food blog: This is a toughie. I read a lot of American food blogs, but my favourite Aussie ones are gastronomygal (of course!), I'm Eating Properly, Mother (, Melanger, and Not Quite Nigella.
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?Breakfast. Oats are not just for the elderly or bowel movement-challenged.

Eatout - Brisbane
Our blog is a companion to our website – which is an online dining guide focused on Brisbane restaurants.  We tailor our content to those interested in dining out in Brisbane – and include restaurant daily specials and seasonal events. Our blog is focused on encouraging and promoting Brisbanes vibrant dining scene. We update our specials and events daily and we blog around once per week. Our main site is a team of 5 – but the blog is strictly my baby!
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? Breakfast!
Three ingredients you can’t live without: Ginger, Lime and Coconut cream
Favourite bottle of wine, cocktail or beer? The classic Margarita

I focus on my own journey through my love of food. I have a creative base as I was trained as a Graphic Designer and managed our graphic design business for 16 years. At the moment I blog once a week.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? My favourite restaurant is Ecco. Great food and casual enough that you could eat there every week. I love a meal that show a love of produce and creativity.
Favourite or most read food blog: (not your own)My favourite food blog is Chocolate & Zucchini
Signature dish? I am very well known for my Brownies

Eye Candy Carousel

Eye candy carousel is written by a curious 20-something student, with a fondness for food, fashion, health and travel. I started posting in May 2010 and after a 6 month break, am back to blogging and loving it!
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? I am terrible at choosing one favourite ANYTHING! I love The Smoke BBQ, Restaurant 2 and Ginga at The Emporium.
Strawberry, Mulberry of Raspberry? Raspberry, and when paired with white chocolate, I die!
Ultimate dinner party guest? Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain for two different and equally interesting perspectives on food!

Food bling, Brisbane focuses on Brisbane restaurants, bars and cafes, along with food & wine events.  I kicked off the blog in November 2007 after being inspired by the poison doughnut  - one of Brisbane's first food blogs.  I'm a coeliac, which poses a few food conundrums at times, but it also means I try to spread the word about places in Brisbane with good gluten free options. Although I love Vietnamese food, I've travelled all over the place, so I'm always keen to try out the newest Afghani/Ethiopian/Peruvian restaurant in Brisbane.  If I have the choice I'll always go to a new restaurant over one I've been to before - there are too many places to eat in Brisbane and not enough time to get to them all.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? Urbane
Ultimate dinner party guest? Natalie Portman
Three ingredients you can’t live without: Free range pork, fish sauce and champagne

My blog is all about ingredients from around the world, where to get them from &  what to do with them. Gadgets too are from all corners of the world and perform little tricks or tasks we are not familiar with - or some of them just look damn spectacular and need to be on display! It’s run by myself (Sally Lynch) and my side kick Teags (Teagan Ford) My passion is interesting ingredients in tins, fresh, dried - love it all and working out what to do with it all.
Most used cook book? At the moment..Martin Boetz, Longrain
Most interesting food fact you know:so many....male pig smells and tastes of urine.
Signature dish? Asian Sticky Pork with cucmber salad

Just me solo on this poor excuse for a blog! I am too forgetful/lazy to update properly, but the story behind the blog is I fondly refer to my stomach as my gulliver, and I like food to get in it! My blog is mostly rants about crap lunch options in south brisbane, and a bit of my baking.  I want to try and be a better blogger in 2011!
Most used cook book? Le Cordon Bleu at Home (only because I'm working me way through it, 2 dishes min per week)
Favourite or most read food blog: (not your own) probably it's a malaysian food blog, am obsessed with malaysia truly asia
Favourite bottle of wine, cocktail or beer? wine: tar and roses pinot gris, cocktail: 5th element used to do this AMAZING sage and maple margarita but they've since discontinued, WHY?!?! still my fave though, beer: hoegaarden

Give me the low down on your blog: greenbeenfood is about eating, drinking, sitting, watching, photo taking.....a blog about food, coffee, wine, things of interest - to me....a positive blog only. I want to remain only positive and I would like to showcase chefs more than just establishment they work for – because they work so bloody hard!
Favourite or most read food blog: (not your own) Sunday Suppers was a blog but now a website
Most interesting food fact you know:  good knowledge of cheese as trained by will studd in Sydney years ago…..can generally pick what sort of cheese is being served & the milk it is made of – love cheese!
Signature dish?  Strozzapreti pasta w slow roasted cherry tomatoes in aged balsamic, torn basil & crumbled Bulgarian fetta

 My blog is generally about the food I eat and cook - I am a vegetarian, my partner is not, so it is mainly focussed on the meals we eat. I started my blog in May 2007. It was not a food blog then, but that is what it has become.
Most used cook book? All of Nigellas cookbooks - loving "Kitchen" at the moment
Most interesting food fact you know: Honey never goes off!
Signature dish? pasta with fresh tomato sauce

We focus on recipes and organic gardening. We blog in spurts and sometimes have cooking challenges (eg The World Cup and Plate) to motive us. The blog has been going for over 5 years.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? Moda
Most used cook book? Spoon
Signature dish? Tagliatelle with ragu

I ate Brisbane is written by a team of three friends, mainly Sarah with Julia and Catherine as very special 'guest stars' :) We have a very broad focus but enjoy writing about the pleasures of good foods, prepared and eaten with joy and thoughtfulness.  Eyecatching photos and a ranting conversational style are our trademarks. ;) We also like to give mad props to local restaurants, markets and providores that are doing an outstanding job here in Brisbane.
Most used cook book?  The Edmond's Cook Book
Ultimate dinner party guest? Julia and Catherine ( the other writers from I ate Brisbane)
Favourite or most read food blog: Bread and Honey and Melanger Baking

A wannabe farmer and cook that has a bit of land and wants to do a bit of everything. I love my wife, my food, my music and my cooking, anyone is always welcome for a feed at my place. 

Little Pot Belly
This all started with creating an album of fabulous food that my better half cooks at home when he’s not slaving away in a hot kitchen, to tease my Facebook friends of my luck in marrying a chef. Somehow, with a big nudge from my sister and a lot of contemplating from my end, it evolved into a blog. I must admit I am not a writer, but food is our everyday. Even though he’s the chef, I love to cook just as much, and we both go hunting for great eats around Brisbane. It’s about time our experiences are documented in some way and shared with fellow foodies.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? Alchemy Restaurant & Bar (new favourite), Azafran Restaurant (all-time favourite) I allowed to name two?  :P
Most used cook book? I take ideas from all my cookbooks, and mix & match similar recipes to my liking.  But I have to say I have accumulated quite a few of Gordon's.
Favourite or most read food blog: Not Quite Nigella
I blog about anything that spells food. I started this food blog when i was in Malaysia, then in Melbourne for a while before my Wife and I settled in Brisbane and i basically do food reviews with the aim to let readers know what to or not to order, where to get good food, where maybe you can avoid and address and contact details too. Having moved to Australia, i have also incorporated recipes too. I try to sneak in a few entries a week depending on how much free time i have.
Ultimate dinner party guest? Got to be group of food blogger friends back in Malaysia
Favourite or most read food blog: Most read food blog has to go to he is a malaysian food blogger who never fails to blog everyday.
Signature dish? A simple steak although i have recently learnt how to make beef cheeks

Mélanger  was launched in 2008 as my personal journal showcasing my obsession with baking.  My baking inspiration revolves around one question. How can such an unassuming set of ingredients, such as flour, sugar, butter and eggs, be transformed to produce such fundamentally different outcomes?  The more I discover, the more I realise how baking is indeed truly special.  My blog provides a way for me to share a favourite recipe, discover a new sweet dish, perfect a fundamental technique of patisserie, or simply celebrate a new season with fellow food obsessed bloggers and readers from around the world.
Most used cook book?  “The secrets of baking” by Sherry Yard for her master recipes
Favourite or most read food blog:
Favourite bottle of wine, cocktail or beer? Perrier-Jouët champagne

Mint Tea and Me
Food enthusiast, coffee maniac, Brisbane student and all-round dabbler. Masterchef 2010 contestant. I write for the Brisbane News. I can also be found stealing tiramisu from the chefs at James St Cooking School. I'm usually found eating, making, talking and writing about food. Often all at the same time.

Miss Morag's Morsels 
The blog is about Miss Morag's relentless search for good food - mostly in her home town of Brisbane. She shares reviews and recipes, but it's also about relishing the experiences along the way. My blog is still a baby blog, began in August 2010.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? Ortiga
Most interesting food fact you know: I can step you through the entire month-long process for making traditional sauerkraut Ultimate dinner party guest? I'd love the chance to cook and eat dinner with my Russian grandma - she loved food and cooking about as much as I did but she passed away when I was quite young, so I never got the chance to properly cook with her or learn the recipes she had in her head.

My' Bitchin' Kitchin
just to give you an idea of who’s bitchin’kitchen this is - my name is holly and i love all aspects of food!  i love the taste, i love preparing it, i love sharing it, i love talking (or typing) about it, i love the social aspect that surrounds it, and i love drinking good wine with it!

When I started my button cake, I had a grand vision that I would blog about a mixed bad of food experiences - baking, cooked meals, restaurants, everything - but it's just naturally become a baking only blog, with very few exceptions. I give baking soundtrack advice, most of the time linking to downloadable tracks, for no other reason than the impact that a good soundtrack can make in all areas of our lives. I love trying gluten free recipes and totally unintentionally wind up focusing on cupcakes, tarts and pies.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? So difficult! Top five, in vague order: Baguette; Les Amis; 1889 Enoteca; The Lab Bar; and soon to be Bistro Bistrot. 
Ultimate dinner party guest? David Berman & Stephen Malkmus. 
Favourite or most read food blog:  mytartelette and bubble & sweet
Julie-ann Allen and Fleur Cole started Paradise to Plate in early 2010 after being shortlisted to My Kitchen Rules.  The audition process required that the girls come up with a number of menus using only Queensland produce.  This exercise highlighted just how diverse and unique Queensland produce is so Julie-ann and Fleur started this blog to chronicle their discoveries.
Ultimate dinner party guest?  Maggie and Stephanie together
Favourite or most read food blog: Eat Drink & Be Kerry
Three ingredients you can’t live without: Maldon Salt, Organic SNOG Garlic and Joseph Olive Oil – first press 

Precinkt features cool places to visit - and these are often cafes and restaurants.  Precinkt aims to help people planning a visit to a small area - highlighting cool places to spend some time from Breakfast, Lunch and thru to Dinner. Precinkt doesn't review (but comments etc will happen in the new version) - just lists the best places to visit in a small area eg Logan Rd Woolloongabba
Favourite Brisbane restaurant: Montrachet
Most used Cook Book: Online Lifestyle Food (Foxtel) channel recipes
Ultimate dinner party guest? Oscar Wilde
Rabbit Eats Brisbane
A cute blog about Rabbit, Big King and Princess and their adventures around Brisbane and beyond.

Give me the low down on your blog: (A short paragraph) IS it just you, or do you have a little team? What are your favourite subjects to blog about? How often do you blog? Do you have a specific focus?
Rhubarb Whine began as a place to share snippets of daily life with my family and friends, all who live scattered around Australia.  Snippets of places I ate in, food experiences indulged, new recipes tried. As I settled into life away from Western Australia, it evolved into a blog that covered home making, renovation progress and more. As I say – I blog about food, wine, with a bit of rhubarb thrown in here and there.
Most used cook book? A hardcover sketch book gifted me years ago. I pasted in my mother’s, grandmother’s, father’s and friends hand written recipes from over the years as well as writing in our own favourites. It’s become the family cooking bible. Heaven help my future daughter in law – she’ll either treasure it or hate it!
Ultimate dinner party guest? One? I have to choose one?  The Dali Lama, Ghandi, Maggie Beer, Manu (oooh)... In reality, probably my grandmother who passed when I was 13. She was truly an AMAZING cook and wish I had known her better to learn from her. One chance at a long dinner with her would be the ultimate.
Signature dish: I was telling hubby about my answers over dinner, and how hard I found the ‘signature dish’ question.  I said I cook so many thing on repeat for people, mostly that dumb  potato salad. He looked at me blankly and said “why didn’t you say your lemon chilli lasagne? It’s totally unique, totally YOU and totally the best thing you ever do.” He’s right, it’s the left of the middle dish I serve to foodies, or the mother in law. It’s been known to be inhaled cold, out of the fridge, in the middle of the night. It’s so unusual and I have made it forever... and didn’t even think of it!
Sensible Spice

I started this blog as a recipe share. I thought everyone cooked what I cooked but when people kept raising their eyebrows and asking me for the same recipes it seems a logical step to stick them on the internet! I blog irregularly when I have tried a recipe a few times and I believe it's worth sharing. I love challenging myself in the kitchen and am lucky to have an enviable cookbook collection. I couldn't live without garlic and could survive on Spaghetti Aglio e Olio alone. Fussy eaters and folks who don't like 'hot' food irritate me.

Small Town Chutney is about knowing the provenance of your food and at what cost it comes to your table. I spend my time exploring the diverse regions of Australia (mostly south east Queensland as I live in Brisbane), visiting local markets and factories and if possible meeting the producers. I blog about my culinary adventures and try to share the story behind food products, so that consumers can make informed and conscious choices. I am the voice & cook  behind Small Town Chutney, my husband helps me with technical issues and is my companion & inspiration on many a blogging adventure. I usually post every 7 - 10 days but have no set schedule.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant?  Primavera Caffe in Corinda for the atmosphere and big breakfast.
Most used cook book? I rarely follow recipes and often find inspiration in SBS cooking shows. When I was a kid I had a big old original Margaret Fulton cookbook that I loved!
Favourite or most read food blog: Not quite Nigella but my favourite reads are personal development blogs.  
Authored by Roy and Liz. With Roy’s obsession with good food and willingness to try anything, who reviews food with appreciation and hunger, and Liz's know how having worked and lived in the food industry for over 10 years, we know what we like and we are willing to get out there to find it.  Our loves include traveling, cooking, eating and getting outdoors to enjoy what the world has to offer both on and off the table. Join us on our travels both near and far on our quest to discover the best food, culture, and room with a view we can find (oh, and whiskey).

My blog is a combination of cooking posts and recipes, and restaurant reviews.  Most of the time the focus is more on the food that I cook. I am interested in learning the origins of my food and I try to use humanely raised meats, local and seasonal ingredients.  I am the main author of the blog but my fiance Julian often helps out with the photography and the technical details.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant?  I really love Thai Chada at Grange - it used to be my local thai restaurant, and the quality is always  excellent.
Favourite or most read food blog: I really love Smitten Kitchen
Signature dish?  Slow-cooked lamb shanks in tomato/red wine sauce.

Tea For Six is mostly a collection of recipes tried and tested and loved by me, Natalie.  I love all things food related and get the opportunity to cook en masse everyday as I have at least 6 around our family dinner table every night with me, my husband and our four little kids. My focus is mostly on good family fare, something the whole family will like.  I love to spend quite a bit of time baking which keeps everyone happy.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant: With four kids in tow I don’t get to eat out as much as I’d like but I think that may have driven me to embrace cooking all the more. When I do get out my husband, Joel, and I are always keen to get to Montrachet Paddington
Favourite Food Blog:The first food blog that truly captured my imagination was Orangette.  Molly Wizenburg’s writing makes me want to cook and devour every single recipe.  Who would have thought pickles would be so enticing!
Favourite Cookbook: When wanting to bake something hearty and warming I tend to go for a Nigella Lawson book.  For fresh, simple dinners I don’t think you can go wrong with any of Bill Granger’s books.  Stephanie Alexander is never far away.

The Bookery Cook
Using art The Bookery Cook Book explores and promotes the tangibles and intangibles of the cooking and eating experience. This art is provided by many talented creatures from across the world – to check out who they are see Artists or visit  The Bookery Cook website. The Bookery Cook likes food… making it, thinking about it, sharing  it, eating it, visually interpreting it. 
I blog mostly recipes I cook (including quite a few experiments) and various other food experiences. My aim is to blog twice a week but this is often a bit sporadic! I started my blog in April 2010 (as Chocolate, Cheese and Chips) and in November 2010 I revamped it, renamed it and re-focused it. 
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? - Restaurant 2 for special occasions, currently Our Haus for casual breakfasts
Ultimate dinner party guest? Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Oprah. All at once.
Favourite bottle of wine, cocktail or beer? gin and tonic with lots of ice and lime on a hot day on the deck. Red wine in winter snuggled on the couch under the blanket.

The Dining Quarter
The beautiful Kassie's musings on all that is food in Brisbane. She lives a 'good food life.'

The Pantry Review
I'm a Brisbane-based lover of food and life. I'm in my mid twenties and try to grab every opportunity life throws at me, because it's too short and too precious. I believe life is about the journey and not the destination. So this blog is a journey. It's about challenging me, with my degrees in Food Science and Nutrition, and more recently Marketing, to examine the food around us everyday- they food we cook, and the food we buy. I aim to look at it from a technical, sensory, commercial, marketing and consumer perspective. I might not always be entertaining, but I hope we often learn and examine the world of food together. In 2011 I endeavor to focus a little less on the recipe side of blogging and a little more on the food science and review of new food products that hit the shelves of supermarkets and delis around town and the world. Food science, or food technology is a little-known and slightly dying profession, but it is thoroughly interesting and so easy to understand for anyone that cooks or bakes on a regular basis.

The poison doughnut 
Believed to be one of Brisbane's first food blogs. Kitchen, couch and beyond.

The Supertaster

IT Business Owner by day. Food and Drink obsessive always. Eating, drinking and cooking in Brisbane, Australia and beyond. 

Cathy Costello writes about her food experiences. David writes Go Fossicking for the Courier Mail - a little column published in CM2 each Friday.  We spend our time travelling around finding new cheese, chutneys, olive oil, olives, and gourmet delights.  We know all the good delis in Brisbane - the south-east suburbs have many of our favourites like Feast on Fruit and Thynne Rd Deli at Morningside. We also love cafes and restaurants and our faves at the moment are Egg Bistro at East Brisbane and Pearl Cafe at Woolloongabba. We spend our holidays in foodie regions such as the Huon Valley down in Tassie, the Mornington Peninsula, the Clare Valley, the stilton region of England and Hanoi, with its amazing markets. We also post recipes of basic but yummy things.

Just me, see my wine specialities on my website which supports my blog. I blog three times a week, down to two, depends on events; write authoritatively on world wine events; brands, book reviews, restaurant standards, wine matching.
Favourite Brisbane Restaurant? Several (international-ecco, Rest 2, Euro); suburban Azafran; French C’est Bon, Italian Mario’s; Pizza Beccofino
Most used cook book? my own, 30 year compilation
Ultimate dinner party guest? Madame Bize-Leroy

winos and foodies
I began blogging in January 2005 and it's just me. I cover food (restaurants and recipes), wine and travel.  Ideally I like to blog twice a week.  I don't focus a great deal on travel but when I do they are the posts I enjoy the most.  This year I've concentrated more on improving my photography. I particular enjoy photographic essays.
Ultimate dinner party guest?I would love to have dined with MFK Fisher. In fact I almost did. We corresponded for several years before her death. I had arranged to visit her in Sonoma county on a planned visit to the US in December 1992. She sadly died in June that year.
Favourite or most read food blog:  userealbutter - Jen has a balanced mix of food and photography, I trust her recipes (they always work), and she has  helped me improve my photography by kindly  sharing her knowledge of photography with me.
Most interesting food fact you know:"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man," said Albert Einstein.

If you are a QLD Food Blogger and wish to be included- please let me know.
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