Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Floods of 2011 part 2

I am so sorry for all the people who have lost loved ones and homes. My heart bleeds for you. Personally, I am ok. Very lucky. The water came less than a metre from our kitchen and living room and downstairs (the ground floor- not my apartment) was dessimated. Our cut power (even though a battery operated or solar operated fan would be nice... do you know where to get one?), and chaotic moving of furniture seems very minimal in comparison. We were cut off - so sat in our bedroom and watched the boats float by.

Helping some friends evacuate and then clean their businesses was absolutely heartbreaking, and backbreaking. Seeing people's lives piled in muddy, stinking heaps on their front lawn with army trucks driving by is like something you should be seeing on the 6 o clock news- you know, somewhere far away from here. Somehow my body responds with goosebumps even though I am standing in almost 40 degree heat and the sunstroke is setting in. Tears well but I realise that tears can do no good. So, I grab a rag and start wiping clean paper. At least I think it's paper, until slowly the mud subsides and smiling faces start to appear. A photo- a stabbing reminder that this is real, and the people staring back at me, own this life.

The spirit of people has been unbelievable- so much genuine kindness. Hopefully this spirit lives on. Goosebumps reappear when driving past and reading signs on businesses and houses - ''Thank you Brisbane""You have kept us going". It's going to take a long time to rebuild the lives of those that have been washed away, but it is going to happen.

G.G. still has no power- and won't for a little while to come, so will be back online when I do. There are lots of restaurants that have been affected- so will looking to help them out in anyway possible in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, I'm going to be helping out cleaning, and hopefully will be able to do some more baking to contribute to bakedrelief.

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Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Glad that you're a-ok! It definately is such heartbreaking stuff to witness but so encouraging seeing everyone chip in to help with the aftermath. Take care GG!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Glad to hear you and your home are okay. Keep your spirits high and look out for those less fortunate. We all pull through things with the support of one another <3

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Thoughts are with you! Well done for helping out - every bit counts

The InTolerant Chef said...

Hope you're back online soon, glad you're OK though. My family on the sunshine coast were cut off from their place for days and my sisters work has suffered lots of damage too. We are praying for you all, and love and support all the efforts to get back on track. We are even planning a holiday to Queensland soon as they need tourists and their money, so you'd better get ready Brisbane! Here we come!

Rabbit Sim said...

Good to hear you are OK. The flood coverage on TV is heart breaking as it is, I can't imagine seeing and experiencing it real-life. I hope a list of affected businesses will be available somewhere so the patrons can do our bit to help.

Anna Johnston said...

So pleased YOU are OK Lovely, been thinking of you & all your going through up there, glad your getting through it all OK. Take care.

SOL's view said...

So good to know that you are alright. Personally, I don't know of anyone I know well who was affected. Most seem to have just missed it.

Stay well.

Not Quite Nigella said...

So glad to hear that you're ok GG. Its such a sad situation :(

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