Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Pressies & Hamper Ideas

One of my very stylish friends, Digella, always talks about how important beautifully wrapped gifts are. She is SO right! Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon/evening wrapping pressies for all my fam and all C's fam. They didn't turn out as beautifully as I'd have hoped- but they are simple, which was what I was after. 

Wrapping was actually lots of fun, even though C got a bit sick of Neil Diamond Christmas Album being on repeat. For occasions such as this, I think I am going to request a number of Christmas Albums for Christmas this year, so I can compile a Christmas carol super list, this will probably drive C insane/ spell the end of our relationship! (Just Kidding!) Thought I would pop a photo in so you can see what vibe I was going for.

I also decided to wrap the box/hamper I am giving C's family for Christmas. Speaking of hampers,  I have had major difficulties getting any inspiration for Christmas lunch (as previously discussed- feel free to give me your deets), but luckily I have already got the pressie side of things sorted. 

I know there are heaps of places around that offer pre-made hampers, but I like to carefully select each ingredient knowing that they will be used. When I buy the ones that are already put together, I know there are jars of random stuff that will sit at the back of the cupboard!!

I visited Black Pearl Epicure and got most of the ingredients there, as well as a lovely rich fruit cake ($34.5) from the Gourmet Gallery who I visit at the Noosa Farmer's markets. The rest of the additions aren't necessarily the most gourmet items, but I know they will come in handy over the Christmas period when C's Mum and Dad have lots of family visiting.

I included Bellata Gold fettuccine, Simon Johnson organic ketchup, Murray River salt flakes, Hank's Cherry Seeded Mustard and Ginger Chutney 4 Ham, Rinaldi Orange Blossom Honey - roasted Almond Nougat, Herbies Spices Chermoula spice mix - complete with recipe from the lovely Emma, Maggie Beer's Seville Marmalade, Gwydir Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nobili Sapori 6 year old Balsamic Vinegar and J Friend and Co NZ Artisian Honey- Beechwood Honeydew. All this cost about $110. Super happy to have all the shopping for C's fam done in one hit, and even happier knowing the hamper is customised towards them.

Now, all that is left to do is plan my Christmas menu. Argh- I'm starting to stress a little bit- it's never been this late in December before, without me having some kind of idea of at least the theme! Off I go to spend the rest of the day reading old Christmas versions of Gourmet Trav and Delicious!

So.. I know I already asked this last week- but if you didn't contribute, please tell me... WHAT ARE YOU HAVING FOR CHRISTMAS LUNCH!!?!?

Black Pearl Epicure
36 Baxter Street
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
07 3257 2144 

Gourmet Gallery 
Noosa Farmer's Markets 
Every Sunday morning

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Leah said...

That hamper looks/sounds amazing! I'm in charge of Christmas Eve dinner, so I'm doing a glazed ham, roasted vegetables and a green salad. If I'm feeling particularly ambitious, and have time, I might even attempt homemade dinner rolls. I really need to get organised though - need to order my ham and work out what glaze I'll do.

chocolatesuze said...

nice hamper! im thinking tacos with pulled pork mainly because i can shove the pork in the oven over low heat, have a drink or two and come back after a couple of hours :D

Digella said...

Oh GG! Thanks for the shout.

And you are right. Beautifully wrapped presents are THE BEST.

I love your wrapping theme. Perfecto!
Christmas day lunch = not sure of all details as yet, will know more after Christmas Food Tour tomorrow.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I love putting together hampers! Although mine have been on a much smaller scale than yours, and for occasions such as friends first moving out of home, baby showers, etc. Good to see you've skipped the usually woven basket presentation - seriously, what are people meant to do with those once the hamper is emptied?!

Alibongo said...

the presents look great!! FOr Christmas lunch, we are having - ham & chicken which My parents are bringing, salads that my Aunt is bringing, a vegetarian tart of some sort that I have yet to decide on, and for dessert - mini christmas puddings, homemade vanilla icecream and berries.

The InTolerant Chef said...

As it's just the 4 of us, I keep it simple and only cook : slow roast pork belly with awesome crackling and apple sauce, garlic studded roast leg of lamb with mint jelly,rosemary and lemon roasted chicken and gluten free gravy,a 6kg smoked ham with spicy plum sauce, roast potatoes pumpkin and parsnip in duck fat, potato dauphine as well, 3 colour carrots(already ordered, in purple, lemon coloured and little round orange ones), peas and beans with parsley butter, gluten free Christmas cake, frozen berry eton mess, and some sparling wine. Thankgoodness I have a double oven, and thank goodness it's only the 4 of us!!

Ladybird said...

Oh what lovely wrapping!

I am hoping to make a mushroom and pumpkin wellington (yep, a vego take on a classic!)

Ally said...

I also do hampers for people!! I'm waiting for the year when I don't give it away, and keep it for myself. Nom nom nom.

Emma @CakeMistress said...

Great hamper! Foodies always know how to put together the best and most useful hampers for Christmas.
I have no idea what's happening for Christmas lunch. No doubt there'll be lots of very un-Christmasy pasta.

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