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Eurovida Paddington Review

There are so many eateries popping up in Brisbane, it's almost impossible to keep track. As a food blogger, this is obviously awesome as the food scene is exploding, but it also means there are more places to eat at than I can afford or manage.

When C wanted to head out for breakfast on Sunday morning he suggested an old favourite. I had to protest, I had been meaning to go to Wolloongabba to have brekky for some time, but after jumping on a couple of websites, it became apparent, the places I had been stalking weren't open. What a shame.

I still wasn't content with going somewhere familiar, and decided to head up the road to Given Terrace and try out the not-so-new, but as yet unvisited by G.G., Eurovida. Eurovida opened earlier in the year. Much earlier in the year. Could actually be more correct to say the start of the year. This place is very local for me, so it's actually a bit of a disgrace that I haven't made the effort to go and check it out before now. It's always good to support good local places, because if you don't, they can disappear before you get the chance.

Eurovida sits in a row next to some other pretty well known eateries, so they are competing with some really well established places. Granted, they didn't have the same lines as the ever popular Anouk, just up the road, but they definitely had some 'bums on seats.' We were seated straight away, in the breezy, quite lovely front courtyard area which has a busy but nice vibe.

The menu had a good array of options, and I ended up going with the Eurovida fill me up'  ($18.5) not because I was particularly hungry, but the big breakfast option often gives a good indication of the style of a place. That, and I wanted the hand cut wood smoked bacon. The breakfast specials really took C's fancy and he had trouble choosing between the 'bean bag' or the salmon. I suspect it was the tortilla wrap that he couldn't resist and ended up going with the bean bag option at $16. It was also nice to see they had some fresh special juices available like apple and kiwi for something a little different.

After our cranberry juice ($3.5) and C's usual flat white ($3.5) arrive, it didn't take long for our brekky's to follow suit.

Piled high, my 'Fill me up' contained two poached eggs, hand cut wood smoked bacon, parillero sausage, mushrooms, potato and pecorino cake, house made tomato relish and sourdough toast. Definitely not a light option. Biting into the hand cut bacon was unbelievable. The thickness of the cut was seriously credible and there was a fairly generous portion on my plate. The bacon could have been crispier, i.e. it was a little undercooked and still in the soggy phase, but the flavour was really good. Slicing my knife into one of the eggs resulted in a beautiful yolky pool on my toast- cooked to perfection.  The housemade tomato relish was complex and complimented the spicy sausage well. Sadly, the pecorino and potato cake had plenty of promise, but instead was rather bland with an unpleasing grainy texture.  Really disappointed because this could have been the new couture version of a hash brown. The spinach and dressing was a pleasant touch. 

I know this is totally bogan of me, and maybe it's because Gran used to always cook me eggs with homemade soft bread, but I just don't love the whole sourdough or ciabatta phase- I want something soft for my eggs to sit on. What are your thoughts? I say this, because I often find it too hard to put eggs on a harder bread and still enjoy. Moving right along......

There was far too much on the plate for me to finish, so 'Fill me up' really was an apt name. C managed to snag half the sausage, a bit of the potato cake, a little bit of bacon and an egg- so in effect, he also had a mini version of this dish too, as well as the bean bag.

Bean Bag. What an odd name for a breakfast item. Super impressed that Eurovida had breakfast specials. Not enough places do, and these sounded inventive and interesting, not just the run of the mill, 'we need to get rid of some eggs so make some scrambled eggs' type of deal. The 'beanbag was described as a tomato, bean and chorizo encased in a tortilla case, topped with sour cream, avocado and a little salsa. When it arrived, I was immediately jealous, knowing I should have also ordered the bean bag. Damn menu envy. Camb took one bite and was very smug. 

The rich tomato filling worked really well with the chorizo, the whole thing was quite mouth popping. The beans managed to ensure the dish still had a breakfasty element, and wasn't too overpowering for 9 a.m. on a Sunday. The topping were fresh and appreciated, finishing the dish perfectly. All in all, it was a damn good breakfast version of a chorizo burrito. 

Throughout the meal, service was prompt, polished and professional. When I was checking through the other menus, I realised that Eurovida also does lunch and dinner on some nights, and has a cocktail list and wine list that look tempting. The lunch and dinner options are very reasonable with nothing over $25. 

Eurovida has a great spot nestled between the boutiques and other restaurants on Given Tce. Our brekky was good, more reasonably priced than others around and  we were served some simple, rusitic, fresh fare. We were in and out without any waiting in line drama, but I suspect that won't be for long, especially if they keep serving their brill brekky bean bag!

When to go: On a sunny Sunday morning, or when you are shopping up a storm and need a little lunch break.

So tell me readers: What sort of bread would you prefer with your soft poached eggs?

1/208 Given Terrace
Paddington QLD 4064

07 3367 8816

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Leah said...

I'm with you - I like a softer bread with my eggs, just lightly toasted. I really think sourdough and ciabatta is overdone and overrated. See you tonight?

SOL's view said...

Oh yes! Soft toast with my eggs please! But then, I also like soft bacon....

That bean bag looks absolutely to die for!

Sally said...

Bean bag! Tomorrow - I'm there! Love mex inspired meals. Dont eat eggs though, so I can comment on the bread, but my partner in crime loves vegemite on toast with his!

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