Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sails Restaurant Redcliffe

A couple of posts ago when I whinged about all my friends leaving Brisbane, what I didn't mention is that one of my good childhood friends, B, has recently moved to Redcliffe - which is only half an hour from Brisbane. His girlfriend is also moving up in a couple of weeks, so it is nice to see that he is bringing recruits! At this rate, I'm confident that we can have a whole new posse in time for the beautiful QLD summer.

B decided to move to Redcliffe for a job opportunity and has been loving the laid back lifestyle. He was living in Bondi and is now enjoying having a more calm existence. I must admit, I have been slack and have only been to Redcliffe once to see him, but will try and get back more often. He is living right on Marine Parade in a great unit that overlooks the beach. A couple of Saturdays ago when I visited, we decided to mosy on over to Sails Restaurant to sit and enjoy the sun, whilst grabbing a bite to eat.

From my observations, Sails seems to be a very popular spot. The restaurant was almost full when we arrived at 12:00 noon. It seems they also have a venue that is used for weddings, because there was a bridal party being photographed and signs pointing to their reception which was on the other side of the venue.

The restaurant sits right on Sutton's Beach and on this particular Saturday the water was really calm and looked blue and gorgeous. We chose to sit outside but in the shade, don't want my albino skin burning!!

We were seated and the waitress promptly took our order for drinks. I decided on a lemonade and lime even though I would have preferred a nice glass of wine. But... I did have the drive home to consider and one glass of wine makes me really sleepy! B had a cappucino.

Unfortunately the waitress messed up our order, with the lemonade arriving about ten minutes before the cappucino. They also brought the wrong drinks to our table and were a little flustered when we said we had not ordered a glass of wine and a beer.

This gave B and I ample opportunity to peruse the lunch menu, with B choosing the crispy tempura fish with thick cut chips and salad for $24.5 while I went with the crispy salt and pepper calamari with crunchy iceberg lettuce, aioli and chilli soy dressing for $16.9.

It took a reasonable amount of time before our meals arrived, but the place was packed, so I do believe it is fair to allow for a little extra time if the establishment is extra busy.

My crispy calamari was placed in front of me and looked impressive, served in a bamboo steamer basket. Chomping into the calarmari revealed that the batter was crunchy but lacked flavour. The calarmari itself was tender enough, but the amount there, was quite small for the price. As time went on, my mouth started to feel really parched and I resorted to drinking the whole bottle of water. The soy chilli dressing was a nice touch, but the aioli was sadly also lacking in flavour.

B's small piece of fish was well cooked, but the batter to me looked like general batter and was not light and crispy as tempura should be. The chips were good, potatoey and fluffy on the inside, and as the description noted very thick cut. The salad however, was very uninspired and unimpressive. I'm also not sure that this dish is worth the $24.5 price tag.

After clearing the table, the waitstaff were happy to let us sit and chat for an extra half an hour without bothering us at all. In fact, we ended up asking for the bill after we felt it was probably time to go.

I feel very conflicted about my visit to Sails. I can see the potential for a great waterfront venue but think that the food needs to be taken to another level to justify charging the current prices. Don't get me wrong, I don't think $17 and $25 are expensive prices to pay if the value is there, but something was missing. It's clear that someone has put some effort into the menu and I think the restaurant could really benefit from a bit of oomph in terms of flavour. The service was friendly enough and the view is lovely- it a really lovely place to sit on a lazy summer Saturday for a drink and lunch.

When to go: When you are in Redcliffe, on a sunny day, when you want to sit by the beach and be lazy.

Tell me readers, have any of you had friends move back?

Sails Restaurant and Function Centre Redcliffe
Sutton's Beach Parkland
Marine Parade Redcliffe
07 3284 3320

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Digella said...

You + Me = dining sometime soon.

I am always available to partner up to eat.


The InTolerant Chef said...

I agree, i don't think the size of the meal warranted the price tag either.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

For around $25 for fish and chips, I want them to be like those served by Ripples Sydney Wharf at Pyrmont! And I agree, it's not just about the pricetag - there has to be equivalent value associated as well.

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