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Sugo Mi- Bulimba

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have been eating a lot of pizza lately. However I can't even pretend that I was disappointed when one of my PIEs (Partners in eating) DiR invited me to her birthday dinner at Sugo Mi in Bulimba. (Still no photos sorry- they were deleted by accident~!)

I rarely go to Bulimba and this was a much needed kick to get my butt over the other side of the river to try out their pizza offerings. I might mention that DiR is Italian so she is pretty picky about her pizza and went to Sugo Mi on a recommendation from a work mate.

I arrived at the venue after a doozy of a cab ride, but that's another story. The al fresco dining area was pretty full and the place oozed simplicity- which is always good in a Pizza restaurant. DiR and LMc had already arrived and bless their little hearts, they had a glass of red waiting for me already- they know me too well. The wine list was a little longer than most Pizza places. LMc went for a bottle of Rymill's MC2 Cab Merlot- which was a peppery South Australian wine. It was a shame to see only one option for Italian red although the homeland options were quite good.

I was in the mood for Pizza and luckily so was DiR. LMc had other ideas as she had already spied a risotto that had her drooling.

DiR and I decided on one bianca and one rosso pizza - a Palermo and a Patate. DiR's first choice was the Termolese but LMc isn't a fan of anchovies, so we had to go with the Palermo. As you can see there is a bit of a theme to the pizzas I have been ordering. Usually I am more adventurous but I tried to order similar pizzas to those on offer at Beccofino and Il Posto for a fair assessment.

The service was pretty unobtrusive and smooth all night- both wait staff that attended to our table were polite. As a starter the girls ordered one serving of Bruschetta at $8.9. The topping was finely chopped and served on thin pieces of bread. I'm pretty picky about my bruschetta and this really didn't live up to my standard. I like generous servings of tomatoes on thick pieces of crusty bread. This version could have used more salt and pepper, nicer tomatoes and less red onion. I don't even know why people insist on using red onion in Bruschetta- olive oil, tomato, basil and salt are perfect enough without- but if you like to use it, please don't let it overpower every other ingredient- it should be an addition, not the main attraction. Rant over.

Next LMc's roast pumpkin risotto with rosemary, pinenuts, spinach and honey cream ($23.9), arrived very shortly before our pizza. LMc and DiR loved loved loved the risotto, and even I, a risotto skeptic, thought it was good. The grains were aldente and the fusion of flavours worked well. LMc isn't the most adventurous eater but this was simple and satisfying.

The patate pizza @$22.95 was the bianco pizza (without tomato or sugo on the base) topped with potato, pancetta, mozzarella, rosemary and parmigiano reggiano. The pizza arrived on a wood pizza chopping board with a pizza cutter. I liked this little quirk as it meant you could cut slices as big or small as you like. The pizzas were not the typical round shape but more a rustic oval and looked quite good upon arrival. Unfortunately, biting into the patate pizza revealed a lack of flavour and a doughy base, not dissimilar to naan bread. Potato pizzas always do have the potential to be boring and this one screamed plain jane. I was sad, as this is a great pizza if done well.

The rosso (with sugo or tomato base) was last to arrive. Luckily it wasn't least. The sugo, which one would assume is good, seeing as though the joint is named after it, was good. Really good. Very sweet with a great deep smoky tomatoey flavour. The proscuitto was silky and although the leg ham was a little thinly sliced for my rustic taste, the flavours were all there. The one problem with this pizza was the base. It was again, naan esque- soft and squishy. Had it been crispy, this pizza would have been A+ instead of A-.

The prices for pizza are a little more pricey than other similar places, though perhaps a little larger too. They range from $18.9 to $24.9 and have a gluten free base option available for +$3.

Sugo Mi offers a good range of simple Italian dishes. For me, the bases didn't quite nail it, and whilst I wouldn't bother with ordering a bianco pizza again, I would go back for the sugo. The service is faultless and the setting is simple yet pleasurable. Sugo Mi is obviously of a different calibre to any chain styled venues, including those that claim their pizzas don't taste like the cardboard box they come in. They have an understanding of the ingredients, it's just a shame the bases are doughy and the bianco pizzas boring.

When to go: On a Thursday night after boutique hopping at Bulimba, before popping across the road to Riverbend books to check out the latest Cook Book Selection.

Tell me readers, do you like your pizza bases crispy too?

Sugo Mi
3/190 Oxford Street
07 3395 6327
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Tracy (ruddygood) said...

*sigh* Got all nostalgic for Bulimba then - I lived right around the corner, and worked the cafe scene myself for quite a few years. Riverbend an old favourite haunt of mine from its inception, and from the sounds of it Sugo Mi would be a new favourite. ;)

Love your descriptions and reviews - I have such a clear and sensory experience of your visit from your writing. Craving (exemplary!) pizza now! :)

Digella said...

I feel about the same about Sugo-Mi. And the area is nice and it is always good to see the other side of town.

Yes I am a fan of the crispy base and I know this may come out sounding of poor taste... however for a quick pizza base which my children can make at a moments notice, we use two flour tortillas sandwiched together with some MilLel Pizza Cheese. Just top and cook. Their fave pizzas are potato and bacon or tomato, basil, mushroom and chicken. I can not explain why they like those two combos. They just do. A chef told my oldest this trick when he was around six years old and he has been making his own pizzas since then. They are crispy and yum. Anything to get childen in the kitchen I say!

The InTolerant Chef said...

How can anyone not be a fan of anchovies? Unfortunately as I have to have gluten free pizza bases, I'm just grateful if the restraunt has them and will eat them however they come.

mangocheeks said...

I have not heard of either of the pizza places you mention, but I must say that I do like my pizza crust thin and crispy. If its doughy...I won't go back.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I like my potato pizzas thin and crispy to hold up to the potato. Then again, I generally like my pizza bases thin anyway but not to the point where they become a great big biscuit!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Absolutely! I love a really thin, crispy base. The sugo sounds delicious (and I always try and order a dish if a place is named after it figuring that it must be good).

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