Friday, July 16, 2010

What about me? As in you. Not me.

So many of you have been listening to me blah on about myself for nearly a year now. For that, I thank you. Sometimes I'm not sure why you do. It can't be easy - especially when you probably want to reach through the screen and smack me for spelling Lavender wrong (a couple of posts ago) or if I'm having a particularly whingey week. I'm grateful for you putting up with me and my bad grammar.

I know it's my blog, so the whole idea if for me to write/rant and for you to read- but it's not usually how I roll. I feel like you are really getting to know me, and I'd like the chance to get to know you a bit better too. No one wants to be the selfish one sided friend. Eveyone knows friendships like that can get a little tiresome and leave you thinking 'What about me?'

A few of you leave comments, but for every one that does - according to Google Analytics, there are about 150 that don't. Plus I feel super special that I have International readers (Hi, - Hiya, Haai, Bonjour, Hola, 你好, hoi, γεια σου, sawa dee-ka, ciao, out there- yes you- I can see you out there, but I'm not sure many of you leave comments. I've even found out that some of my real life friends are readers but have never told me! M.E nee M.D I'm directing this one specifically to you.

For those of you who have your own blog, I probably feel I know you a little better through reading your own adventures - but still I want to know more. I'm a people person. I'm interested in people and that means you. I'm interested in why you read my blog, where you live, what food you like. I want to know about your hidden talents, what you would change your name to if you had the chance, who would star in a movie about your life, your favourite food memory, your favourite type of food, your favourite drink.

So readers.. I'm opening the floor to you. I want you to comment and tell me all about yourselves. Take as much time and space as you need. You can write anything your little heart desires. I may even start featuring readers so we can start to build more of a community! Here's your chance to stop humming 'What about me' and Start belting out- 'Eyes on me, This is my show' (ok so that is a really tacky Britney song that you probably don't know) but you get my point.

I'm sick of talking about myself.. time to hear from you!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog for a while now and find it very informative, especially given i used to live in Brisbane. My favourite food indulgences are - anything from China Town, blue slush puppies, cocktails (i will count that as food due to the fruit content) and crumbed lamb cutlets (basic but so so good). When it comes to food i have no hidden talents, in fact i barely have any talent, but love to eat quality produce and occassionaly pretend im a masterchef (often resulting in injury). I did mention to make a mars bar slice last night without injury or failure and i am very proud of that!

M.E nee M.D said...

I promised you a comment and it seems only fitting that my first one be on account of my special mention... But I have very little to tell you. Perhaps we can have a munch together at the Annual Porchetta Day? x

Anonymous said...

My eyes are delighted! Great Blogging set up. I think i've just jumped on the Gastronomy Gal Band Wagon..
1st-ly: So glad I/we finally got to dine (all be it not home made) with you last night. I found your taste bud honesty to be inspiring. And the general catch up. Dont bother with the "It's ok's" just if its not good, its not good! We cant be wasting away on bad food.
My food indulgencies: Cooking for people makes me happy! Sourcing good quality fresh produce to put a smile on my home diners face is pricless! Luckily my live-in diner (JA) eats anything so im free to cook, trial and error!
Favorite home eats.. My Nans hearty cook ups of stews and bakes! Cinnimon baked apples with home made brandy custard FAV!!

Bel said...

Hi there GG! I've been following your blog just for a few months now, ever since I moved to Brisbane. I love getting out and about exploring different suburbs, especially on the hunt for great breakfast places.
It was sad to leave my favourite haunts back at home, but it's been a bit of an adventure getting out to find new favourites here in Brissie.
I love to go to places that have a funky, laid back atmosphere where you are served up good quality simple food. I'm yet to find a Greek restaurant to rival the fav back home, but have come across some great Asian places, with a bunch on my list to try.

Your blog (plus a few others) have been great help in pointing me in the right direction on my food voyage. Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I usually don't comment as I'm not the sharing type! I'm interested in what others think and have to say but as for me, well boring or don't have the time to share. Love cooking and getting out in Brisbane (live on the outskirts with my family of older teenages). Your blog is entertaining and I do like to read reviews especially about Brissy.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hi GG! A nice post and I feel the same way about my readers too. I love to learn more about them. As for me, well I'm sure you'reprobably sick of reading about me so I won't go into that! :P

Ladybird said...

Ermm.. who.. me??? Hi there GG.. I am a fellow food blogger and I follow your blog.

I have been living in Sydney for about 2 years now. But I guess what you probably don't know about me is that I'm originally from Brisbane! Yup, that's right :)

You know, I wish I could meet more of my food bloggers in person.. wha fun it would be! So if you're ever in Sydney drop me a line :D

Gastronomy Gal said...

Thanks so much to all of you for sharing so far! Can't wait to read about all my readers.

Linda V said...

Hi, I'm Linda from Bubble and Sweet blog. I live in Brisbane as well, on the southside. I always love reading about other bloggers in Brisbane. Really I just love reading about and looking at food. Oh and I'm going to the Brisbane Hilton Masterclass next weekend, any of you going?

beeso said...

GG love reading the blog and i find that other writers tend to comment more.

chocolatesuze said...

hi! im chocolatesuze from sydney. im a gemini and love long walks on the beach... hahaha i love reading your blog because it's conversational style and not just plain reviews

rhubarbwhine said...

I pretty much put myself 'out there' on my blog, so I dare not bore you here! (BUt letting you know I read you, all the same) xx

eye candy carousel said...

Hey GG :) I love reading your blog because you are a Brisbane girl like me and you seem to have an appreciation for good food and the fun of eating out with friends. I enjoy your reviews of cafes and restaurants around Bris, always gives me new ideas of where to go next!! I also appreciate your honesty and willingness to give your true opinion on service and quality. Keep it up and hope to meet you at the next Brisbane bloggers meet-up! xo Amanda

The InTolerant Chef said...

Hello ladies, I have my own blog where I love to explore gluten and lactose free recipes. I am an actual chef, and that can be challenging with allergies, but I beleive you shouldn't be afraid of food-just make food you love and that will love you back. I would love to open a cafe where anyone can come in and eat, regardless of allergies, there will be food for all! It's really not that hard once you get started.
I love to watch Master Chef, and get really carried away and yell at the TV. My daughter littej, likes to crititise my food a-la Matt Preston. Food is fun, and should never be taken too seriously!

Steph@littlepotbelly said...

Hi there! Well, I'm Steph from Little Pot Belly and I'm a fellow Brisbane blogger (as you probably already know). We are a rare breed here in Brissie, so we gotta stick together! :) I'm originally from Hong Kong but have lived here most of my I'm not so Asian when it comes to cooking/eating. My in-laws are amazed that I can go without eating a grain of rice for weeks!! Haha. I prefer pasta any day.

I only just started blogging this year and it's been great joining this ever growing community. I'm always on the look out for those with a SLR around their necks :D

Leah said...

Hi GG. Yours was one of the first Brisbane blogs I started reading and I love your candid reviews. I think you have a really distinct "voice".
As for me, I've been blogging now for about 8 months, and some days I just don't have the energy - I don't know how you manage to blog so regularly! Something you may not know about me - by day I'm actually a lawyer. If masterchef is anything to go by, I'm not the only lawyer seeking a creative outlet in cooking!

Digella said...

You know I love your blog!
Digella xox

baranovic said...

aye, i have just stumbled upon your blog tonight, and its damn entertaining. It's really honest and down to earth. Loved your excited for manor yum-cha and also blue smoke bbq! Keep on bloggin!

fizzleout said...

Hi I just stumbled across your blog also while looking for Brisbane food bloggers. Bookmarking for sure to check back and find some new places that we need to eat!

Would also love to hear about any Brisbane food blogger events (although my blog is not strictly food...) as the last one you posted about sounded fantastic!

I too am not any kind of expert in regards to food, all I know is that I love to cook and love to eat! :)


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