Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tour de Food

As I mention in the 'about me' section in this blog- I have been feeling very French of late, so I was delighted when Barb from Winos and Foodies proposed a group Food Blogger Project with French Food as the main feature.

So this was the mission she proposed to us. Every day a different blogger posts a recipe and foodstories about whatever region in France they have been assigned. If you are bit of a sports fan, or have turned on the news in the last couple weeks you will know that the Tour de France is about to start.. a coincidence... I think not! The regions we have been assigned correspond with the Tour de France, so you can watch the race AND cook French food too! Woo.

Some really talented people will be posting (some whose photographs are absolutely gorgeous (unlike mine) so be sure to check out Barb from Winos and Foodies lovely blog for more details.

My post is due next Saturday 10th July and I am covering the regions between the Tournus and Station des Rousses, which, all you Francophiles will know, is in Burgundy. Obviously I'm biased but pretty sure I scored the best region and I know some cool Frenchies at work who have helped me out with recipes !! So hopefully I can cook something amazing for all you guys to see!

Tell me... What is your favourite French dish?

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Barbara said...

I'm really pleased to have you onboard Eliza. Looking forward to your post on Burgundy food.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Oh dear, to choose a favourite French dish! If I'm in a seafood mood then I find it hard to go past bouillabaisse. If I feel like meat then a simple steak frites will do. And dessert, well my heart has a definite soft spot for souffle!

Reena. Coconut Raita said...

It would have to be a coarse rustic pate for me with maybe some cheese and wine on the side! Looking forward to reading your post.

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Sounds like a great event! Hmmm for me it has to be a pastry. A St Honore or a Religeuse! :)

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