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Monty's Chocolates Paddington

I love spending weekend days lazing around. Sometimes I will travel afar to find new and exotic places to eat, but other times it pays to spend some time a little closer to home wandering around your own neighbourhood, discovering places that are easily missed if you just pass on by.

Monty's chocolates is located in paddington, nestled in between a few gorgeous little shops on La Trobe Terrace. The most famous resident of the strip is the Paddington Antique Centre.

You will already know that I LOVE CHOCOLATE SHOPS. Something you may not know, however, is the fact that I am .... bom bom.... LACTOSE INTOLERANT. Yep that's right. Dairy and me should not be. I've known this basically since I was tiny- I haven't eaten ice cream since I was about 10 and even the smell makes me sick. Under no circumstances will you catch me chomping down a milky iced treat. I don't drink any milk by itself, and rarely eat yoghurt of any sort. Cream isn't great, but is ok when it is diluted or in small quantities. Cheese and chocolate are my real weaknesses because I love them soo much.

Luckily they don't induce the same severe symptoms that ice cream eating does! Does anyone know why this is? Or do any of you have weird food intolerances?? Don't get me wrong, I still get punished for eating cheese and choc i.e. after a binge you will catch me lying on the couch trying to get rid of the cramps, it's just not to the same degree.

In other words, the crime is worth the punishment. For all you people sitting there silently scalding me, I already know- it's really not great for my body but I can't live without the cheese and choc! And to be fair- I do give myself points for giving up icecream completely!!

The point of that little story was to 1) have a whinge and 2) explain why the people at Monty's Chocolates probably thought I was loopy. When we walked in, we were offered a taste of some hot chocolate and I proclaimed 'O thanks it smells great but I don't drink milk' and then proceeded to go and buy various chocolates. I'm pretty sure they thought I was crazy! Maybe I am!!

Anyway, for those of you who do drink milk, C loved the hot choc and said it was very rich but quite nice, a hit of cocoa without being too sweet!

Now onto the rest of the delights they have in store. The staff at Monty's really seem to love their jobs and are VERY knowledgeable. Meh- If I worked here, pretty sure I would love my job too. And be shopping at the plus sized shops. One of the girls was so happy to talk to me and spent a good 20 minutes explaining all the details of their stock.

Monty's buy in all of their chocolates and there are beautiful examples in the display cabinet. English company Chardonnel Et Walker supply some of the chocolate. It's pretty impressive that we have access to chocolate that is good enough for the queen. Literally. Chardonnel Et Walker are endorsed by the Royal Warrant as chocolate manufacturers to Her Majesty the Queen, so if that is not a stamp of approval, I'm not sure what is. They also have some gorgeous looking products such as pink champagne truffles which I hope to taste soon.

Monty's also have a large variety of Coppeneur. Coppeneur are German chocolate makers that produce single plantation, ethical chocolate. They also make some drinking chocolate that is said to be quite legendary. Obviously I haven't tried it, but I would like to know if you have.

Other brands you may be familiar with include Sydney based Nina's Chocolates, Chelsea based Rococo and L'Artisan du Chocolat - who I'm pretty sure supply all Gordon Ramsay's restaurants.

Out of all the chocolate I have tried from Monty's, Lief's ginger dark chocolate is my undoubtedly my favourite. The block looks decadent, the ginger hit is wonderful and the chocolate is smooth- it's really pretty great. Lief Chocolates are made on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and they have plenty of different versions- hokey pokey being one of them. Mum used to consume buckets of hokey pokey ice cream so maybe I'll gift this to her to bring back some memories.

If you are after something other than chocolate, there various other treats such as liquid sea salt caramel sauce, byron bay coffee, a nice selection of english tea and milkshakes made in store.

The milkshakes (made in store) have some not so run of the mill flavours on offer, including chocolate and rose, chocolate and spearmint, and chocolate and raspberry. C had the plain chocolate milkshake and thought it was a nice adult version of a milkshake - made with heavy dark chocolate so the flavour included bitter tang as well as the usual sweet notes.

The melissa gold leaf buddha is super cute so I thought I would put a photo in to show you!

Monty's are pretty serious about their chocolate. Whether you are after some 100% Francois Pralus from Criollo or some QLD made treats, Monty's will probably be able to help you out.

The shop is relaxed and comforting and a lovely place to stop in for a sweet treat. I regularly go back to stock up on the Lief ginger chocolate and pay for the consequences later!

So, readers- Chocolate or Vanilla?

When to go: When you are in need of a good quality chocolate hit, and any old cadbury bar just won't do. These choccies would also make a gorgeous pressie for a chocolate lover or self appointed queen.

Monty's Chocolates
155 La Trobe Tce
07 3369 3135

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Steph@littlepotbelly said...

I used to go to The Blue Cat in the city for chocolate gift boxes, but this place seems so much better in comparison. The good thing is you can sit down to enjoy them!

To answer your question, I love real vanilla ice cream. Too bad you have to miss out!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

All of that chocolatey goodness! I've heard that about allergic, they can be very specific and some related things can be worse than others.

SOL's view said...

I've tried Blue Cat, and I quite like them. Chocolate to Die For in Adelaide St has caught my eye but I've not yet ventured in. I didn't know Monty's existed but it looks like I now have another place to add to my must see list! :)

Amanda said...

Chocolate is a subject very dear to my heart - and I don't just mean the fat in my coronary arteries!!
Looks like a morning well spent, to me!!
I would love to get my hands on some of that seas salt caramel sauce.

The InTolerant Chef said...

I am lactose intolerant too. I use a product called 'Lactese' tablets which are available at some chemists and health food shops. They are little white minty chews that you consume before having lactose. They help put in some temporary enzymes that will break down the lactose that gives you problems. I still get some symptoms when I use them, but usually just restricted to burpings etc- much easier to handle than cramps and what follows! This is NOT medical advice! it just works for me! But if you do give it a try, let me know how it goes, good luck!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I'm not lactose intolerant but I can't have cream-based sauces; something that seems to have set in sometime in my late teens. But somehow cream on cakes and things is ok...I've yet to understand why.

And I'm sure the staff would've been very understanding - you could've been buying for a friend!

Big Boys Oven said...

how can I have peace when there so many awesome chocolates! Wish I can taste them all! :)

Julia @Mélanger said...

Somehow I keep going past this place without stopping by. What a great line up of chocolate. Must visit soon!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Wow very detailed review! I've got a friend who's also lactose intolerant, it was tough for me to try and make a dessert that didn't involve any milk/cream/cheese products but would be something everyone (including me) would love to eat.

delicieux said...

I can't believe I haven't been here or even knew it existed!! Definitely one to add to the list of places to visit once I am off crutches.

It definitely looks like going there could be expensive and dangerous for my waist line!

Eat, drink + be Kerry said...

I do love this shop. It's got such a great range of chocolates but very dangerous to visit. I wonder if he offers a cappucino now? Previously I've only been able to have filtered coffee in store.

Monty's Chocolates said...

At Montys Chocolates you will find the biggest selection of dairy free chocolates from some of the finest chocolate makers in the World. Come in and we can show you some of the tastiest lactose free treats created to contain no dairy, especially the Barre Infernale Noir from french chocolate makers Pralus, heavenly!!!! While you are there try one of our new flavours in milkshakes, Mocha and Chocolate & Orange. Also we now have an espresso machine using the finest quality coffee. (Soy milk available)

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