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Frank Camorra's Recipes Anchoa and Bocadillo de Calamares

You may remember my gushing post about Frank Camorra's demo at Black Peal Epicure a little while ago. I wanted share a couple of the recipes with you, that are SO simple to make because I just love them and will be eating heaps of Ortiz anchovies and calamari sandwiches, and I wouldn't want you to miss out!

I'm sure the following ingredients are available your local providore but I have the prices to hand from Black Pearl Epicure so will give you those as a guide.

The first dish I really want you to make is the simple Anchoa- Anchovies with Smoked tomato sorbet. Anchovies?? I can hear you squeaming from here. Look- I don't like normal anchovies and I LOVE these. The same goes for everyone at my table. I don't know how I can convince you other than to say it is a seriously different taste to anything you have ever had before. What have you got to lose - right?! Now, the anchovies I am going to recommend you try are REALLY expensive for anchovies-(see my post here for further details) but I have not found anything that is even nearly as good, so in my opinion they are worth it.

* Anchovy (Ortiz brand are the best- $12.5 for 47g)
* Stale 2 day old sourdough heavy bread
* Smoked tomatoes
* liquid glucose
* Sea salt flakes
* Lilliput capers
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* Parsley chopped

Take the crust off the stale bread.

Cut croutons into rectangular slices very thin, transparent, the thinner the crouton without it breaking when eating the better. 15mm wide by 70 mm long.

Place croutons flat on a baking tray, brush generously with the olive oil and sprinkle with sea slat and freshly cracked black pepper. Bake in a moderate oven 180 degrees for 10 minutes until golden.

Puree tomatoes in a blender until completely smooth. Strain. Measure tomato puree and return to blender and exactly HALF the total volume of tomato puree in liquid glucose that has been softened in the microwave. Blend thoroughly. Once smooth, place in an ice cream churner until frozen then store in the freezer. Allow to set a few hours before using. (My tip- If you don't have an ice cream churner- just pour the mix into a tin, freeze and then scrape with a fork as if you were making granita)

To serve, place an Ortiz anchovy on each crouton, quenelle a teaspoon of the smoked tomato sorbet on each, sprinkle with capers and a drizzle of fruity spanish extra virgin olive oil and parsley, sprinkle a little sea salt on the sorbet.

This makes a seriously gorgeous simple summer tapas that will impress even the pickiest dinner guest- and trust me when I tell you it will change your opinion of anchovies.

Another REALLY simple but delicious dish is the Bocadillo de Calamares. These calamari sandwiches are very common in the bars of spain and a perfect after a couple of drinks! I was not really sold on the prospect of a calamari sandwich but when I ate it, the fusion was just so RIGHT. I am sad that I haven't been eating Bocadillo de Calamares my whole life.

* Cleaned calamari cut into strips: 40 grams per person- (My tip: I would double or triple this- people will want seconds & thirds!)
* Soft small roll about 2-3 cm wide (think slider size)
* Mayonnaise or Aioli
* Parsley
* 1 large jar Guindillas, Basque Peppers
* Flour
* toothpicks

Dust Calamari in flour, fry until golden. Season.

Place in a bun with 2 guindillas, parsley and a teaspoon of mayo. Place the top on the bun and pop a toothpick through the centre to hold it all together.

See, told you it was simple! If you try these babies, let me know how they work out- I loved them when Frank cooked them for me *sorry to brag* and am going to get cracking on making some calamari sandwiches right now.

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The InTolerant Chef said...

Oooh, I am SOOO making the anchovie and smoked tomato one. I love,love,love anchovies and have a little stash in the fridge for emergencies. The sorbet is a lovely idea and just that bit different too.

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