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Beccofino Teneriffe

In my little house, it's just C and I, and most of the cooking duties fall to me. In fact all of the cooking duties, with one small exception. Pizza. C loves good pizza and makes quite spectacular pizza himself. He whips up the base from scratch, slow cooks the sauce and has mastered the art of adding the perfect amount of red wine to give extra depth. Actually, I don't like to admit it too often to him, but his pizzas are REALLY good, which is why we rarely go out to eat pizza.
But that doesn't mean I'm out of the loop when it comes to good pizza! When C and his brother L and I, were traipsing around James St Markets on Saturday craving good pizza, I knew exactly where to go. Beccofino in Teneriffe- right around the corner!

Beccofino is often touted as Brisbane's Best Pizza, and I have to say that I probably agree. Well, some of Brisbane's best pizza. I've had a couple of pizzas lately that might just give Beccofino a run for their money, but more about that another time.

We pulled up at Teneriffe at about 3:00 p.m. which is rather an odd time for lunch, I know. I had an early breakfast and then a nap because C and L got home very late, waking me up in the process. Apparently they are unaware of the concept of slipping in unnoticed. Before I knew it, the usual lunch time period had disappeared with the rest of history.

As soon as we arrived, it actually seemed like 3:00 p.m. and Teneriffe suit one another. If there is one reason I avoid coming to Teneriffe (unless I'm getting a cab), it's the parking situation. Generally I end up jumping out of the car and waiting in the restaurant, so we aren't running ridiculously late for our booking, whilst C sharks around lookng for a park. Not today! We slipped straight into a park and then walked straight into Beccofino to a table on the balcony. Hooray for 3 p.m. lunch.

Beccofino is pretty minimalist- there is seating inside and along the side, a bar you can wait at if you are waiting for a table. This comes in pretty handy given that Beccofino doesn't take bookings. The orange chairs almost swallow you, as they are very deep and comfy.

C and L weren't ridiculously hungry so we decided to share two pizzas and an entree. Sounds like a lot?? Not with those two in tow!! For L, this was showing restraint! Predictably tempted by the Capesante in Padella $19 (scallops with Jerusalem Artichoke) I ended up choosing the calamari fritti con rucola (fried baby calamari with rocket and lemon) also $19, as the scallops only came in servings of three, and we needed something a little more substantial.

The calamari arrived and looked wonderful. Thick, slightly dusted, lightly fried tubes of squid resting on rocket with lemon and olive oil. So simple but so bloody good. Yep, I put it out there! Swearing on G.G is not my usual style (despite my real life potty mouth) but I need to convey to you just how good this stuff really is. I have no doubt that it is some of the best calamari I have ever had, second only to my Dad's. First tick goes to the fact that the calamari is cut from real squid tubes- Brisbane restauranteurs, please take this on board. Processed fake Calamari is not Calamari and is not acceptable. This calamari could be bitten straight through, as it was totally tender. The light batter enhanced the experience, rather than flavoured it- just the way it should be. We gobbled the whole plate within a couple of minutes, including the bitey rocket at the bottom of the pile. And I could have licked the salt off the plate too! The plate was promptly taken away by one of the waiters, who turned out to be a bit of a hawk eye.

The problem with having only a few other diners in the restaurant meant that the focus of the hawk eye was hard to escape. I'm not sure if this guy was new, but he probably needs to learn to relax a little bit, because I had barely finished sipping on my drink when he swooped it up from under me. This became a little uncomfortable at times, because not only was he swooping- he was also stalking his prey- standing directly behind us looking over. It's not that this guy was rude or anything, just a little too 'in your face'.

In contrast, we were also served by a lovely waitress, who has been working there for some time, as I recognise her from previous visits. She was relaxed and chatty, as well as being pretty informative. Hopefully she can train the hawk eye to take on some of her characteristics!

The next arrival was C's choice from the rosse section of the menu, the Proscuitto pizza for $20.5. The pizza was once again, so simple. Just like the perfect pizza should be. And this my friends, could be the perfect pizza. The tomato and oregano on the base, coupled with barely there mozzarella - cooked and then topped with fresh slices of salty proscuitto just melted in my mouth. I could have eaten the whole pizza- but C and L saw that this wouldn't happen. Free from too many toppings ala Pizza Chain Store style and with a beautifully thin and crispy base- this pizza tops the list of pizzas I have had. Anywhere. Except my Dad's and C's. Actually, even better than Dad's and C's. Sorry guys.

Last to arrive was L's choice- also from the rosse menu and priced at $21.5 was the Gamberi Piccante Pizza -basically has prawns, rocket, garlic and a dash of chilli. This pizza had all the same qualities of the previous pizza plus prawns, but somehow just wasn't as good. Don't get me wrong- it was still very very good, just not as good as the P.P.P perfect proscuitto pizza. If I was served this before the P.P.P, I would have been happier, but my palate had already tasted perfection! That being said, the rocket was fresh, the prawns were plentiful and juicy and the whole thing was still pretty great.

Now, when I said 'last to arrive' in the previous paragraph, I was actually fibbing. When the waitress asked if we would like dessert, for some reason, I couldn't help myself despite being on the borderline of uncomfortably full. I just wanted more of this glorious food. 3p.m. lunches obviously make me ravenous.

L and I both requested the Bundino Al Cioccolato $9 which is steamed chocolate pudding whilst C had the Semifreddo for $9.5 - house made peanut brittle icecream with dark chocolate sauce.

Unfortunately, this was not a great ending. I should have stopped with the pizza. The pudding was quite dry and the chocolate sauce lacked any real depth. L agreed with me. C loved his semifreddo and sat smugly waiting whilst L and I struggled to finish.

By this stage, it was about 4:30 p.m and aside from the dessert and hawk eye, I was completely satisfied with my meal. In fact, I would not change anything. It was an odd feeling to be really full, not sure whether I had just eaten lunch or dinner- and not really caring, because I knew I could have an early night and dream of the P.P.P.

Beccofino is the place to go for pizza. I know this is not the first time a food writer has praised the place, and if they keep churning out the goods like they did last weekend, it certainly won't be the last.

When to go: When you are craving the p.p.p. I recommened 3p.m. on a Saturday for an odd but enjoyable afternoon.

10 Vernon Tce
Teneriffe (It is officially a suburb now guys!)
Brisbane QLD 4006
07 3666 0207

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7 fabulous comments:

Digella said...

Yum! Great story

The InTolerant Chef said...

I have a habbit of leaving just one bite of my favourite part of the meal to savour last. I have been thwarted on several occaisons by an annoying hawkeye sweeping away my plate despite my protests. It does make you nervous, and I think it's actually quite rude!

Steph@littlepotbelly said...

I've had plates taken from me while I was finsihing the last bites...very rude indeed. Sometimes I feel you have to make a big point of it so that they know it is unacceptable!

Linda V said...

How funny, I was just reading another blogger's review at a different place who was complaining about the service being too slow. Is it so hard to find a balance? Although I admit when I have my kids with me I actually appreciate the swooper.

Rhubarb Whine said...

So - your house for pizza next foodie night, is it? ;)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Definitely homemade pizza! Esp when not all 'gourmet' pizzas are created equal but once you've had a good one, it is not possible to go back to fast-food chain pizza.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more about the annoying swoopers and glass topper-uppers at this restaurant (although the food is amazing!) and around Brisbane in general. I often cling to my glass or plate in protest (usually while trying to chew my last bites) or ask them, politely, to leave us alone for a while. That's when they often seem wounded. Get over yourselves guys and gals - you don't have to try so hard to be a good waiter/waitress. PS. If 2 people are eating and one finishes first, it's very embarrassing to be the only person sitting with a plate in front of you! WAIT till all parties finish please...

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