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Trio's on the River at Tewantin

I wish I could go on holidays more often. You know, the real type of 6-8 week holidays that I so thoughtlessly took for granted when I was at school and uni. Sometimes (is it just me?!) I end up so drained from all lifes day-to-day goings on, that retreating to some place less hectic is almost necessary. Everyone in the real world knows these holidays just don't happen anymore, so instead, for my sanity's sake, I have to settle for stolen weekend getaways.

Luckily, Noosa is just up the road (2 hours) and is easily accessible for a quick weekend trip. Noosa is also a great destination for me (and for any other food lovers) because the place is also in love with it's food. Noosa is
home to the best farmer's markets and the restaurant scene has serious style. I must note though, going to Noosa is not all stress free. Deciding where to dine can become one's biggest dilemma.

C's (crazy cool ) Grandmother *The J* lives in Noosa so we often hang out with her, and when hanging with 'The J', the choice is all hers. The J likes to hang out at the same places rather than splash out and try the new places on offer. This of course, is a blessing and a curse. I have to muzzle my adventurous dining spirit but am usually rewarded with good food and service, even if it is familiar.

One of the restaurant's in regular rotation is Trio's on the River at Noosaville. The J is a big fan of the impeccable service and the view. I must admit- the view is quite lovely- very peaceful.

Although the view is beautiful, I feel that Trio's lacks in atmosphere, particularly during the day. The restaurant is so huge (can seat nearly 200) it always feels empty even when there are a standard amount of diners. The good thing is, you can usually get a table on short notice and they are open all afternoon which is perfect for late long lunches.

This particular Saturday, C, The J, my friend I.P and C's Brother L, wandered into Trio's at about 2:30 p.m. We had already dined out for breakfast (post on that soon) and The J had decided to be totally decadent and head for a long lunch aswell. This is pretty standard practice with The J, particularly when rain is looming outside. I am not complaining!
I think our choices for lunch could have been dramatically different if they weren't still full from an 11:00 a.m. breakfast. Note I said they as in my dining companions. I did not say we, because 3 hours after any sized meal I am ready to eat a horse.

L and I decided to share the Trio of Oysters for $32.00. This included 2 dozen coffin bay oysters- 4 natural with cocktail sauce on the side, 4 drizzled with lime, wasabi, pickled ginger and shallots, and 4 kilpatrick with bacon, roast garlic, plum and worcestershire sauce.

The oysters were a little disappointing. They were quite large, but lacked the punchy flavour I commonly find in Sydney Rock Oysters. The dressings, in contrast, were quite gorgeous and I'm glad we got the trio. I LOVE pickled ginger and oysters, and true to form- I favoured this combination the most. The subtle wasabi kick and the tangy but sweet lime helped lift what was a very ordinary oyster.

The J ordered the fish of the day ($29.5), which was perfectly cooked, moist and tender- and served with a beautiful caper sauce and vegies. The J always requests vegies with her fish and trio's were more than happy to accomodate her request, even if the locally caught trevally was designed to be served with something else. Now... there is a bit of controversy as to what the 'fish of the day' actually was. My memory was pretty sure it was snapper, but The J insists it was trevally. Either way- I do remember that it was local, and cooked really well. I'll pay more attention to my PIE's (Partner in eating's) food next time... i.e.. write it down!

L chose the garlic and dill crumbed calamari ($15 entree sized) for his main and was happy with his choice. The creamy kaffir lime mayo was a nice addition and the calamari was very tender. The crumbing was light and crunchy and L gobbled up every last bite, except for one piece that I managed to snare in the name of research.

I.P decided to take the healthy approach and ordered the seared cuttlefish which was scored and marinated in garlic chilli and served on fresh salad. The cuttlefish was tender and tasty, and could have benefitted from some extra chilli, but overall was a beautifully executed dish. I.P LOVED it. The salad was simple but well dressed.

C chose the 'Trio's lunch special' for $24. This includes a trio of tastes, a glass of wine plus a main meal (choice of 5 stipulated dishes.) This is pretty good value if you are looking for a cheaper way to dine and Camp's meal was more than sufficient. I only tried one of the 'trio' and they didn't look particularly appetising but C 'enjoyed it.' The topped mushroom had a nice fresh woodsy taste.

C's main was the angel hair (capellini) with chicken and fresh garden vegetables. C also enjoyed his pasta and said the chicken was very moist. I, sadly, didn't get to try!

Now- whose main is missing? Well that would be mine. I accidentally deleted the photo (sorry!!) so you are going to have to imagine this dish! C always comments on me being 'ridiculous' and always having special requests. I always dispute these claims but upon further reflection realise he may actually be (partly) right. I often order two entrees! I don't know why, but entrees always seem to appeal to me more. It's not even the size factor, as I generally 'upsize' (Michael Moore would be disgusted!) the entree to come as a main, which is exactly what I did at Trios. The lovely staff didn't flinch at my request which made me feel quite relieved and triumphant as C was telling me 'they probably won't do it for you!' When the meal arrived, it was C that was possibly feeling slightly smug as one look at the huge plate, and he knew that 1) i wouldn't be able to eat all the scallops and 2) the dish was so cheesy and creamy - it was probably designed as an entree for a reason.
The scallops were baked in the shell with leek puree, kenilworth cheddar and crispy prosciutto. The scallops were nicely tender but I felt as though the ocean beauties were drowning in a sea of cheesyness. The leek puree added dimension to the dish, and the prosciutto was a nice touch but I love scallops and like to taste the scallopyness. I realise luxurious cheese was the effect the restaurant were going for, and I totally loved it for the first 3 scallops and then began to learn my lesson rather quickly. Don't upsize an entree that is already so rich!!(p.s I am lactose intolerant and continue to abuse my body terribly by eating cheese and cream!) This is not the restaurant's fault- and the dish would have been perfect as an entree- had I not been too greedy and it was served as intended by the chef!
To accompany my scallops, I also ordered the tempura asparagus and potatoes with rosemary and sea salt. The vegetables were cooked to perfection. As with the calamari batter, the tempura batter was light, oil free and crispy and encased fresh, firm, farmy asparagus. The potatoes were a hit around the table and the soft cloudy inside contrasted a the nicely salty skin meant they were devoured with minutes.
All in all, I am impressed with Trio's who serve consistently good food with a spectacular view. The atmosphere could do with a bit of amping up, but in reality, it's a very pleasant place to dine when in the Noosa area.
So tell me, where do you have any dining habits that drive your companions mad? i.e. ordering two entrees??

'Noosa Marina
Parkyn Crt
Tewantin QLD 4565
(07) 5474 4799
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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe I've accidentally forgotten to take a picture of my main one time. I only realised when I had finished. I was so upset! :P

Kristina said...

I have a lot of trouble deciding what to order. So EVERY time I dine, I find myself asking the waiter what their favourite dish is and then changing my mind 4 different times before panicking and ordering something I am not happy with....

Apples on Ainsworth said...

Have been to a couple of weddings there (private function roon)excellent food but did notice the bland surroundings (is that so we notice the wonderful water views?) . The marina village where Trios is located as a terrific shop called "White" where we purchased some of our vintage furniture for our boutique fruit shop. Love everything about Tewantin/Noosa especially in the quiet season without the traffic!!

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