Wednesday, June 23, 2010

T'licious Southbank

Tea is just such a perfect drink, there are different varieties available for every possible situation in your life. I have always loved tea and am constantly seeking out different herbal blends. High doses of caffeine don't really suit me, so I try to stick to herbal and don't drink any coffee.

...When I was taking South Bank head on a couple of weekends ago (see Sardine Tin Post for more details) I stopped in at T'licious Tea on Grey Street. The shop is a little bit like a magical lamp shop (maybe I was delirious by this time...) and houses heaps of different beautiful tea accessories, like teapots with matching cups.

There are so many different blends, I was thrilled to see a little basket of 'trial size' teas - 3 for $10. This is perfect for me, because I buy so much tea, I love to try it first- and this way I can try without spending half my pay on 8 different vari'teas'(sorry couldn't resist.) I shuffled through and found three that sounded good; claritea, arthritis blend and calming tea.

The claritea looks like it will be perfect for my 3 p.m. cup of tea at work, when I need a little something to help me focus and get through the rest of the day. I tried it yesterday and I'm not sure whether it was the tea, or the placebo- but something kicked in about 10 minutes after I finished the cup! (p.s anyone else know any great 3 p.m. pick me-ups ? I've heard that some rosemary oil can help the situation?)

The blend consists of green mate, honeybush, verbena, liquorice root, coriander, pepper, ginger and cardamom is earthy without being too strong. The ginger and greenmate are particularly present and the pepper adds a nice kick.

Now let me explain why I bought the arthritis blend, as it seems a little peculiar for someone my age. When I was little (about 4 or 5) I developed this weird child arthritis called viral athropathy. It basically existed in my hip and at times, caused walking to be very painful. I would have the symptoms for a couple of weeks, every now and then until I was 16. In fact as all arthritis sufferers know, colder weather means aching joints, and as a result I spent lots of time crutching around in the rain. It's really weird that my joints still ache a little when it's cold and I loved finding this 'arthritis blend'! It claims to have anti-inflammatory properties and ingredients include celery seed, devils claw, ginger, nettle and silver birch leaf. I haven't tried it yet, but my back has been aching a little (or a LOT!) for the last week so I may just have to pour myself a cup when I get home today.

The last choice was 'calming tea' which, lets face it, most of us could use at some time or about 18 times a day if you work in a stressful environment! I haven't managed to try it either, but will report back to you, after a cup and let you know if I am feeling calm/ less neurotic than usual!

I'm really glad I visited T'licious, they have some great herbal blends available and an extensive range of green and black teas. The shop is totally cute and you can sit in to have a cup of tea if you so choose. The blends also differ from other tea shops like T2 and the Tea Centre (reviews coming soon), so it is worth shopping around to find the perfect tea for every occasion.

T'licious also have a cool website and you can order online- great if you run out and can't pop down to South Bank.

so Tell me, when do you find you need a cup the most. Is it to comfort or calm or refresh and revitalise?

When to go: Obviously, when you need a cup of tea! A cup of tea in Winter is always nice!

Shop S9 Little Stanley Street
176-178 Grey Street South Bank QLD 4101
Tel: 07 3844 3305

4 fabulous comments:

Ally said...

Sadly I just drink tea out of habit - I basically gulp it down and don't really think about it. I've got to change that.

And I've got the perfect 3pm cure - about 150 grams of chocolate. 250 if it's a Monday.

Ladybird said...

I love love lovveee herbal tea. It's so wonderful in winter - hydrating and warming.. a perfect combination :)

delicieux said...

T'licious is a great shop. I love the variety of the teas there.

I have quite a large herbal and green tea collection and every time I walk past a tea shop I can't help but come out with at least 2 new teas.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I drink Chinese teas, Japanese teas, herbals and black caffeinated ones. Depends on mood and I will take certain ones with or without milk. Serious amounts of comfort in all of them, esp on cold rainy days.

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