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Sirocco Noosa

I really don't like having breakfast before work. I know... I know... most important meal of the day etc etc - I really have heard it all before, but I SERIOUSLY don't like it.
1) I don't like cereal;
2) don't really like toast unless it has some awesome marmalade or something;
3) I don't eat much dairy so that pretty much rules out all the traditional breakfast foods;
4) I don't leave enough time to cook anything proper and
5) If I DO eat breakfast, I am starving by 9a.m.- weird.

So weekday breakfasts for me usually end up being a muesli bar and some fruit at about 11 if I'm being good, or some cinnamon toast from the cafe near work if I'm being bad. tsk tsk.

Luckily, weekend breakfasts are very different. I don't need to stay on a schedule so I have time to cook something hearty, or - even better, time to go out for a late long brekky. The only problem on weekends- is where to go, a problem I very much like having.

We (my pies being The J, I.P, L and C ) were driving down by the river in Noosa a couple of Sundays ago and took a detour to Sirocco. Going to Sirocco was a risk, not because of how it looked (cute and laid back), but because it's so easy to come across a dud breakfast restaurant because so many places do breakfasts and so few places do it well.

Sirocco definitely has the location and the atmosphere down. Sitting across from the river is a lovely picturesque spot to dine, particularly on a crisp but sunny late autumn day. The staff were a little slow to help us to a table, but they were super busy. We also turned up unannounced with a largish party of five. We luckily snared the last table, so I would recommend booking if you are dining on a Saturday or Sunday or want to sit on the deck.

Sirocco's menu offers the basics but also branches out. I went for the rather simple scrambled eggs on turkish toast with truffle salt ($10.5) and added some avocado (+$3), bacon +($3.5) and spiced bean mix($3). Now, I know this isn't exactly an economical way to do things, but I was feeling decadent and I can't resist the mix 'n' match options- I must say though, it does drive C mad. I was a little more adventurous with my juice (slightly) and went for the watermelon juice with rosewater and infused with mint ($5).

When my plate arrived, my eggs were light yet creamy, the avocado was well seasoned with a hint of lemon, the double smoked bacon was almost sweetly smoky. I love 'home made baked beans' in their varying forms and this spice bean mix proved to be no exception.

Everyone else ordered cappuccino and said they were 'good.' Heaven help me. I hope they can be more descriptive about their meals. I didn't want to push it about the coffee as we had already waited a little too long and they were starving while they waited for me to photograph (which took all of 5 seconds!)

2 of our party of 5 ordered the grilled olive and harissa bread served with spinach, haloumi, roasted field mushrooms and tomato jam ($15.9) I.P also ordered a poached egg on the side as she was feeling extra peckish! L and I.P loved their dish. The few snippets that I managed to steal were delicious- the mushrooms being well cooked and the haloumi was flavoursome without being too chewy. The poached egg was perfect, and when I.P sliced it open- the yolk was set on the outside and still rich and runny on the inside.

The J (C and L's grandmother) also likes to make amendments to the menu items and asked for the scrambled eggs with huon smoked salmon and watercress on sourdough ($15.9) to be served with a side of avocado (+$3) and with poached eggs instead of scrambled. There was no problem incorporating any of of our requests which was really nice. I actually get a bit scared when I see 'there will be no changes to this menu!'- luckily Sirocco didn't run on this policy. The J's eggs were also perfectly cooked and the smoked salmon was silky and fresh.

The most adventurous option on the menu was chosen by C. Baked eggs "Chachouka" served with merguez sausage, Tunisian tomato relish and turkish pide ($15.9). It was probably also the star of the day. Whilst I found merguez to be flavourful, it was also a little too oily for me, but C loved it. The baked eggs were wonderful and the tomato relish added a nice lift. The presentation of this dish was also impressive and for a moment, we were all wishing that we had ordered the baked eggs.

All in all Sirocco turned out to be a gem. The prices are mid-ranged for breakfast, the service was good (although a little slow) and the food was inventive and constantly good. The food really benefitted from the little touches such as truffle salt, tunisian tomato relish and tomato jam. I will be heading back there sometime when I'm ready to relax by the river and enjoy some delicious fare. I know this was their summer/autumn menu so I'm looking forward to seeing what they serve up for winter.

So readers... tell me - are you a breakfast person?

When to go there: For a lazy breakfast when the weather is lovely.


2/ 257 Gympie Terrace
Noosaville QLD 4566

Phone: (07) 5455 6688
info @ sirocconoosa.com.au

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Ally said...

Hells yeah I love breakfast. It's probably my favourite meal of the day.

Why not start out by just having a piece of fruit in the morning or something? Then work your way up from there. Also - if you're starving by 9am, that's a good thing - it means your digestive and metabolism systems are doing their thang.

Ladybird said...

I am absultely a brekky person - I get very cranky if I don't eat in the morning - I cannot leave the house without the first meal of the day.

Breakfast out with friends is the best thing ever.. Your brekky looked delish.. I am drooling at the thought of a breakfast that includes haloumi!

eye candy carousel said...

I LOVE breakfast. If my thighs would allow it, I would cook pancakes, french toast and bacon every morning! Adore eggs any style, love raisin toast, fruit with yogurt and toasted muesli, Quick oats...All of the above!

Anonymous said...

i hate breakfast 2, it makes me so sick, you have the best blog i have ever read

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I am very much a breakfast person, in the sense of relaxing over cooked breakfasts. Like you, I find it hard to eat in the mornings but do it out of necessity so as not to get hungry partway through the morning!

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