Monday, June 21, 2010

Life as a Pie (From one of G.G's Partners in Eating)

So.... one of my regular PIES (partners in eating) decided to send me an unsolicited guest blog on the life of a pie. C.S is one of my besties (not to be confused with C- the BF) and decided to write a "life as a pie" guest blog to let you all know what it is like to dine with me. I think she is hilarious and so have posted her experiences (dining with a food blogger) below. I think that anyone who has dined with a food blogger will also be able to empathise and may get a laugh out of her little story.

Guest Blog by C.S – “Life as a PIE”

Having been a PIE (G.G's codename for Partners in Eating) on too many occasions to remember, I thought I would share my experiences on what it is like to dine out with a complete and utter foodie, in this case Gastronomy Gal. I have been friends with G.G for the majority of my life and whilst her company is always enjoyed, the life of a PIE can be quite stressful. I have simple tastes you see and therefore our expectations when it comes to food can sometimes be quite different. I’m of the mindset that great food can come in the form of a fast food chain and good service merely means my order is right or thereabouts. As long as I have good company and a decent meal I am happy.

Life is different when dining with G.G. She is on the case as soon as you enter a restaurant/cafĂ©/bar and will notice the tiniest of flaws. She will make a noise which lets you know she is not comfortable and not confident about the dining choice. And if a mistake is made at the beginning of the evening, then you will hear about it all night long and probably the next day also. When it comes to the food itself it must be better than what she is able to make herself otherwise she will remark something along the lines of ‘why should I bother coming here when I could whip up something better in 5 mins’. To be fair to G.G if she is pleased with her dining experience then she is happy to spread the word and even if she is not so satisfied, she does give second chances. Also, her food knowledge is very extensive and she does know when something is cooked well or is lacking.

I don’t think her high expectations are a bad thing because she is striving for a higher quality of food in and around Brisbane,which can only be a good thing. I’m just saying that sometimes life as a PIE it is hard work. The example which leads me to write this guest blog occurred on Sunday at yum cha. We were given jasmine tea instead of bolay tea and when G.G asked if it was bolay tea the waitress nodded. This was a massive mistake by the waitress and caused significant stress at the table especially because the jasmine tea was just not very good. I started to feel a bit anxious after this because G.G was not happy and I thought she might make a scene rather than let it slide. Whilst she didn’t make a scene there was still this lingering sense of doom throughout the meal (which turned out to be rather delicious.) This is just one small example although I am sure many of her fellow PIE’s (especially C) could empathise at some level with my point of view.

Despite this, I wouldn’t trade G.G as my PIE of choice for anyone because despite the stress that is sometimes involved in dining with her, we always have a good laugh. Many of my most enjoyable evenings have been spent with G.G eating delicious food and downing delicious wine and I am sure her other fellow PIE’s would also agree. I wouldn’t want G.G to drop her standards otherwise she wouldn’t be the unique individual she is and I wouldn’t have eaten as much great food.

Just for the record- I never cause a 'scene' but have been known to send back the occasional dish if the quality is questionable- and - I am usually very polite when doing so.I save my

'ranting' for my pies ;)

So.... are you scared of dining with a food blogger friend, or food bloggers- perhaps you know some of your friends are a little wary of dining out with you?!

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Trissa said...

I love this post - I want my husband to read it because he is definitely a PIE and needs to know he is not alone!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe what an interesting perspective from your PIE! I think noticing little details is definitely the a by product of our existence!

Ladybird said...

Haha! Great post :) No, I would love to dine with fellow bloggers, if only so that there would be absolutely no weirdness in photographing the food!

Anonymous said...

Well said C.S! I too can empathise - I have also had the pleasure of accompaning G.G to many dining experiences, some of which didn't quite live up to the term 'dining'...! She also introduced me to the wonderful world of yum cha! And - G.G I agree, jasmine tea just doesn't cut it!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

My husband is most often my PIE but he's great. He'll rotate plates of food for me and move out of the way to decrease shadows. Mind you, he used to photograph his food all the time before I started the blog anyway!

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