Monday, June 21, 2010

Espresso Dot

So as you may have read, I decided to embrace South Bank last weekend. After getting over my phobia of tourist traps, 'I scratched South Bank's (SB) surface and found some really cool places.

After a fabulous lunch - my Pies (Partners in eating) Mum and C, decided to go for a little walk. We ended up strolling and browsing around for quite some time visiting a cupcake shop, a tea shop, a clothing shop or two, the lolly shop and a coffee shop. WHOA! SB Overload!

Mum was craving a coffee so it was convenient that on the walk back, I noticed a tiny little cute cafe, packed with people enjoying a mid afternoon coffee.

Dot Espresso (cute name!) is a small cafe situated in Grey Street, next to Nando's. They do coffees, tea and various other drinks. They also have a limited range of sweet treats and savouries. By the looks, the food is made on site, as one of the staff (I think the owner) was stirring up something with white choc and sugar when we were ordering.

I went to sit outside on one of the tables and stools and started to snap a few photos. The lady who was baking something, looked at me quizzically and commented something to the effect 'why are you taking photos of my sign? I don't think it's really that good.'

I went in to explain (p.s - I can't believe she busted me- I am usually SO stealth - PLUS I take the photos with my crappy iphone camera FOR THIS REASON!) that I was a food blogger and like to write about cool places that I find. She still thought that I was going to 'open a cafe' but was relatively happy once I explained my purpose. It's really funny to gauge people's reactions to food bloggers! This lady seemed happy and friendly but just a little on guard and perplexed.

After the little incident, I returned outside to sit and relax to the AWESOME music that was playing. I'm talking vintage Spice girls, ABBA, etc- trust me - you'll love it! In fact, the hits were so good, I was almost disappointed when our drinks arrived.

I had the lavender grey tea which was just lovely, but I feel like the range of teas could have been bigger. I guess this is just a tea lover's opinion- especially since I don't drink coffee. They do get points for three herbal teas they had offer which were much more interesting than the usual selection.

Mum had a cappucino which was silky smooth and strong enough. Mum is a die-hard cappucino fan so for it to be strong enough, is a very good sign! Mum stirred her coffee before I even got an opportunity to photograph it!

C enjoyed his flat white- that was 'a good coffee!' Don't you just love how descriptive C can be!?

I also noticed a couple of other little things about this cafe that I quite liked, they had lettuce growing in a little pot next to the window, and had supplies to make real food in the cupboards! I say real food, because they obviously have the facilities (however small the kitch may be) to make food on site. I really hate going to a cafe and finding out that everything is bought in or made from a supplier etc- this to me, indicates that the cafe has no soul, no personallity. Luckily Dot Espresso has plenty of personality, making it a great place to stop for a coffee or a light bite when you are wondering around South Bank.

When to go: When you need a quick hit of caffeine or want to lounge in a cute coffee shop post market shopping.

Dot Espresso
Shop R/4 Little Stanley Street
South Bank QLD 4001
07 3844 6614

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I always appreciate it when people have a good range of teas as a fellow tea lover! :)

Anonymous said...

I visited Brisbane recently and after exploring the galleries I discovered dot.espresso. I concur ... it is a delightful discovery and the staff looked they were really enjoying their day.
"If music be the food of love, play on ..." the soundtrack was awesome and the coffee memorable ... three thumbs up from me.

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