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Healthy Eating Month: Emma's Rough Recipes

Emma Daley is a new twitter friend. She has a job that is the envy of all foodies- working at Black Pearl Epicure
and describes herself as a salt addict! She does however, also know about healthy cooking and has provided some gorgeous 'rough recipes' for you to try at home. Be sure to say hi to Emma on twitter - apart from being totally friendly, she comes in really handy when you searching for obscure ingredients!

When I posted about healthy eating- Emma had these musings.

"Well I guess it depends on your idea of healthy eating. So let me begin with saying that my idea of healthy is food is that it is quite basic in its preparation using whole, fresh ingredients - not much prepackaged product. I also try to use vegetables in their natural state wherever I can too as I believe that nutrients can be lost when cooked. Only Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is used.
The first salad I make often is...
Cannelini, Beet, Spinach and Chevre Salad - it's great side salad to grilled chicken breast.
Tinned or freshly cooked cannelini (I often sibstitue chickpeas or kidney beans too)
tinned or freshly cooked baby beets
baby spinach leaves
fresh chevre (I use Woodside or Meredith)
red onion
Joseph Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A good vinegar (I use either Forum Cab Sauvignon, Pendleton Chardonnay or a sweet sherry vinegar)
Season to taste
* Add thin slices of fried chorizo (if I feel the need for meat) for a main meal in itself
De Puy Lentil, Cherry Tomato and Parsley Salad, again another great side to simple grilled meats or vegetables
Cooked de puy lentils, rinsed and cooled
Halved fresh cherry tomatoes
Again fresh chevre (I use Woodside or Meredith)
Chopped flat leaf parsley (lots)
Thin red onion wedges
Joseph Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sweet Sherry Vinegar
Season to taste
Chermoula Lamb steaks with Lemon & Garlic Chickpeas and Harissa yoghurt
Lamb steaks or cutlets
Christine Manfield Chermoula paste (or Herbie's dry spice mix)
2 x 400g tin chickpeas
Juice of 1 lemon
2 cloves garlic, pureed to a smooth paste
Ample flat leaf parsley
Sea salt & fresh cracked pepper
Natural Yoghurt
Christine Manfield Harissa
Marinate Lamb in the Chermoula (as long as you can).
Drain and rinse chickpeas then place into serving bowl. Pour over half of the lemon juice, add garlic, a good glug of EVOO and a decent pinch of salt and ground pepper. Taste and add more lemon juice, s&p to your taste. I like it really lemony… You can also add more garlic of course for bite! Just before serving, roughly chop and stir through lots of parsley.
Mix a teaspoon of Harissa through 1 cup of natural yoghurt (or to taste, harissa has a kick)
Grill lamb steaks and serve with chickpeas and yoghurt.
Vermicelli salad - I take this one to work for lunch and dress it just before I eat it!
Thin slices of ccoked beef (first marinated in soy, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, pureed garlic & pureed ginger)
Vermicelli noodles - boiled for a minute or so, rinsed and drained.
thin slices of carrot, red capsicum, cucumber, red onion
bean sprouts
fresh corainder, mint and thai basil.
Nuoc Cham
Nuoc Cham
1 long red chilli (seeds removed) finely diced
garlic clove finely diced
lemon juice
fish sauce
white sugar
mix 3tblsp fish sauce with 3 tblsp of lemon juice, half teaspoon of sugar and garlic and chilli. Taste and add more lemon or fish sauce as neccessary. Dilute with water if too strong for your taste.

Place your noodles in a bowl, place vegetables, sprouts and beef on top. Garnish with fresh herbs and dress with Nuoc Cham. "

Thanks very much for the recipes Em- I'm especially keen to try vermicelli salad to take to work and the chermoula lamb steaks! Yum.

As Emma pointed out - healthy eating is a very individualised concept. So readers, tell me - what is your idea of healthy eating??

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Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Nice recipes. I make something similar to the vermicelli salad and certainly count it as a healthy meal so am glad someone else does too!

I guess my version of healthy eating is what I think of as 'clean' eating... nothing overly processed, fresh ingredients that you can actually identify in the dish, and nothing stodgy. After the weekend I've had, some clean eating is definitely in order this week!

Kitchen Butterfly said...

1)I now know what EVOO is. Probably the last on the planet
2) I agree with Emma. I am by no means slim but I do my best in incorporate wholegrains in meal, bake more than fry (though the desserts cancel those benefits out) is well

Leah said...

I guess my approach is to focus on whole foods - I love vegetables and try to eat lots of them. I'm not afraid to use butter or cream but I try to use them in moderation. I am also trying to make more things from scratch - from combining spices instead of using a curry powder/paste, to making my own bread (just started dabbling in this). I guess I think most things can be "healthy" in moderation.

Ally said...

Balance! Please, please, please do not restrict anything. The minute you start eliminating things is when you start wanting them - soon you find yourself face down in a family block of Cadbury.

As someone who used to be incredibly strict with their diet and once eliminated a ridiculous amount of food (even carrots because they were 'too starchy'!), I urge people to never restrict anything, and aim for balance in food and exercise.

I cannot stand it when people refer to things as 'bad' and 'naughty'. It's FOOD. If you want it, if you're hungry, if it's going to make you happy, freaking eat it.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Agree with all of the above. Not necessarily about low fat or sugar or taste. It needs to be tasty above all else, but it needs to feel clean, uncomplicated and nurturing for me.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Dominique from a Sicilian family? Siciliy and Italy = two different countries. I guess that's why you're "gastronomy" gal, and not "well researched in geography" gal!

Gastronomy Gal said...

Are you Tasmanian? Ah! Your last trip to Italy must have been in the 1860's??

Just to let you know, you've accidentally commented on the wrong blog post, but I thought your comment was so hilarious I posted it anyway. Thanks for your comment, but in future it's nice to leave a name!!

Gastronomy Gal said...

oo Just thought I had better explain the 'Are you Tasmanian' comment just so other Tasmanian readers aren't offended! I have a dear friend who hails from across the Bass Strait and claims that Tasmania should be it's own country, because the produce/natural beauty they have in Tasmania is far greater than what the 'mainland' has to offer! I thought maybe anon was speaking on behalf of all little seperated states/provinces.

Ally said...

Anon -
No, technically Sicily isn't a country. Sicily is an autonomous area of Italy. So, it's an area of Italy that has a certain amount of freedom from external Italy authority. A little bit of google can often make the difference between a rude comment and a constructive one.

Lovely interview GG :)

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