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Churrasco Brazilian Style BBQ Coogee

Have you ever heard of meat sweats? No? Well neither had I until I was talking to some of my sister's friends before a recent visit to Churrasco Brazilian BBQ in Coogee, Sydney.

My sister A and our friend J wanted to revisit Churrasco, a place they have previously been to a number of times. As I have never Brazilian BBQ, this grabbed my attention, plus the place is practically legendary with the Eastern beaches locals.

Anyone I talked to was in awe when I mentioned I was going to Churrasco. In fact, a number of A's friends were seasoned Churrasco experts and offered me plenty of helpful hints. Their enthusiasm scared my a little bit, as did their predictions for the aftermath of Churrasco.

1)They recounted horror stories about boys who had visited and simply could NOT stop eating and had subsequently had to physically dispel some of the food after eating (disgusting piggies!);

2) Apparently a certain friend (not mentioning any names J) and her boyfriend had come home and were so exhausted after eating so much meat, that they both fell asleep, fully clothed including shoes and slept through until the next day;


3) That when I got home, it is possible that I would sit on the couch with the 'meat sweats.' According to these 'so called experts,' meat sweats are when your body cannot physically take any more meat and so your body sweats profusely and it smells like the meat you have been eating. Charming.

Gee, by the time I had listened to all these stories I was seriously grossed out, but my curiosity had the better of me, and I conceded that most people wouldn't behave like barbarians, as A's friends had!!

I wasn't sure what to expect the decor to be like at Churrasco's after all the beat up. In actuality, there is a long bar with small tables of four seated along side and then a larger room out the back. The decor is simple wooden tables that are livened up by the gorgeous Brazilian pictures covering the walls.

The standard entry cost is $35 per person which includes all the BBQ meat you can eat, rice, potatoes, beans, bbq'd pineapple and cheese, cheese bread, polenta and a handful of accompaniments such as farofa, chimichurri and vinagrete.

There are salads available for $10.50 and desserts are $9.50(not that you'll be physically able to eat it!)

There is a cute little paper circle system, whereby you keep the circle on the green side if you are wanting more food, and turn over to the red side when you have enough on your plate already. Churrasco's actually has the most tasteful method of 'all you can eat' where the staff walk around with long skewers of meat and offer their meat to each table.

On J's advice we ordered a Churrasco Salad @ $10.50 and some cocktails @ $15 to accompany the meat.

When we were seated, the rice, potatoes, cheese bread, beans and accompaniments arrived promptly. The rice was really yum, incredibly garlicky. The potatoes were similar to a rich potato and bacon bake and were very moorish.

The salad was bought to the table and soon after we started being offered the many different types of meat. A and J warned me to only get one piece of each dish so I would be able to try everything. All the meat is premium and slowly roasted on long skewers over a flaming pit of coals.

The first was the 'green sauce' chicken - not exactly sure what was in the green sauce, but the chicken was moist and tender and absolutely delicious. Garlic was obviously a base ingredient and perfectly suited the chicken. In fact, I wanted more of this chicken straight away but thought I should just pace myself to avoid the meat sweat situation.

Chicken and Chicken also followed, the second version was a much more familair taste (similar to portugese) with a hint of heat. Still not as good as the green chicken!

The BBQ flavour Beef was a favourite around the table, and was incredibly tender. The plain eye fillet was also wonderfully simple but went well with the chimichurri.

Pork belly was on offer, and obviously I wouldn't refuse. The pork was thinly sliced and nicely crisp, without being too fatty.

The ribs had an incredible depth of flavour due to the BBQing and none were left on the plate.

I was't really a fan of the cheese, it really didn't do much for me but the pineapple was beautifully caramelised and lovely and sweet.

We were starting to slow down, but didn't want to change our circle over to red, in case we missed out on something good! It got to the stage where we would just share one serve between the three of us, because we were well and truly full. I did however, manage to fit in one last helping of green chicken when it came around a second time!

The food at Churrasco's was beautiful. I have never eaten Brazilian BBQ food before, but this set the standard high for me. The variety of meat was astounding, and all the flavours from the marinade suited the style of bbq so well. The service is polite and the bar menu offers some delicious brazilian twists on the classics.

Churrasco's isn't a place you would go for a quaint, small meal. It's loud and vibrant and a wonderful destination if you a big group of friends, want never ending-good food with great cocktails and beer on a Saturday or Sunday night.

Now I feel I should share some hints with you for your next visit to Churrasco's!

1. I would advise sipping on cordial all day before hand to stretch your stomach a little;
2. Take it easy- only get one serving of each dish so you can try the other- more will come if you love a certain dish. This doesn't include green chicken. Get about 10 green chickens;
3. Don't be too greedy- the food will NOT run out, I can guarantee you will not leave hungry;
4. Don't take bogans who are likely to eat so much they will have meat sweats;\
5. Make sure you book;
6. Don't bring a vegetarian.

So tell me, Do you have some all you can eat horror stories?

240 Coogee Bay Rd
Coogee NSW 2034
(02) 9665 6535
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wishfulpantry said...

So, you didn't get the meat sweats?

beeso said...

i wish we had this in brisbane....

Gastronomy Gal said...

Oh- Seriously, So do I Beeso!! Perhaps you can open one?!

Renita said...

"meat sweats" charming indeed, but I believe it does happen. I haven't checked this place out yet, but thanks for the helpful hints! Love hint #6 there!

Ally said...

Meat Sweats absolutely exist. They are no laughing matter.

Lara said...

I went to the Churrasco in the city last time I was in Sydney and was told beforehand to order a salad to break up all the meat (although I found the pineapple did a pretty good job of that). Has anyone been to Brazilian Touch? Looking at their website, it seems they have churrasco on Thursdays and Sundays - but I must admit, the "dinner & show" concept is rather off-putting to me, especially when it looks like the show involves feather headdresses and g-strings!

Mark @ Cafe Campana said...

I have heard much of this legendary Churrasco's. I still haven't made it there. Maybe this is just the catalyst I need.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe thanks for the tips. I have never heard of meat sweats myself! :P

Pedro said...

There is a Churrasco Rest in Bne, in Bardon. Opened a couple of weeks ago, some teething probs but I will be going back

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