Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful little Blue Belle

Country towns usually aren't renowned for their fine dining, but that doesn't mean they are slouches in the food stakes. It is often little country cafes in which you discover the greateset home cooked gems. I have discovered some wonderful food in 'off the beaten' track' places in little towns most people have not heard of. Home cooked food comes alive in these venues, tasting just like Granny used to make - usually because Granny IS still making the food - or her descendants are using her recipe. Of course in these places it goes without saying that there is always one special extra ingredient, love.

My friend, fellow foodie and fabulous photographer Paul Mathews alerted me to Blue Belle at Deepwater near Glen Innes. Deepwater is a tiny town so Cafe Blue Belle also serves as the tourist information centre and stocks art and crafts made by local talent. Paul tells me that Blue Belle is fabulous and I can't wait to visit.What's even nicer is there are always characters about in small towns and Paul encountered some wonderful people on his last visit.

For Paul, the main event was the "famous, quirky lemon meringue tart." He was so in love with the tart, he sent photos through to me. I usually travel home by going much further west but in this case I'm willing to risk the windy roads after seeing these photos!!

The lady pictured is the owner of the Lemon Meringue Tart Recipe. Sadly, it is believed that the lady has passed away but the silver lining is that her daughters are still carrying on the tradition (luckily for prospective diners!!). The cuteness factor of the blackboard is to- die- for and the prices are so cheap!!

Paul insists that the wonderful food does not stop at the lemon meringue tart and suggests the Pie with musy peas for a main. The peas certainly look delightful!

I love hearing about places like this, because without word of mouth, they are so easy to pass on by. Even though I haven't eaten there yet, I thought I would share the news with you guys, in case any of you are travelling south at Easter time and are in the area. It's definitely worth a stop in.

Tell me - what unlikely places have you uncovered some fabulous homecooked meals?

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Alibongo said...

far out - that is the shop where I had to stop with my Mum to buy up all of their tomato relish on a trip to Glen Innes (my Mum grew up in Deepwater)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh I just loved this story! I agree while country towns may not be known for cutting edge food normally, you can unearth little gems like this! :)

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