Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PART 2: The Lark, Mirasoul and Libertine all on a rainy Sunday afternoon : PART 2

On Sunday afternoon, a friend and I were long overdue for a catch- up and decided that it would be a nice idea to walk through paddington having a cocktail at different spots along the way. We started at The Lark, and then headed towards the city- stopping in at Mirasoul.

Mirasoul is a bit of a dark horse on the dining scene. It is located at the end of Caxton Street, and is a funky little place to go for cocktails. They also offer a selection of tapas, pizza, pasta and risotto and their wine list stocks over 40 Aussie and NZ wines. I never really hear anyone talking about it, but everytime I've been, the cocktails have been fab.

Whilst we didn't eat there this time, I have eaten at Mirasoul on a number of occasions before and I am planning to go back soon, particularly because they have some awesome house meatballs and some great enticing deals (I'll list them below.)

Enticing seems to be a theme, because the cocktails here, well to be honest, kick arse. There are heaps of house specials like, my personal favourite, the pink diamond and even better, if you let the bar staff know what you like (and they aren't hideously busy) they are happy to customise something for you! Perfect for when you can't decide or are feeling adventurous. After hearing me rave, I.P ordered the pink diamond- with Strawberries and passionfruit shaken with 42 Below Passionfruit vodka, Massenez Liqueur de Lychee , apple juice and elderflower cordial. Garnished with fresh passionfruit fruit in for $16ish. She loved every sip, and when she want to the toilet, I must admit, I did sneak a couple of sips. Oh Lychee liquer with passionfruit vodka- I do love you.

I had a custom made cocktail with spanish vanilla vodka with kiwifruit. It was refreshing and vanillery (I requested vanilla vodka) and went down far too quickly! Mine was $16 too. It's a pity we had to continue on our tour, because I would have loved to have stayed for a while and had some more cocktails i.e. The Bjock - but it is well known that too many cocktails will make me very drunk, so I had to limit myself. This was after all, for research, and what good is researching if I can't remember the results!!??

I would recommend checking out mirasoul in the week, because on the weekends it does get pretty busy and I have been seated at a really cramped table. Sunday night was awesome because there were only a couple of other groups of people there. We were seated on comfy lounges looking out at the rain so we knew when we could make a quick dash to the next cocktail bar on our list. Libertine, here we come.

Since I have already blogged about Libertine, I didn't want to double up- so you should check out my previous blog. We ate some of the same dishes, and they were very consistent with last time. We went without a booking, but arrived pretty early and a little later on, some people were being turned away. Moral to the story- phone up and book!

On the second occasion we enjoyed mediocre service with some delicious concoctions including a vietnamese mint and lychee caprioska ($14) and by this stage- I definitely can't remember what I.P ordered! I'll have to ask her and update this section when I find out. I can remember that it was well received (not very helpful I know!)

All this cocktail drinking does have a drawback- it's an expensive way to spend the night. That is ok every now and again, but I'm quite fond of a good cocktail and really can't help myself when I go out now. I know it's much better to have a glass of wine, and I do go out with the best of intentions, but if I see a tantaslising mix of ginger or mint or passionfruit or vanilla vodka- I'm gone in two senses of the word.

Do you have a favourite place that does awesome unique cocktails.? Even better, do you know about a place that does great cocktail deals? Let me know!

MIRASOUL DEALS: These are from their website and they also had different deals listed on their door.

Tuesdays - Open from 4pm - 2 for 1 Tapas
Select an even number of dishes from our selected Tapas menu and receive the cheaper dish for free!

$40 of value for only $25 One Tapas dish of your choice and one regular pizza of your choice. Includes a beverage.


Friday - Open for Lunch
Come in an check out Mirasoul’s great Friday Lunch specials.

$10 pizzas (dine in or takeaway)
$15 Large Pizzas

Mirasoul - Bar Dining Lounge

55 Caxton St
Brisbane QLD 4000
(07) 3367 1333

Libertine Restaurant

25/61 Petrie Terrace
Brisbane QLD 4000
(07) 3367 3353

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Eat, drink and be Kerry said...

I've been hearing great things about Mirasoul for a while, particularly during the week. It's on my list. The recession buster looks pretty awesome.

Annabelle said...

Shall have to try out these places, I'm always on the look out for a good lounge bar in Bris.

Claire from Eatout Brisbane said...

If any readers havn't checked out Mirasouls cocktail list yet, you simply must, it will have you droooling..

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